Only every second electric car driver would recommend cars

Tesla with the highest satisfaction

Only every second electric car driver would recommend his car

Only every second electric car driver would recommend cars-electric
Cattle man Stromer need charging stations – the network is steadily expanded. A marking for an electric car parking lot

  • Site editor Sebastian Viehmann

The Nextmove electric car rental has asked 2800 e-car users about their experience. They are very sobering – especially when it comes to shops, there is a lot in the argen. Only the Tesla brand can largely convince its owners.

The advisory and market research company Uscale, which specializes in emobility, interviewed 2800 e-car drivers about their vehicles together with the electro-car rental Nextmove. Nextmove became known for its detailed tests of various electric cars and some unveiling stories. So the women and men from Nextmove found about hundreds of hidden VW ID3, which was waiting for a software update and could not be delivered.

Only every second electric car driver would recommend cars-driver
Uscale/Nextmove Problems with charging and poor apps annoy electric car drivers very often

Range increases – but also the expectation of customers

In itself, there is a positive starting situation for emobility to report: The technology has gotten better, especially the ranges higher. "In 2021, many new models with a higher range and better technology have been introduced. The satisfaction of the users increases again. So the manufacturers have accepted the challenges", so the conclusion of the USCALE analysts after the 2020 investigation was not exactly a glory sheet for the Stromer. But of course the demands of the users also increase over time. At the same time, the willingness to accept childhood diseases of emobility is decreasing without complaint.

Only every second electric car driver would recommend cars-recommend
Cattle man Happy with the electric car? An advertisement for the new VW current ID.3

Only Tesla drivers can really recommend their car

At second glance, customer satisfaction is significantly lower than the auto industry can be. "The biggest (functional) problems arise where combustion e-cars differ", Say the Uscale experts and list examples:

  • Almost 75% of the drivers surveyed are dissatisfied with the concepts for loading planning.
  • 70% are not satisfied with the apps that play a major role in electric cars – for example, it is about always finding the right charging station.
  • 60% of the respondents are annoyed that the charging cables can not be stowed away better in the car, for example because special subjects or a "Frunker" (Front case) for this. But most of them still lead the cable on the go.
  • In general, the shop itself is the Achilles’ heel of a carefree emobility. The frequently mentioned annoyance include problems with the charging of the load, loading offs or too low charging power. The latter is particularly problematic because it can mess up the complete time and travel planning.

Once paying, shop as much as you want: but the current flat rate pays off?

Only every second electric car driver would recommend cars-every

Site Once paying, shop as much as you want: but the current flat rate pays off?

There is a clear result in brand satisfaction: apart from Tesla, no manufacturer currently has a completely convincing product in the program. On average, every second cannot recommend the e-vehicle purchased or used themselves:

  • The recommendation rate increases slightly compared to last year, but only 47% would recommend their current model to a friend.
  • "81% of Tesla owners recommend their car, 3% rate. At Nissan, only 19% recommend your car, 53% do not recommend", So the USCale conclusion.

Referring to the USCale study, one has to say that the number of Tesla owners among the 2800 respondents in relation to the still small market share of the Americans in Germany is strongly overrepresented. The data has been converted to the respective market share M registration period, it says at USCALE. In any case, it turns out: Tesla still still understands its customers best, despite the obstacles to customer service and some quality problems that are repeatedly criticized by customers.

E-car driver VS. Combined driver: Who continues in the year?

Only every second electric car driver would recommend cars-every

Site E-car driver VS. Combined driver: Who continues in the year?

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    Only every second electric car driver would recommend cars-only

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    17 thoughts on “Only every second electric car driver would recommend cars”

    1. 47%, almost everyone 2. …. But so much ….
      Are probably those who have 2 other cars are not available at any time … Vehicle are dependent. What do I do with a battery car when it is needed, the battery loses its already scarce capacity age and charging cycles? Is an economic total damage. (to Hutzler and comrade, LT. The data sheet of the manufacturer is so, the number of charging cycles determine the end of the battery) then the disposal costs come on top of it. Lots of special waste.

    2. The customer satisfaction of Tesla drivers…
      Rightly surprised many here. It can be easily explained by the fact that Tesla offers the better overall package (higher efficiency and thus range, superior driving performance and software, brilliant long-distance charging concept, minimal service requirement). The disadvantages (louder interior, poorer workmanship, problems with service) are happy to accept.

    3. Well
      Now that manufacturers like Mercedes with the EQS build the even better package on all its points, and which will certainly also roll out on smaller classes, it is slowly getting tight for Tesla. With what argument you should buy them? Because of the superchargers? Nope, others can do it too. I’m definitely not going to the disadvantages "gladly" take. This is how it works for many.

    4. Why should
      I buy a vehicle that doesn’t suit my driving and usage profile? Where I have no way to load it and my lifetime is too valuable to spend it at the charging station, which after 10-12 years an economic total damage is no matter how many kilometers I drove. Which is just too expensive for me because I never buy a new car. What is extremely dangerous in the event of a fire and ultimately, at least in Germany, is ecologically current and so questionable. In my few kilometers that I drive car, the batteries are broken faster than that the CO2 backpack is broken down. Well and then add the current electricity mix, you don’t need to say much about it anymore. E-cars are only suitable for certain people.

