Opel Corsa-E Rally: Lightning. Fast. – Maybe the future of the rally report

Opel Corsa-E Rally: Lightning. Fast. - Maybe the future of the rally report-lightning

Who believes to drive electrically do not fun, must rethink. And possibly also those doubters who see the crown of the engine alone in the piston. Because as the two-time junior European champion Marijan Griebel circles the Corsa-e rally through the wet-cold IVG terrain, a rall numberports should not be a bit of a bit of the attractiveness. How the battery flitzer comes from the corners thanks to torque plus torsen lock has something. And rarely there was a front drive, whose rear wheels come to temperature thanks to good weight distribution. That the thing weighing one and a half tons is hardly too felt. And who knows: Maybe electricity is even the sole future of the rally port?

In this case, Rallye fans had already feared the sporty retreat for the Adam. But in Russelsheim landed a real coup – a symbol of lightning. The first manufacturer worldwide Opel offers an electric rally car for customer sports. With 136 hp, brembo pliers, fly-off handbrake – and a maximum of 150 things fast. Everything about it is better off on the circular route anyway.

Opel Corsa-E Rally: Lightning. Fast. - Maybe the future of the rally report-rallyOpel

Corona bursts in the middle of the planning. But the interest, says Marcus Lacroix of Opel Motorsport, is enormous. Inquiries give it from all over Europe. 20 copies put Opel in France on the wheels, 15 of them for the competition. And most are sold. In the “ADAC Opel E-Rally Cup” – eight runs primarily within the framework of the DRM 2021 plus a highlight abroad – should prove offspring. It is long ago that you were allowed to feel like a pioneer at Opel.

Expertise but do you have in Russelsheim. Of course, the prototypes had to suffer the normal torso. And because you want to pull the plug at Opel all concerns, the serial car is still a plate against crash and fire still a plate against uneasy from below. Collateral benefits of motorsport: The FIA certified cell also stiffens the chassis.

Of course, a handicap has the fleet of flitzer: the juice of its standard 50 kWh battery – despite recuperation – only for about 60 full load kilometers plus connection buildings. Much more the piston competition drives at a usual loop, but is stopped after a short tankstopp again. The Corsa-E must still load to the service.

Opel Corsa-E Rally: Lightning. Fast. - Maybe the future of the rally report-fastOpel

How and where? For this you are discussing two options at Opel. One: a truck with a battery of 2.1 megawatt hours. Enough for at least three charges per team and day. Loaded exclusively with “green” stream, promises Lacroix. “A diesel aggregate is out of the question.”

Variant two: Special transformers with even more special software. Advantage: Because not all cars push a truck, load also parallel to the service. And: identical energy flow is guaranteed for all teams at any time. No dilemma so between non-margin battery and ZK penalty. Disadvantage: a mains connection. The schedule of a rally does not seem to be in danger here. If the e-opels would start early at the front, at midday in midfield and to the last bow at the end, it was necessary to charge at the end of the load.

So or so the car can be switched off anytime from the inside like outside at all times. In the case of an accident, sensors do the automatically. But what about the fans who want to push a corsa-e rally from the trench? The car is doing if you can touch it or not. With red light and siren the message is: finger away!

Enthusiastically, Motorsport Director JOrg scrap from the tremendous development for the series. Steering wheel legend Volker Strycek keeps you even for “unique in my career”. But while they derived from the extreme load former casting methods for cylinder blocks, today gains priority knowledge of software and battery management.

Opel Corsa-E Rally: Lightning. Fast. - Maybe the future of the rally report-corsa-eOpel

However, Opel has also invested in hardware. Especially at the chassis. Because not adjustable, you searched a “feel-good setup” with Bilstein meticulously. Finally, in the CUP, the most varied driving styles should meet a balanced basis. On top of that, a security concept had to be. Velvet own rescue card, electrically non-conductive extinguishing foam and sufficient information for helpers and spectators.

And the price? Exact 49 900 Euro net costs the rallyefutty car. To do this, a registration fee for starting funds, catering and service places that are likely to be 5500 euros. Speaking of costs: If you have to calculate at Cup Adam 20 Euro per kilometer and around the twelve at the R4, there are no seven at the Corsa-e rally. In return, six-digit prize money – and the Cup winner beckons the rise in the R4 Corsa, the Opel currently presents. A three-cylinder turbo with 208 hp, sequential five-speed gearbox, lock and adjustable chassis. And for top talents, thanks to the group sisters Peugeot and Citroën himself do not have to end.

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