Opel: First hydrogen vivaro in hard use

Opel: First hydrogen vivaro in hard use-hydrogen

Opel makes serious with its hydrogen van. The first production-produced vivaro-e hydrogen will record its emission-free work in the fleet of the home appliance manufacturer Miele, emerges from a press release of the car manufacturer. The fuel cell vehicle with the flash is used in the daily field service in the Rhine-Main area. The Vivaro-e Hydrogen supplements the offer of the battery-electric transporter Combo-E Cargo, Vivaro E and Movano-E, which are already available or ordered.

Reason for the joy of the Opel headquarters in Russelsheim: “With the new Vivaro-E Hydrogen we propose the next chapter in our offensive for sustainable mobility,” says Opel boss Uwe Hochgeschurtz. “His clever concept combines the advantages of a fuel cell with the flexibility and the range of applications of our commercial vehicle bestseller.For Development Manager Marcus Lotter, the new Vivaro-e Hydrogen perfectly meets the requirements of fleet customers. “The hydrogen transporter is the ideal solution for driving long distances with zero emissions and transporting larger loads without losing any time charging batteries.”

The electric Vivaro-e Hydrogen is based on the already available battery-electric Opel Vivaro-e, the “International Van of the Year 2021”. It has a hydrogen drive with a plug-in battery and can drive more than 400 kilometers on a full tank (WLTP). The 45 kW fuel cell delivers enough power for longer journeys on the motorway. According to the company, refueling with hydrogen takes just three minutes – as short as a refueling stop with conventional diesel.

When starting or accelerating a 10.5 kWh lithium-ion battery accommodated under the front seats supports. In this way, the fuel cell can always work under optimal operating conditions. That increases the lifespan. Additional braking energy can be recovered via the hybrid system and fed into the battery. Thanks to the plug-in option, the battery can also be charged externally if required, so that 50 kilometers are possible purely battery-electrically. The Vivaro-e Hydrogen has a three-phase onboard charger (11 kW) and a mode 2 charging cable as standard.

The entire drive technology is housed in such a way that there are no disadvantages in terms of space compared to the combustion engine variants. Depending on the length (4.95 and 5.30 metres), the Vivaro-e Hydrogen offers up to 5.3 or 6.1 cubic meters of space. The payload is up to 1000 kilos. The standard scope includes the 180-degree panoramic reversing camera, blind spot warning and park pilot for the front and rear. The Apple CarPlay and Android Auto Compatible Multimedia Navi Pro Infotainment can be used by speech recognition or about the color touchscreen.

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2 thoughts on “Opel: First hydrogen vivaro in hard use”

  1. In addition to the product, I like the entire process:
    1. To develop
    2. To announce
    3. To produce
    4. Deliver
    … and all of that in quick succession.
    I might be a bit conservative, but I like it.
    In the meantime, several ‘manufacturers’ are known who skip point 1, start directly with point 2, and then you can puzzle for years about when or. whether points 3 and 4 will follow. Maybe it’s my hobby too, but not mine.

  2. It’s only from a vehicle the speech and again no trace of a price.

    The first series-produced Vivaro-e Hydrogen… The fuel cell vehicle with the lightning bolt is used in daily field work in the Rhine-Main area.

    Probably a trial balloon or an early Christmas present for the hydrogen lobby.


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