“Only, green ‘hydrogen is really useful”

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David Wenger, Engineer, Advisor, Online Marketer and Wenger Engineering GmbH Worldwide recognized partner of the automotive and tech industry, explained in an interview with automotive industry, which role hydrogen can play in the closer energy future.

First, Wenger clearly represents “that only, green ‘hydrogen really makes sense. Only green hydrogen should “be supported and promoted”. Everything else is “wasted time and wasted money”. It is “for climate protection reasons absurd to produce, for example, hydrogen from natural gas”. Instead, it proposes to use non-usable wind energy for the production of CO2-free hydrogen, for example, because of capacity bottlenecks in the electricity grid. There are five to ten TWh electricity per year, which would be available for this purpose. Converted and cached as hydrogen to use this energy “cross-sector, for example in traffic”.

Whether in the future in the car area Battery or hydrogen electric cars will prevail, Wenger does not dare: “Such a statement would be dubious because no one can foresee the future.”In all considerations, it should not be forgotten that Germany has” losing a lot “:” We are a nation world market leader for cars and car parts, and with a complete change in the market could also change that. That would have serious impact on our prosperity.”

In hydrogen cars, the petrol station infrastructure existing only rudimentary is not the problem that could be built “in a few years nationwide”, says Wenger. If the demand is there, come “the infrastructure of alone.”It was not necessary to” rebuild everything overnight. We can proceed step by step, but quickly and targeted “along the needs.

Green hydrogen cheap “in relation to the following costs of climate change”

Wenger also assumes that hydrogen initially holds in industrial applications, this is also “much easier to implement”. The “optimal order” for the use of hydrogen sees the expert: “Industry, trucks and trains, buses, cars”, and this “starting from local, meaningful basic consumers, non-demonstration projects that are made possible with casting canvastics.”

“Of course,” need it “a political plan. If the operator of an electrolysis must pay huge sums of taxes on each kilowatt hour, this can be impossible for a business case, and prevents what the EEG has actually been launched: the energy transition.”Here there is” urgent need for action “. While this will “billion costs” and first blade the “First of all money”. But it is comparatively little “in relation to other infrastructure measures, but above all in relation to the following costs of climate change”. It gives “no choice if to invest this money now.”

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3 thoughts on ““Only, green ‘hydrogen is really useful””

  1. Well, you do not have to tail uninterrupted “owls to Athens” (best with BEVs powered with “eco” stream from lignite and paid with Norwegian oil). Of course you need hydrogen not only for the movement of 1.8 people in the individual transport “Auto” (ecologically piloted with as much power and weight) for the highly subsidized price of the battery, which costs alone, as a reasonable vehicle. That this thing with the energy transition “made in Germany) went into the pants (without the involvement of the SARS virus, probably were rather prions involved), is probably indispensable. A core problem remains open, namely that DsiSen’s hydrogen also gets from other processes, which are unavoidable in industrial pross and is also needed, as it is calculated from electrolysis with Bavarian windmills, should have already been recognized, because they dismantled such equipment long ago again, because you u.U. Built “modern”, just as it was state of the art during the approval phase. Arsurdistan is where modern, fully functional new cars with combustion engines must render from Halde and when GAG is driven the entire keyboard to the wall, replacement, because you can not build any battery device without diesel engines, because trucks, construction machinery, Transport equipment, E-Tools excuse nverted with batteries, because you have no battery machines and can have. It does not exist yet. These must first be converted to H2 fuel. Slowly and steadily. Only the “high intelligence” first cuts the branches on which she sits. Good night Germany!

  2. In Austria, the share of renewable energy is currently decreasing. How to produce green hydrogen in huge amounts and very bad efficiencies, is nobel priced.

  3. What the two men’s kasch and realist are not concerned is the following. First, you do not only have to think in electrical efficiency and in system efficiency, so z.B. also the heat use with consideration, which is possible in decentralized techniques. Second, the efficiency is only secondary. Considerable are costs and raw material consumption. And with so much topics such as worldwide energy industry, it is exclusively about money. I have already explained more often, but do not want to understand or do not accept many.


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