Opel Mokka-E again available; Delivery still 2021 in view

Opel Mokka-E again available; Delivery still 2021 in view-available

The Opel Mokka-E as a route for the step in the direction of e-mobility, which followed on the Corsa-E, was still stopped in January. The speech was talked about a massive cancellation. Reason for this, the entry variant of the Stromer is no longer available. Something that was confirmed a good two weeks ago in Russelsheim. Meanwhile you got the topic to control and can increase the annual quota of the Mocha-E. 2021 All orders are to be served.

Electric, emission-free, full of energy: This is the new Opel Mokka-E. The next mocha generation, which builds on the platform of the PSA Group and will also be available as a pure electric car. Like Opel-CEO Michael Lohscheller in conversation with the Editorial Network Germany now to be understood, you also got the availability under control: “Every customer who now orders a Mokka-E gets delivered this year. So: The car is orderable and available, in all variants, “says Lohscheller. Because of the good order situation, some equipment lines of the E-model have been sold out temporarily until September.

The trade was informed on Monday evening about this joyful development, the availability of all variants was also confirmed by the availability of all variants. Only ten weeks after the official sales start and long before the first production vehicle on 1. In March, Opel was no longer able to satisfy the demand for the Mochka-E. The question if Opel has expected too little response to the Mochka-E can certainly be answered with “yes”. Because if you just have a “high four-digit number” of sales of the mocha with electric drive – in the best case 9.999 units – started, you probably thought too short. This leads to a canopy of the car manufacturer. A canopy, which of the Opel CEO in the context of the announcement of the production offensive was unanswered in the room.

Opel was re-terminated by the strong demand forced contracts with hundreds of customers. The question is now whether the contact with these customers is being sought, or whether one responds to new inquiries. Also no statement of the manufacturer. Well, however, Lohscheller commented on the general alignment of Opel. Small car like Adam and Karl are deleted, the focus is on electrified vehicles to meet the CO2 specifications in the future.

“But the topic is enough. We need to make mobility climate. This is our topic and the great task that the whole industry stands. CO₂ is as I said the new currency in this business. Opel will grow again, but never at the expense of higher carbon dioxide emissions and less profit margin.”

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  1. I do not understand why interested people are not just the original of Peugeot in France.

    This is the same with the Citan of Mercedes. In reality a Renault Kangoo only with a star on it. And a few details are different, but they do not justify the significant price difference.


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