Opel: Corsa-e rally should surpass burner alternative!

Opel: Corsa-e rally should surpass burner alternative!-opel

As part of the IAA 2019, not only the Opel Corsa-E has celebrated its premiere, also the first battery electric rally car for the customer’s port of Opel goes there at the start. With the new race series Opel and the ADAC continue your successful partnership. On the Essen Motor Show, two developers have been presented, which we could already take a look at. Meanwhile, the first experiences from the tests are available.

Follow two goals, so Opel Motorsport Director JOrg Schrott. So coil “with both cars as many kilometers as possible, so as to collect as many real data as possible in an early stage as possible,” as no experience is available for an electric rallying vehicle, so scrap further. For this reason, you have set calculations and simulations in the early phase of the project, but this will now be successively replaced by real data. “Another focus of the tests is the burden and the thermal household of the battery under racing conditions, another software adaptation,” says the Opel Motorsport Director.

Opel: Corsa-e rally should surpass burner alternative!-surpassOpel AG

The Perfomance games only a crucial role in the next step. It is relevant that “in the performance of a branded cup vehicle, the performance is always available at any time and under all conditions constant. The material should always ensure equal opportunities for all participants, “says JOrg Schrott. “Besides, we have made ourselves with the Corsa-e rally the high level of his benzine-powered predecessor, Opel Adam Cup, to reach and exceed”. Here you also be on a good way. Because with approximately equal power, the Corsa-E rally generates a significantly higher torque with 260 Newton meters than the Adam Cup.

Furthermore, the E-Auto benefits from a low center of gravity and a balanced weight distribution, which is extremely important for a fast racing car.”Now it is important to find the most balanced chassis configuration. For this we will simulate real rating tests from January “, as Schrott concludes. As soon as the development of the Corsa-E rally is completed, a so-called reference car is established, which in turn serves as a template for the customer vehicles. For the first Super Season 2020/2021 is planned to build around 20 Corsa-E rally, of which up to 15 in summer go to customer teams.

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  1. Hello Sebastian, you all get to us regularly with news. Therefore here a brand new info: I ordered a Kia e Niro 9 months ago. Today I get the message from my KIA dealer by mail that I can order a fast load function over 3 phases for 500 € surcharge, which should reach a charging speed of 400 V.


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