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Opel Corsa-E in

Working in the light of lightning was a symbol of heavy weather for a long time for a long time. In combination with GM Opel has little sun – and after the sale to the PSA Group initially only little. But after first win, careful optimism was wide. If you believe the voices from Russelsheim, it clicks on. Slow, but resistant.

Depending on the future, the future becomes the future and above all at Corsa. He is equally with more than 14 million copies sold in 38 years of bestsellers and brand ambassadors. If he had not succeeded in sixth generation, gentle more than a deep outer. But the prediction looks good because he does not wear the flash in the logo. For the first time, the Corsa also has a pure battery variant with 136 hp and a range of 337 kilometers (WLTP). From 28. March he stands for 29 900 euros in the shop window.
Opel Corsa-E in Wolfgang Plank

Optically, no differences to the burner are shown up to logo and rims. At 4.06 meters in length, the Corsa-E remains clear, the roof is chic as with a coupe and lies nearly five centimeters lower than the predecessor. Particularly pleasing: Opel‘s youngster is not just a twin of the just to the “Car Of The Year” peugeot 208, but convinces with specially enclosed sheet metal. Maybe not quite as naughty as the Lion look – but just what Opel boss calls Michael Lohscheller “majority-capable”. Only the windscreen is identical.

Also inside is the Corsa-E all OPEL – with touchscreen and without the patch and usable I-cockpit a la France. At the front, it is very spacious, on request even on leather and with massage function. Backs remain enough room for head and knee, but the entry into the second series requires something humility in front of the roof. The luggage compartment falls with 267 liters only by 40 liters smaller than in the piston competition, with folded backrests always finds a good cubic meter place.

The acceptable wound is because the battery is hidden in the depths of the ground. And if you do not succumb to the charm of acceleration too often, inner-city curved and heating such as air conditioning saves, its 50 kWh are ranging close to the laboratory value of 337 kilometers in everyday life. Radius is conveyed a question of equality. Clear power the Corsa-E also Tempo 150, but dynamic costs distance – old battery driver wisdom.

Opel Corsa-E in Wolfgang Plank

If you do not have so much in the foot, you can take the thing in your hand: the Corsa-E three stages are offered by tilting switch. At “ECO”, the on-board electronics releases the 82 hp and 180 nm torque, with “normal” very decent 109 hp and 220 nm and in “Sport” position the full charge of 136 hp and 260 nm. At the stoppell, it is far from the front – 2.8 seconds to the inner-city limit also combees burners do not wastewise.

Sustainable, however, is the opposite: Foot from the pedal and secure electricity for later. The degree can not be adjusted by paddles on the steering wheel, but in two steps on the selector lever, where “B” sucks properly propulsion, but still without brake light. Well suited the Opel engineers is the “blending”. Those from the distillation of the mixture of mixing – in this case of mechanical and electrical delay. And so that the feeling always consistently.

Opel Corsa-E in Opel AG

With 136 hp, the Corsa-E is not only nominally the family force, he is also the most fun. This is at the back-free propulsion, but above all on almost six centimeters deeper focus. If the flash may be compared to the lion of the visually down-to-earth, in terms of vote it is noticeable athletic. Since you did a really good job in Russelsheim. Maybe Lohscheller says that, if he speaks, Opel had never been so German. That the chassis of the Corsa-E does not quite stark as with the dreads of the series – forge. Nearly 350 additional battery kilos must also be kept in the train.

But how sparingly the ride always may be – sometime the battery is empty. From the factory invites the Corsa-E single-phase, three-phase costs 1190 extra charge. After all, 30 minutes at a 100 kW quick loader take 80 percent capacity into the battery. On a wallbox you have good five hours tap, on the domestic socket more than three times so long.

Opel Corsa-E in Opel AG

Equipped for all cases is with the universal charging cable. Costs 720 euros extra, but offers every conceivable connection and adapter in sports pockets size. Somehow a symbol for the still annoying diversity of the plug – but just the good feeling, it fails at least not at the wrong plug.

And ultimately e-mobility is just a question of personal attitude: for the Corsa GS Line with 130 hp Opel calls on 23 340 euros. This is almost exactly the price for which one can rise in a Corsa-E thanks to the increased premium of 6000 euros -. There you have to do without sports seats, aluminum pedals and black headliners – Spartan but is by no means too. As standard, there are climate control, digital cockpit, radio and smartphone integration. In terms of assistance, the Corsa-E lane and distance, recognizes traffic signs, throws the anchor for distress – and you have to worry about that: for eight years (up to 160 000 kilometers), Opel guarantees at least 70 percent of the battery capacity.

There’s slowly tight in the combustion chamber.

