Opel Ampera-E – So much high tech brings the electric car with it…

Opel Ampera-E - So much high tech brings the electric car with it...-ampera-e

After I was already able to watch the Opel Ampera-E in Frankfurt, at the Static premiere there, I would not like to make today’s press release of Opel, which throws a look at the technical data of the Russelheim. I restrict myself aware of the facts about the e-car itself, details about the interior, design and security topics are available in the linked press release of Opel.

The most important first, just as reach is always a big discussion topic. The Opel Ampera-E waits within 520 kilometers range, measured by the new European driving cycle. After the WLTP driving cycle (Worldwide Harmonized Light-Duty Vehicles Test Procedure), a range of at least 380 kilometers may be expected. OPEL is also aware that the range deviates from electric vehicles in everyday operation as it depends on the personal driving style and external factors.

Opel Ampera-E - So much high tech brings the electric car with it...-opel

This is possible through a 60 kWh lithium-ion battery; consisting of 288 cells arranged in eight modules of 30 and two modules a 24 cells. Opel has installed the battery in the underbody of the vehicle, which saves the company at the same time space, but above all safety guaranteed. If the battery goes to the end, then at one of the public 50 kW DC loads 150 kilometers range can be reloaded in just 30 minutes.

Especially since often discussing the life of a battery, I find it considerable that the company is guaranteed up to eight years or 160.000 kilometers driven. For enough power under the hood, a 150 kW / 204 hp high electric motor ensures. This already allows from the stand out an available maximum torque of 360 Newton meters. The ampera-E accelerates from zero to Tempo 50 in 3.2 seconds, when spurt at speed 100 only 7.3 seconds. The intermediate sprint of overtaking from 80 to 120 km / h succeeds thanks to its sovereign pull-through force in just 4.5 seconds. The maximum speed is limited to the right to reach 150 km / h.

“We bring with the Ampera-E 100% on the market for everyday electric car. The Ampera-E is not an eco-luxury, no toy, no pure second car. Opel shows that thanks to innovative technology electromobility can also be reached for a much broader audience.”- DR. Karl-Thomas Neumann, CEO of Adam Opel AG

For several weeks, the electrician of Opel is to be ordered on the specially electrified and electrified market in Norway. There were already more than 3 during this time.400 vehicles ordered. Now the sales start in Germany, the Netherlands, France and Switzerland is now. The paragraph in these countries may be curious.

Opel Ampera-E - So much high tech brings the electric car with it...-brings

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