Opel: E-models prepared for all charging options

Opel: E-models prepared for all charging options-opel

Opel customers can supply the battery of their electric cars via quick charge to each public DC column with up to 100 kW with energy. The company has pointed out in a message. Whether Corsa-E, Combo-e Life, Mocha-E and Zafira-e Life – All models are prepared for all charging options. The same applies to the light commercial vehicles Combo-E Cargo and Vivaro-E.

In addition to the recording of DC, which is loaded into the battery without conversion, Opel drivers can also draw one and three-phase alternating current thanks to the 7,4- or 11 KW onboard chargers, it says from the manufacturer. And this regardless of the vehicle class. Thus, long tours are possible at short service life at any time. At Opel Corsa-E and Mokka-E, for example, the 50 kWh batteries with 100 kW DC would resume up to 80 percent in just 30 minutes.

In addition, the battery-electric Opel models could of course also be loaded by wallbox or household socket. The “Universal Charger” available as an accessory can be docked at almost all Lypsy sockets to the three-phase connection as well as at public charging columns. The mobile charger combines with different adapters the functions of “Mode-2-” and “Mode-3 cables” and a wall box in a device. So it is ideal for customers who invite at home overnight, but sometimes have to reload on the road.

In addition, OpelConnect, the Myopel App and the Mobility brand FREE2MOVE attach special solutions to electric vehicles, is called Opel. For example, you can retrieve the range and charging status via the myopel app and program the loading time at the wallbox at home. In addition, the interior can be used by smartphone. The “Charge My Car” feature of the Free2move app allows the use of hundreds of thousands of charging points throughout Europe.

The electric motor of Corsa-E, Mokka-E and Co. Delivers 100 kW (136 hp) power and 260 Newton meters maximum torque. Depending on requirements and mood you can choose between the three drive steps normal, eco and sport. Opel customers currently have the choice of nine electrified models. By 2024, the entire model portfolio of the brand will be electrified, it means. From 2028 Opel wants to offer only battery electrical vehicles in Europe.

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5 thoughts on “Opel: E-models prepared for all charging options”

  1. What Opel does not say: The quality of the app makes for electric mobile still very much air up. Unstable, slow, commands often have to be repeated several times ….
    Switching off the charge for a given SOC is not possible. Switching off the charge is not possible only a switch to time-delayed loading (…that is not the same!!!).

    We drive an Ecorsa, the vehicle is good (with a few points that are not quite thoughtful). The app I forgive the school grade 5, also because there has been no improvement for 1.5 years and I can not expect that anymore. A dBzgl. Communication is quasi not available.

    As a second vehicle we drive a Tesla. Comparisons of both vehicles show respective weaknesses and strengths. The biggest weakness of Opel is our view of its connectivity. Opel That’s nothing like that (…too often I had to do so with strange dashes!)

  2. Soso … Opel-Bev can load with AC and DC and have a power outlet.
    This is an impressive competitive advantage.

    There is now the competition of Tesla, VW and Hyundai trembles now.

    When do they prefer?

  3. Why is not 22 kW AC at “all charging options”, though the most public AC charging points can?
    Seriously meant question: What are the reasons for new E cars so rarely offering such a loader?

  4. Opel reports: Our gasolineers can now be refueled on all usual ways. At the dispenser, per canister, and if necessary with the garden hose from the neighboring car. Great, is it not ?

  5. Since the drive battery is the most important part of the Bev, for me, the most interesting info would be how the battery is prepared for loading with 100kWh DC. So load with about 2c. If nothing comes there, I find the customer-friendly and possibly not sustainable.


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