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11 thoughts on “Opel Corsa-E in “Quick Test” – Potz Lightning”

  1. That is how I see it too. Have him sampling in Ingolstadt this week and then immediately ordered before the sales went two weeks in the pause. Simply ingenious and sparkling part with enough room and range! Also, this color combination I find great.
    Toll Opel !!! keep it up.

  2. Have ordered the First Edition. Let’s see when he can be delivered. But I’m looking forward to it. For the price with a few extras I am at 35.000. Less the 6000 then at 29,000. But then it’s time because the dealers in contrast to the burner have only minimal margins and so the difference to the burner is already clear. But in terms of operating costs, this will be back a little again.

  3. Ciao Tesla, Hello Opel.Energy killer with 600ps need only the small manner in this country.The Corsa moves the image forward again, so that the neighbor looks at a look again, even if there are no 4 rings in front of the house.

  4. Egg a very successful litter of the back seat shared only by the right-hand drive is a bit clouded. Unfortunately, the retrieved price is too high.

  5. 3Has, so 11 kW, costs not 1190 € surcharge, but 750 € (edition instead of selecting). And I mean with Selection he also invites 2has, not 1 -phasig.

    Tempo 180 does not create Corsa-E, but only 150.

    I would like to interest me a comparison with the Mini Cooper SE, especially when approaching.

  6. A test (also “quick test”) is a review on specifications. In this article, essentially only specifications are quoted and partially commented. Unfortunately no test, no “quick test”. topic missed.

  7. Hi, everyone,
    I can not completely stand that!!
    I configured the Opel Corsa GS LINE and Corsa Elekstro in the configurator (both vehicles as I would buy them at the electro I took the 1 edision)
    What always upset me does not matter if combustion or electric is the petty outfit !
    7 inches instead of 10, Navi to fantasy prices, charging bowl only at extra charge (130 € !!! Download my mobile home also inductively but that has cost only 30 € !)
    The prayed Super LED light 700 € surcharge,
    Rear view camera and parking aid surcharge, etc.
    3-phase loader 1000 € surcharge
    AHK not possible with the E-Corsa (bike carrier only for the roof ….great idea….. just 25 kg wheels on the roof worms)
    But no matter !!!!
    In the end, the Corsa GS Line would cost 8 times auto gears and everything I would like to cost Knap 28000 €
    The Corsa E 1Edision almost 37600 € – 6000 € Promotion almost 32,000 € (was ready to keep the equipment as close as possible)
    As a color, I have both models in Orange (no extra charge in both) with black roof (at the E included, at the GS extra charge 300 €)
    Then comes the GS can I buy the E-Corsa just order ……delivery ??????
    For my part I find the e-mobility class, also the Corsa (used to do Corsa before, only a 1 liter, then a 1.2 liter)
    If you lower the prices for the E-Corsa or some things from the factory of Drinn would have been the basic price of the 1 edisen (3-phase, LED light, charging cradle, 10 inches and navi) then it would be much more interesting and you could / would be the Toad with the reach and unfortunately not reachable 330 km swallow !
    But nobody urges us ………
    Maybe the manufacturers will come by alone on the thought …….
    And if not you can continue to build 80-100 thousand € expensive E-cars of the noble class and curve in China !!

  8. Bravo Opel on the right track and just available ………
    Brings the 60 he battery fastest. 135 km / h would be enough.This can brilliant boy in sports mode. Destination at this car class is within reach 500 km. The new Zoe is close. With a long journey on vacation you do not have to be “boards” because can be searched for convenience without a charging column to be driven quietly in the ECCO. Do not forget when the Tesla only takes half faster needs the twice as big battery. Or just has to charge on the track. But these are these drivers and drive decently.

  9. Too bad I find the change in the configurator. Until a few days ago, the 3 phases loader was still a series of edition and first edition! Now only 1 phase and at extra charge!

  10. Halllo, I drive the Cors E now since the 20.12.2020 . Current reach in the Grossraum Cologne: Under 200 km, consumption on the drive “normal” with max. Recuperation without motorway share 26kw / 100km for heating to 22 degrees – that’s just expressed: not in order. In the future we will drive in the winter burner and then the Stromer ? For comparison: My burner should need 3.6 l / 100km to norm and is 4.5 l / 100km in winter, which means 25% more.
    And we have complained about the wrong information. And: yes you can drive with ceiling or in the winter coat on Eco, without heating stop, then the consumption decreases to 22.5 kW / 100km.
    Another note: Battery charge (Z.B. 85% As recommended here multiple times) can not be set on the vehicle, pay attention to appropriate function in the wallbox.
    Otherwise a really nice and good to travel car.


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