Opel Manta GSE: from parts carrier to the cult mobile

Opel Manta GSE: from parts carrier to the cult mobile-manta

First it was only a single piece – but long ago is rumored by a small series. In any case, the electrified Opel Manta GSE provides electromod for emotions. As Opel announced, at the beginning of the experiment, an orangerant Manta with black vinyl roof was in the collection of Opel Classic. The car – 14 years in the first estate of a lady from Wiesbaden – was neatly in shot, but rather a part carrier. But then it became an idea ..

“The GSE is a tribute to the manta of earlier and at the same time a brand statement for the present.”Say Quentin Huber, Head of Brand Strategy and Social Media at Opel. “Opel is brave and clear – exciting different. Maybe differently than you expect from us.”So much enthusiasm also inspired the management and so there was green light from the top. A little, the iridescent project reminds of the time when a group of enthusiasts around Chefdesigner Erhard quickly developed in their own initiative first the experimental GT and finally the Opel GT.

In the case of MANTA GSE Elektromod, the car should receive its original fascination and at the same time bring top innovations into the game: the pixel vizor with the latest LED technology, for example, the digital cockpit – and just the electric drive. “With the Elektromod we beat a bridge from the great Opel tradition to a desirable sustainable future,” says Design Manager Pierre-Olivier Garcia . “This mix of time spirit from then and today is absolutely fascinating.”

Much technical effort was necessary. The rather rare automatic transmission of the MANTA was still alright, but the Opel team wanted for the Electromod then rather the millions of times built classic four-speed gearbox. So the technicians constructed an adapter plate for a larger clutch, additionally required a longer cardan shaft from the partial course of Opel Classic, and on the rear axle was converted from drum to disc brakes.

Because the original seats of then did not have head restraints, the technicians installed Recaro shells from Adam S. However, they did not fit in so easily and had to be measured in the concept workshop – how many of the new components – for the MANTA project.

The chassis voted the engineers on the front taut and – the better traction – due to something softer. After all, the electricity is the strongest manta of all time – apart from tuning and racing versions. The force of the 147-hp synchronous motor must therefore be brought to the road from the classic rear wheel drive. For this, the 31 kWh lithium-ion battery in the trunk was installed as far as possible as possible. In Manta GSE, four adults can continue to travel and the luggage room is still enough for a two-week Italian holiday, it says at Opel.

Under the line, the Manta weighs after the conversion to Elektromod 1137 kilos – these are three and a half Zentner more than the original, but still significantly less than many modern cars with internal combustion engine. In normal driving, the GSE comes to 200 kilometers reach, with some restrained driving style also beyond. And as it belongs to an Opel Strainer, the E-Manta can recuperate. But that does not work automatically. To activate the recovery, the driver must operate a switch mounted in the glove box.

The engine is chamned stylish over the ignition key. After that, the driver has the choice of whether he takes the fourth gear and easily rides. The torque of the electric motor is high enough to create everything in a translation. Stylish but also the option that sort out four gears. The acceleration is warm in any case. At Tempo 150, however, is the conclusion.

Speaking of the end: At the end there was another color. Namely, the Coupe was first when the car has already been electrified and removed from TuV.

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4 thoughts on “Opel Manta GSE: from parts carrier to the cult mobile”

  1. Like to build in small series exactly so that would find enough customers.
    Alone the manual transmission in combination with the electric motor, fantastic.

  2. I am excited about this idea of the Emanta. Own an unrestored Manta A 1.6N. would provide my body for a conversion. The e Manta of 2025 should come, probably will not be a racer. Looks crausey, but with the GSE Elektromod I would be there immediately.Really fantastic. Please build exactly in series.


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