Opel Ampera – Sporty eco-limousine with Range Extender

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Opel Ampera - Sporty eco-limousine with Range Extender-sporty

The Opel Ampera, Opel‘s ecologically correct and at the same time athletic freshman with Range Extender, will be available at the end of 2011. Here in advance the most important facts with pictures of Ampera.

On the Opel Ampera Much has been reported in recent months. The Russelsheim car maker who presented his first “fully everyday electric car for the first time at the Geneva Motor Show in 2009 in 2009, showed his sporting eco sedan with so-called” Range Extender “(range extenders) this year for many occasions. The officially marketed by Opel as electric car ampera awakens technically the impression of being a hybrid car (special case). Through the belonging to the parent company GM (General Motors), is also not surprising that the Ampera is technically identical to the American Chevrolet Volt. The date for the launch of the Opel Ampera is the 28.11.2011.

Long distance thanks to Range Extender possible

While already available on the market, pure electric cars offer only a limited movement radius, when OPEL Ampera, a 1.4-liter gasoline engine with generator ensures that even very long stretches, such as Z.B. A vacation trip, without intermediate loading can be covered.

Depending on the driving style and route stress between 40 and 80 kilometers, the four-door sedan is driving purely electrically, which is completely sufficient for the city and rides in the surrounding area. If the stream of lithium-ion batteries for propulsion goes to tilt, the 62 kW / 84 hp starts automatically Range Extender one. This supplies the necessary electricity for an additional 500 kilometers. Acoustically one notices this in the Opel Ampera on the rather for internal combustion engines typical driving sound. Additional electricity is generated during braking by recuperation. The energy obtained from the braking force is not lost, but is converted into electricity and fed back to the battery.

Opel Ampera – Technical data and performance values

Its 111 kW / 150 hp electric motor supplies a maximum torque of 370 Newton meters and accelerates the sporty Opel Ampera in 9 seconds from zero to 100 km / h. The maximum speed is limited to 161 km / h. After the European test cycle, the Opel Ampera would eject less than 40 grams of CO2 per kilometer at an average of 1.6 liters on the first 100 kilometers of 1.6 liters on the first 100 kilometers (60 km pure / without gasoline consumption and 40 km).

The 16 kilowatt hours (kWh) scanning Lithium Ion Battery Pack The new Opel Ampera is T-shaped, placed centrally in the substructure and thus optimally protected in a possible collision. The low mounting position reduces the focus and thus increases driving stability. On a household 230V socket, the batteries are fully charged in about four hours.

Inside like outside in modern design

The outward appearance of the 4.40 meter Long Opel Ampera acts extremely successful. The hatchback model convinces with a dynamic, just futuristic design especially in the front and rear part. The headlights set eye-catching optical accents, the new Opel emblem on the chrome climbing attracts the views. Although the Opel Ampera is identical to the Chevrolet Volt, larger differences in the optics of both vehicles. Similarities, on the other hand, Ampera has at first sight due to its gentle hatchback form with the Toyota Prius or the Honda Insight.

in the Inner The Opel Ampera expects the driver and passengers as well as modern style. The control elements, such as the integrated system regulation, the large color display behind the steering wheel and the infotainment control panel on the center console with touchscreen function, can be used intuitively. Ergonomic shapes with high-quality fabrics and surfaces ensure comfort.

Four driving modes

At the touch of a button, the Opel Ampera can be selected between normal, sports, mountain and hold mode. This setting favors energy management optimized for the usage and route profile. Depending on the mode and from the battery charge state, the gasoline engine switches on sooner or later, the response of the accelerator pedal changes.

Excellent Opel Ampera in the future with eco-electricity

For a long time before his mass production, the Opel Ampera has several Awards receive. The trophy collection from 2010 already includes the “green steering wheel”, the “Auto Trophy” and the “E-Car Award” (“Innovation of the Year”). Latter award was given the sporting e-sedan in 2011, this time in the category “E-Car of the Year Series”. In May, the Opel Ampera convinced the international jury at the plus X Award and won in the categories “Innovation and Ecology” and “Best Drive Technology 2011”.

With a Ecostrom package If Opel wants to worry about the buyers of the Ampera for a literally “pure conscience”. The automobile manufacturer has made a delivery agreement for this purpose with currently 28 power suppliers, which should provide electricity from renewable sources. As part of the green electricity package, Ampera driver acquire at least five percent more cheaper certified eco flow for a year as a cheapest rate of electricity provider. You will also get a free on-site check that u.a. A testing of circuit and power outlet to which the Opel Ampera is to be loaded involves.

When the Opel Ampera is at the end of the year at the dealer, he should about 42.900 euros upwards costs.

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  1. The Ampera was ahead of his time. Too expensive and built in USA. This system with Range Extender, so a generator that only drives the electric engine and load the battery, has yet potential. But more pure E range ……… If all eV s who are planned today come to build and be bought by the customers, you could drive with this type car confidently overcrowded charging stations.


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