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Leasingtime currently offers the Opel Corsa-E for unbeatable 54.40 euros per month for commercial owners. But private customers also get away well with 99 euros. However, the deals are only available for drivers with a short distance – Site reveals the details.

The Opel Corsa-E is currently receiving commercial customers for 54.50 euros a month (here you can go directly to the deal at LeasingTime (advertisement)). There is also a term of 36 months and a Magera kilometer number of 5.000 kilometers a year. Do you prefer to be up to 10.000 kilometers of AIM year, the leasing rate increases to 76.33 euros net monthly.

Extremely fair monthly 99 euros gross, private individuals pay for the Opel Corsa-e in leasing at a term of 36 months. However, there are only 5 here.000 annual kilometers included (here you can go directly to the offer at Leasingmarkt (advertisement)). Stock here on 10.000 kilometers, the monthly rate increases to 124.90 euros.

As with almost every leasing offer for an electric car or hybrid, there is also a down payment for this leasing deal, which corresponds to the state funding. In this case it is 6.000 euros Special payment. Ergo: You have to lay out the down payment and get it back over the BAFA.

Opel Corsa-e for the business

Opel Corsa-E for 63.03 euros net at LeasingTime (business) (advertisement)

  • Monthly leasing rate: 54.50 euros net / 64.86 euros gross
  • Leasing factor including. Presentation costs: 0.31
  • Duration: 36 months
  • Annual kilometers: 5.000 km
  • Presentation costs: 1.059.10 euros
  • Optional registration costs: 179 euros
  • Waiting time: approx. 4 months
  • Color orange ("Power orange")))
  • Location: Chemnitz

Opel Corsa-e for private customers

Opel Corsa-E for 99 euros at Leasingmarkt (private) (advertisement)

  • Monthly leasing rate: 99 euros
  • Leasing factor including. Presentation costs: 0.41
  • Duration: 36 months
  • Annual kilometers: 5.000 km
  • Presentation costs: 990 euros
  • Waiting time: approx. 4.5 months
  • Color orange ("Power orange")))
  • Location: varies depending on the offer

Why opt for the Opel Corsa-e?

With a battery capacity of 50 kWh, the Corsa-e can make it an average range of approximately 250 kilometers. Until the car is fully charged again, you have to be patient for eight hours at the normal wall box, since in this leasing variant only alternating current shop up to a maximum of 7.4 kW are in it. The Corsa-E is the ideal city car and the immediate competitor to the VW e-up, but offers more comfort, more equipment and, last but not least.

With the specific leasing offer, you get the Corsa-E in Orange with a fabric interior and a fairly considerable equipment for the price, for example with a fatigue warning system and DAB+radio, rain sensor or driving assistant as well as an intelligent cruise control with traffic sign detection and a tracking assistant. Other gadgets such as a reversing camera or parking sensors are missing and cannot be added either.

In addition to the rather steep price for the provision costs, the kilometer quota can also be adjusted, but not the term: the latter remains fixed at 3 years. Of course, additional costs are associated with all changes.

Opel Corsa-e in the test: all data, range, shop, drive, space, infotainment

The deal is good, just pay attention to the kilometers

A compact electric car for 99 euros as an offer for private individuals – that’s a real announcement that makes Opel there. With the 54.50 euros net for traders, a new low price is achieved. The equipment of the offer offered is quite good and can be adjusted on request. Of course, this drives up the leasing rate, as well as a change in the free kilometers, which in the best case, i.e. at 99 euros leasing rate, with 5.000 kilometers are very lean. The term cannot be changed, but we last 36 months as a sensible leasing term (just think of a warranty extension by one year if you want to drive carefree). Only the provision costs are around 1.000 euros relatively high.

Opel Corsa-E for 63.03 euros net at LeasingTime (business) (advertisement)

Opel Corsa-E for 99 euros at Leasingmarkt (private) (advertisement)

You have to pay particular attention to these facts when leasing

Down payment: If you have an electric car or plug-in-hybrid least, you usually have to make a deposit. However, this corresponds to state funding. Ergo: You stretch the down payment of 6, for example.000 euros for an enforcement officer, because you will receive this money back from the state as part of electric car promotion.
But be careful: The double funding consisting of 3 is only until the end of 2021.000 euros environmental bonus and 3.000 euros innovation premium for fully electric cars up to a net list price up to 40.Valid 000 euros (from 40.000 to 65.There are a total of 5 euros in a net list price.000 euros of state funding). It was decided in November 2020 that the innovation premium should be extended by the end of 2025, but this decision has not yet been implemented. So if you have an electric car now, in the worst case, you have to expect not to get the innovation bonus. Because you can only make the application to the BAFA when the car is approved – this will be unlikely during the long waiting times of the current leasing deals. Site sees good chances for an extension, but the new federal government can only give a certainty.

Duration: Ideally, it is 24 months – because then the factory guarantee covers the entire term. If you still want to lease longer (which can also have advantages, like not having to buy new winter tires every two years), we advise you to extend the guarantee. It costs extra, but then they drive really carelessly during the entire leasing period.

Leasing factor: Here it applies: the lower, the better. The factor is calculated from the term of the leasing, the leasing rate, the purchase price of the car or vehicle list price and the one-off payment. You can find out how you can calculate the leasing factor yourself in this article (display).

Extra cost: Often a painful evil are the so -called transfer costs, which often cost around 800 to 900 euros. However, this does not mean that the car is put at the door of the door, but that only the car gets to the dealer who has put together this leasing offer. Ideally, the dealer is not too far away from you, as you not only have to pick up the car there but also have to bring back at the end of the leasing period. Attention in additional additional offers such as insurance or service: It is often not worth taking them with you, for example because you are already in a very high damage-free class or because it is an electric car with very low service costs.

Inclusive kilometer: Basically, the cheap leasing rates are on a basis of 10.000 kilometers mileage each year. Don’t worry, you don’t have to stick to it every year, it is important that you do not exceed these kilometers at the end of the term. By the way: sometimes there are (but not always!) a goodwill of about 2.500 kilometers. If you drive more than the agreed kilometers, pay on it. If you drive less, get something back per kilometer. So you should rather know how many kilometers you drive a year. Calculate it, compare the leasing rate with a higher inclusive kilometer performance and with the multi-kilometer prices (it shouldn’t be more than 7 cents per km!))).

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