    5. @Sochgen you have your information that
      Manufacturer data sheet of the battery or the e-icing room removed? Your information is simply wrong. How do you define "your" Charging cycles, they correspond to the norm? Seems to have arisen on the basis of imagination and the desired idea.

    6. I don’t think of that "E-pamp"
      The bottom line is that an electric car produces, including dismantling of rare earths, cobalt, child labor, etc. No less pollutants than a district or diesel vehicle. On the contrary, only better earners can afford. And the maer from free charging, etc. will soon be a thing of the past, the fewer tax revenue over the mineraloel and VAT. And then we want to see how the e-operated people "Climate" Complain if you have to insert extra levies to be able to pay for your electricity bill. That means you should still have your job. Because only the changeover of benzier/diesel production to electric cars is approx. 500.000 jobs that cannot be occupied again. And that is still well calculated.

    7. Ah, Mr. Hutzler, I would
      Do not sign that electricity remains Biliger than diesel and co. Depending on where you load, it is already more expensive than a diesel today. The prices for charging current will be attracted, if only because the state will compensate for the mineral oil tax on the road. Just don’t believe the e-driver that is permanently "cheap" get away.

    8. Wait,
      How many then recommend your e-carriage if the performance of the battery decreases and a new one who makes up almost a third of the purchase price. And that is exactly where the cat bites itself in the tail, because again as many emissions are generated in battery production as a combustion engine needs in 2 car life. After approx. 6-7 years is still the case at the moment. The combustion engineer continues to run in the first car life. As a result, the electric car has already produced four times in emissions due to the battery (production of 2 batteries). But that is silent about politics and Versar… the naive people continue because this is the mainstream. From child labor while digging V. Cobalt in Africa, not to mention.

    9. The battery life duration
      For electric cars, about 10-12 years is. Depending on how often they are loaded, it can also be shorter. There are 2 lifetime factors. The number of loading cycles that are set somewhere between 500 and 2000 and the age, which is determined by irreversible chemical aging processes. The result of today’s e-cars is always the same. Total economic damage.

    10. I don’t surprise me.
      That Tesla driver is most likely to recommend your vehicle are clear. Because Tesla has no combustion engines with which customers have gained many years of experience, so there is no comparison. In addition, for my understanding that Tesla users have no too much claim to their vehicle anyway. How else can you find the Tesla overall package offered well. That absolutely doesn’t fit for me. That is why a vehicle of this brand is out of the question. Before the fanboys get snapping again, yes, it’s just my view and my good right. Should go Tesla who wants. The majority obviously don’t want it. The facts speak a clear languages. Whether it likes Tesla fan or not. Just listen to your opinion on others than to force the only right one.

    11. @ Rainer Roth
      That with the "good feeling" is not a Tesla purchase argument for me, because this also applies to any other electric car. It is already the comparison of the bare facts that shows that Tesla offers the (unfortunately still) better product, which is expressed in higher customer satisfaction.

    12. Tesla ? Just something for people with a lot of money
      Where are the other brands? I don’t want to advertise here, but I refer to the new Renault Zoe. After deducting the funding and the corresponding discounts, the car is very inexpensive. The range of 350 km could not be reached in winter, but guaranteed 280km. Otherwise I am completely satisfied. I share the criticism regarding charging stations. I was traveling all over Bavaria. There were big problems in the Upper Palatinate.The quick ad function did not work for some. That the installation and operation of the Ewald app was very complicated. Why isn’t there a single app for all charging stations? The charging stations are very hidden throughout Bavaria. The navigration systems often only weigh the approximate location. You have to play a detective.

    13. What is an EC card?
      Is there this means of payment outside of Germany? If please credit/debit card – these are established means of payment worldwide.

    14. "Only Tesla drivers can do their car …
      Really recommend." Soso, then we just go to YouTube and look for problems of the Tesla drivers with their cars. Hours of entertainment where you get goose bumps when you consider what these people have paid. In general, I stay with it; An electric car in the earlier in 3 to 6 years. Only then have these vehicles may have achieved their suitability for everyday use in terms of price/performance/range. All of this is not true at all due to the lack of charging station infrastructure, astronomical electricity prices and the lack of competition. And yet I have now decided on a hybrid. Not out of conviction, but out of worry not to get to our cities anymore if Annalena might get something to say here in the future…

    15. Gap?
      Apparently the gaps necessary in this country as a quality criterion in the customer satisfaction of the e-car drivers play no role. It is more important that the manufacturers see the E-car system as such and avoid weak points. The E-Auto system belongs to a well-functioning and predictable charging network that does not "Path bearers", is left to. This includes that the vehicle recognizes the distance to the free charging station in the run -up to the loading process and the battery on the charging process is precisely brought to the ideal charging temperature. So far in advance, the German fold measurers never thought and have corresponding assessments in customer satisfaction.

    16. If the gap is right
      Then the dimensions of the substructure and the attachments such as shock bar, sliding roofs, panoramic roofs, bonnet can fit up to the dashboard. If I look at the gap of a Teslas, I know that there is not much fits inside either. You read that several times and I’ve seen that myself many times. Quality in Americans’ autobau has never been their strength. Everyone knows that.


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