Opel: From E-SUV to E-SUM – Focus on Opel Rocks-e

Opel: From E-SUV to E-SUM - Focus on Opel Rocks-e-focus

Opel is turning away from the electric SUV and focusing on the electric SUM. The people from Russelsheim have succeeded in creating a whole new vehicle segment with the Opel Rocks-e. SUM stands for Sustainable Urban Mobility. The Rocks-e is completely different, completely new, completely electric. I was able to convince myself in Frankfurt in mid-November. With Jan-Philipp Kreb, International Product Communications of Opel, I have talked about the Rocks-E and the thoughts behind the compact electric vehicle.

Opel: From E-SUV to E-SUM - Focus on Opel Rocks-e-focus

Local emission-free comes the 2.41 meter short and 1.39 meters (without exterior mirrors) Slim City Stromer for two persons therefore. Is installed in this a 5.5 kWh battery, which brings with the vehicle together 471 kilograms on the scales. Already in the for 7.990 Euro Base Version offers the electric one-reacher a range of up to 75 kilometers according to WLTP, which can be covered with up to 45 km / h. The perfect foundation to be used in urban everyday life. In doing so, it does not matter whether commuters move the Rocks-e full electrically by the city, or teenagers from 15 years with driver’s license on which stylish would like to advance.

Opel: From E-SUV to E-SUM - Focus on Opel Rocks-e-opel

Opel: From E-SUV to E-SUM - Focus on Opel Rocks-e-e-suv

The Electro-Sum of Opel waits with a turning circle of only 7.20 meters. Here, the test drive has shown that it can be greatly steered by narrow curves or in small parking pieces. And because of the appropriate charging station you do not have to worry. Because loaded is at the household socket. In about 3.5 hours charging time you end up at a 100% full battery.

Opel: From E-SUV to E-SUM - Focus on Opel Rocks-e-General Association German Insurance Industry

Like the other new models of the brand, the Compact City Stromer also waits for the new Vizor of Opel. Side skirts and other body panels underline the robust appearance. The identically designed doors – the passenger door swings forward, the driver’s door opposite to the rear – are a very special eye-catcher. Also, if it is less about the look, as it was about saving costs. Small things that make the difference when it comes to placing the electric vehicle on the market.

Opel: From E-SUV to E-SUM - Focus on Opel Rocks-e-e-suv

Opel: From E-SUV to E-SUM - Focus on Opel Rocks-e-e-sum

Opel: From E-SUV to E-SUM - Focus on Opel Rocks-e-rocks-e

Opel: From E-SUV to E-SUM - Focus on Opel Rocks-e-e-suv

In conversation with Jan-Philipp you will receive a compact overview of the Rocks-E. If you want to know more, you can also read this review of Wolfgang. To the end of course the resolution: E-SUV still remain in the portfolio of Opel. Currently one dedicates itself only to the newly created segment. But have fun with the current episode. I’m curious what you think of the E-vehicle?

You are welcome to send me questions about e-mobility by mail, which deal with you in everyday life. The answer to it could also be of interest to other listeners of the podcast. As always, reviews, comments and co. Of course I am happy. So gladly, also for the topic suggestions already mentioned. And about a positive rating, at the podcast provider of your choice, I am of course very happy! thank you.

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4 thoughts on “Opel: From E-SUV to E-SUM – Focus on Opel Rocks-e”

  1. When researching the insurance license plate for L6E vehicles such as the Opel Rocks I realized that most of Me MicroCars only up to 350 kg and 4 kW are insurable.

    However, the L6e class has up to 425 kg (without batteries) and 6 kW according to the EU regulation, only Germany has not yet implemented this – according to the Mail from the General Association of the German Insurance Industry.

    And there seems to be another problem.

    the Vehicles up to 350 kg or. 4kW are according to § 3 para. 2 no. 1 lit. f in connection with § 2 No. 12 FZV exempted from the normal registration procedure with an official number plate. These vehicles can be insured with insurance plates and put on the road.

    For the four-wheel light vehicles you mentioned, however, the normal registration procedure at the responsible registration office applies. These vehicles can of course also be insured against liability.

    (Excerpt from the mail from the General Association of the German Insurance Industry)

    I also wrote an email to the Ministry of Transport of Baden-Wurttemberg, a mail response is still out. Maybe the staff can explain there how this runs with the L6E vehicles with us and maybe the many insurance companies in the country also fit their conditions and websites.

  2. Such PR texts really prepare me discomfort.

    The Rocks is an interesting vehicle and I could also introduce him to buy him.

    But Opel has neither invented itself or this vehicle. And the original of Citroen is much cheaper (CA. 1.000 €), has only no yellow color and is not sold in Germany ..

  3. Oh, a microcar with battery! Previously, there were castrated mini gasoline or small cars the displacement had to be restricted to be driven by old driving licenses.
    Finally a Bev, which makes sense. Bravo Opel. Unfortunately, there are German regulations, which are so stupid that you can hardly believe you. Why must it be excavated 45 km / h v-max? Not 50 better 60 km / h? Damait makes the urban traffic to the pig. You realize that you live in Germany. Also on usual discussions. Does it matter whether the vehicle liability will cost 100 or 200 euros a year? That does not matter, given the fact that it does not matter what a meaningful Bev bolide devours money. He can not be stupid enough that the money is not pushed out.
    Momantan sails with us like this: https: // www.focus.DE / Finance / News / Consumer Support Gazette Energy Cost Hard Winter Status-Before-German-Economic-An-Allen Fronts-Unter-Print_ID_24468543.HTML?xing_share = news.
    Especially ideal conditions to continue spinning. In addition, Gearde has imported the next SARS virus model series. Probably with petroleum in the form of kerosene or / and with heavy oil on “dream ship virus import journey” the holiday is called.

  4. From SUV to SUM – very useful!… a pity only that the space and energy-eating SUVs “of course” continue to be in the program because the manufacturer earned most of them. Also, the 45 kmMH border for “stroller” and too low price is suitable for fading the insane gross city traffic even further. Many 15-year-olds will want to be “stylish” on the road (and can be financially).


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