Opel Astra 2022 – All information and pictures

Opel Astra 2022

Motors, technology, design: The new Opel Astra can do that

Opel Astra 2022 - All information and pictures-information
Opel Opel Astra 2022

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Opel introduces its new Astra. Visually, the golf opponent is based on the smaller Corsa. The group specifications make him a technical twin of the Peugeot 308. The focus is on two hybrid variants.

How Opel would have loved to use and introduced the new compact class for the Stellantis Group, but a little teeth grinded in Russelsheim that the Peugeot 308 should get the favor of the firstborn. One like the other looks chic, because like the compact Peugeot, the new Opel Astra is a successful and much better proportioned model than the current vehicle (site has already got a first driving impression).

New Opel Astra: longer, wider, electrical

Short overhangs, large wheels and a particularly worth seeing C-pillar-the German creative department did a really good job. The new Opel Astra is an impressive 4.37 meters long and 1.86 meters wide; This means that it is only four millimeters longer than before with a wheelbase of 2.68 meters, which is also only changed marginally. The cargo space holds lush 422 liters.

Opel Astra 2022 - All information and pictures-information
Opel Opel Astra 2022

From 2028 Opel only wants to sell electric models. So looks like the new Astra is one of the last completely new models with a wide range of drive from petrol engine, diesel, plug-in hybrid and electric motor. Technically, the German-French rely on plug-in hybrids and a later electric drive, while the combustion engineers are a very tired number compared to the class leader from Wolfsburg and even Ford Site and Renault Megane. There are only 1.2 liters of three -cylinder turbos with 81 kW / 110 and 96 kW / 130 hp.

Petrol engines with a maximum of 130 hp

At least there is still a 145 hp four -cylinder petrol engine in the engine portfolio, which will not have a future. The Opel Astra is not unchanged either with a double clutch transmission or a all -wheel drive. Also powerful sports versions such as the Golf GTI in its various expansion stages or even an over 300 hp athlete like the Golf R-for all this, Astra fans are just as in vain as to revive the sporty OPC models.

The new Opel Corsa is unbeatable, especially in terms of price-performance

Opel Astra 2022 - All information and pictures-2022

Site The new Opel Corsa is unbeatable, especially in terms of price-performance

Instead, two plug-in hybrids are supposed to set it up to the start of the pure electric model in 2023, which, like the Peugeot 308, have 180 or 225 hp. After all, there is still a diesel with a manageable 96 kW / 130 PS / 300 Nm, which is optionally on the road with a manual six -stage transmission or an eight -stage automatic gearbox automatic.

Opel Astra 2022 - All information and pictures-astra
Opel Opel Astra 2022: Cockpit

Hybrid models are the top versions

The 1.5 -liter diesel diesel will probably lead a shadowy existence in the drive portfolio in the future, because if it is about economical consumption, Opel uses the Astra as well as Peugeot 308 on its two models with plugs. In the case of plug-in hybrids, the well-known 1.6 liter four-cylinder turbo (150/180 NM torque) does the basic work from the Stelltis Group shelf, which in its two power levels from an electric motor installed on the front axle with each 81 kW / 110 PS / 320 Nm is supported.

Opel Astra 2022 - All information and pictures-opel
Opel Opel Astra 2022 as a hybrid version

The lithium-ion battery hidden in the underbody has a capacity of 12.4 kWh. The golf competitor can use it purely electrically to cover routes of up to 60 kilometers. The standard consumption is great below two liters of 100 kilometers, which reduces the 52-liter tank volume of the pure combustion engines to just 40 liters.

Prices: from 22.500 euro?

The Opel Astra with numerous driver assistance systems, LED headlights, and animated instruments can be obtained. The Stellatis technicians are particularly proud of the new, particularly comfortable seats, which can not only be adjusted electrically, but also air-conditioned or can be equipped with a massage function. The prices of the current Opel Astra 1.2 start at around 22 with 81 kW / 110 hp.500 euro. In view of the hard competition, the Opel Astra of the new generation will hardly become more expensive from the beginning of 2022.

Knuddel-Stromer with button eyes: Japan builds the cooler electric mini

Opel Astra 2022 - All information and pictures-opel

Site Knuddel-Stromer with button eyes: Japan builds the cooler electric mini

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