Opel Ampera -E: First test, data, range, price – electric car

The Opel Ampera-e costs not even half of a Tesla, but it almost comes as far as. Performance and space are also correct, there is a need to catch up with the steering. Site has tested Opel’s power hope.

Electric cars are pure city vehicles? Tesla has long since proven the opposite. But now there is also one "Volkswagen", With which you can drive electrically without recharging from Munich to Frankfurt: the Opel Ampera-e. The range is 520 kilometers after the official NEFZ cycle and at least 380 kilometers after the (preliminary) new WLTP measuring cycle. You can see the first driving impressions of the car in our video. You can find the complete test of the car here.

Less than 40.000 euros

The price for the E -Opel, which is built in the United States as a sister model of the Chevrolet Bolt and comes to Europe in 2017, is not yet known – but it will be between 35.000 and 40.000 euros are included (electric car funding included). It does not even cost half of the Tesla Model S.

Opel Ampera -E: First test, data, range, price - electric car-data
Cattle man Opel Ampera-e

The actual competitor, the Tesla Model 3, is far from on the market. And BMW i3, Nissan Leaf or Renault Zoe do not have the reach of the Opel. It is not yet clear when exactly the car in Germany will start sales. First the e-car fan country Norway is on-3000 ampera-e have already been ordered there.

Opel Ampera -E: First test, data, range, price - electric car-ampera
Cattle man The Lithium-ion battery of the Ampera-e has a capacity of 60 kWh

Opel Ampera -E: First test, data, range, price - electric car-first

What are good for e-cars?

Our PDF guide Explain what you need to know about reach when buying an electric car and loading time.

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Technology of the Ampera-e overview

The Ampera-e is the successor to the Ampera-in contrast to this plug-in hybrid, purely electrically on the move:

  • Electric motor (front -wheel drive), performance 150 kW / 204 hp, max. Torque 360 Newton meters
  • Lithium-ion battery with 60 kWh capacity
  • Top speed 150 km/h, 0-50 km/h approx. 3.2 Sec., 0-100 km/h 7.3 sec.
  • Loads possibly: Schuko socket or charging station / wall box with type 2 plugs (single-phase with Max. 7.4 kW); Fast load with CCS standard
  • Length 4.17 m, trunk volume 381 liters
  • Consumption: test consumption approx. 17.6 kWh / 100 km

The author traveled at the manufacturer’s invitation

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12 thoughts on “Opel Ampera -E: First test, data, range, price – electric car”

  1. No return ticket included
    When I arrive in Frankfurt, I am looking for a free charging station and an inexpensive overnight accommodation … near….!!? What does the battery cost and how long does it last…!!??

  2. Hydrogen is a wrong way
    Fuel cell cars must also have a battery, since the B cell cannot be regulated. Acknowability is no longer an issue, it is enough for a million km. Even if the fuel is generated by the tank in the electric plant, the efficiency is a factor of 2.5 higher. The emissions are correspondingly less. For long distances please plan 45min break to charge. You have time…

  3. Landsight is necessary
    The energy comes from coal -fired power plants, nuclear power plants, wind, or sun. In wind and sun, all right. For coal -fired power plants and nuclear power plants catastrophe . Cancer without end, experience is available enough. And the waste of energy products has not even been taken into account. Of course I want a clean environment, but foresight is required.

  4. me again
    Like other readers’ letters, why is the home with GG license so far away from home?Justified…Frankfurt Muenchen is definitely awards in winter..Or sometimes through Taunus and Odenwald? So we are all waiting for a realistic test as long as you can read in the book project Kim until then greeting pascal

  5. fair
    I think that Site is aware that the tester had arrived at the manufacturer’s invitation, you can also say a paid advertisement, otherwise it would also be a car with a speed limit of 15 mph or downhill in Frisco most of the time. So I expect a real report from Site this year too…Comparison with a diesel or Prius. In the long term, the electromobilitaet does not help with the prevailed reports… Also always indicated in 30 min. the battery is loaded to 80 %..who cares? Then you also have to correct the nominal capacitance and should also be mentioned in the remaining load, you can definitely not drive it up to 0 empty..So the battery then does not have 60 kWh but maybe only 30 kWh usable capacitive and then it is only enough for 100 km?

  6. The environmental balance is better today
    Despite the lithium for the batteries, after numerous studies, the long-term environmental balance is already better than with combustion vehicles, it is not just coal flow but today’s mix.However, the fossil fuels have no renewable energies to get even better every year. Hydrogen is a wrong way, the production and the fuel cell is much more inefficient than driving directly electrically than with batteries.

  7. Only electricity no thanks.
    I own the predecessor. But since I only have 3 km to work, it is ideal.A petrol engine has not yet reached any operating temperature. The temperature plays the greatest role. In summer, 70km in a row goes, in winter a maximum of 30km. So much for the 380km range with the new.The first ampera has a range of excesser. So I could drive from Passau to Flensburg without intermediate charging. The charging of my 16kWh battery (10 kWh only go in) takes 8 hours in beautiful mode. How long should I wait for a 60kWh battery? My conclusion: only for city operations with owner charging station. The Ampera-e also does not appeal to me optically. I drive my until at some point an unusable battery separates us.

  8. And the environmental balance of the battery?
    Have you informed yourself with which environmental pollution should be made millions of tons of lithium? With the effort you could bring hydrogen technology a huge step further. Apart from that, you will introduce you to a full rest area on vacation without chance for the last free socket, apart from that where the power for tens of thousands of cars should come from? Cordless cars are a wrong way for delivery vehicles z.B. The post in the city that always have the manageable routes. The money for batteries should be asked for the existing technology to be used as clean as possible!

  9. And where does the electricity come from?
    We have no green electricity surplus. So the electricity comes from lignite…. So nothing neutral with CO2. What’s this lie here? The site no longer has its own thinking.

  10. That
    is wrong, Mr. Ha. The loss in transport and refining crude oil, depending on the variety and age of the system, is between 1% – 3%.

  11. Electric vehicles
    Oh well. At 17.6 kW/h and today’s electricity prices that are probably not less than 100 km approx. 5.30 euros. Whether there is a low mileage of approx. 320 km a purchase of approx.30-40000 is worth it? Also the infrastructure (quick -radical station on a private property, etc. It’s not that time) that will probably take a little longer

  12. Electric cars
    These cars may be nice. But I would like to be able to drive from Munich to Hamburg without any problems. Or from Frankfurt to Croatia without major charging breaks.


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