Opel Elektro GT: A record car will be 50

Opel Elektro GT: A record car will be 50-elektro

The colleagues of NASA are already a step further 50 years ago – in 1971, the Apollo 15 astronauts explore the lunar surface with an electric “Lunar Roving Vehicle”. But at Opel you are clearly faster. What battery cars can afford on earth in the same year also shows a unique model: a converted Opel GT. On the 17th. and 18. May 1971 Georg is undertaken by Opel on the Hockenheimring with a specially prepared and converted prototype trying to set up new best performance for electrically operated vehicles. With success: the “Elektro GT” on these two days on the Formula 1 course in Hockenheim a total of six electromobile world records.

The successful businessman and power sportsman Georg von Opel wants to show the “Elektro GT” record attempt not only the potential battery electric vehicles for the future. The grandson of company founder Adam Opel also leads to its own kind of family tradition. Already from 1927 to 1929, the rocket-powered record rides of his Cousin Fritz of Opel moved to the public in their spell. On the 23. May 1928 “Rocket Fritz” reached with the RAK 2 before full grandstands on the Berlin Avus a top speed of fabulous 238 kileshore.

Instead of rocket, Georg relies on Electric drive: The “Elektro GT” of 1971 is equipped with two DC motors from Bosch, which together develop 120 hp and briefly bring it up to 160 hp for a short time. The four nickel-cadmium batteries from the aircraft are from VARTA and are housed on back seat and passenger side. The 280 cells weigh 590 kilos, the Opel GT even another 960 kilos, so that a total of 1.55 tonnes are to be moved – as much as an Opel Diplomat B.

For the long-haul attempts even 360 cells are needed, which bring 740 kilos to the scales. With around 1.7 tons, the “Elektro GT” moves in the weight class of an earlier Opel flash truck with a short wheelbase. Therefore, harder springs are used for use and of Continental specially developed high-pressure tires for minimal rolling resistance.

Also on the body is presented by Opel Variverse modifications: all air inlet and outlets on the vehicle front are closed. The Opel GT-typical carburetor hump on the hood is looking for awarded, instead, the hood is completely flat for better aerodynamics. In addition, bumper, rearview mirrors and door handles are missing. Instead, the record vehicle – unique for the Opel GT – for the first time over a large rear spoiler. A heat exchanger replaces the end pot.

With this “Elektro GT” Georg from Opel on 17. May 1971 Four new world records for electrical automobiles:

  • 1 kilometer in 19,061 seconds at a top speed of 188.86 km / h
  • 1 kilometer start in 31,066 seconds at 115.88 km / h
  • ½ kilometer standing start in 19,358 seconds at 92.98 km / h
  • ¼ mile standing start in 16,869 seconds at 85.87 km / h

Two more record rides follow on 18. May, both with a standing start:

  • 10 kilometers in 4 minutes 43.69 seconds at 126.89 km / h
  • 10 miles in 7 minutes 35.63 seconds at 127.15 km / h

However, the attack on the seventh world record fails: Due to the still small capacity of the nickel cadmium batteries, the electro GT is produced on the 100 kilometer route, which is to be covered with an average speed of 100 km / h, only a distance of 44 Kilometers.

But the success of six world records for electric mobile remains. At the same time, the electro GT shows that a battery electric vehicle could achieve the speed of a sports car at that time. Today – 50 years later – the modern Opel Corsa-E worship the “Golden Steering Wheel 2020”

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