Opel Mokka-E: not yet on the street, already sold out!

Opel Mokka-E: not yet on the street, already sold out!-sold

Electric, emission-free, full of energy: This is the new Opel Mokka-E. The next Mocha generation, which builds on the platform of the PSA Group and will also be available as a pure electric car, see clearly and courageously, as the new Opel models of the 2020s will look like. But many e-auto drivers will not be able to drive the Stromer next year. Because Opel had been surprised with the massive demand and to understand that the annual quota of Mochka-E for 2021 already was outprighted,

Only ten weeks after the official sales start and long before the first production vehicle on 1. March will come to the road Opel will not be able to satisfy the demand for the Mokka-E. “Demand went through the ceiling very quickly,” said an Opel Manager opposite the online magazine Edison. The manufacturer is “totally” surprised. Most orders have been received from Germany.

This is due to the environmental bonus in combination with the innovation premium, which the Stromer around 23.420 euros to come to the street. Say, a third of the purchase price is taken over by the Federal Government in conjunction with the manufacturer itself. But you can not benefit from VAT reduction, as the stromer is not allowed in the coming year. In addition to Germany, demand was so great in other European markets that the production quota was exhausted for 2021.

The question if Opel has expected too little response to the Mochka-E can certainly be answered with “yes”. Because if you just have a “high four-digit number” of sales of the mocha with electric drive – in the best case 9.999 units – started, you probably thought too short. First experiences could certainly have been able to move from the paragraph of the Opel Corsa-E. The pity is just that the PSA plant poissy at Paris, where the Opel is produced on a line with the DS3 e-tense, no longer Mokka-E gives. Even if you wanted. Therefore, it does not surprise that Opel is unpleasant that one is not available now. “We try to find a solution”, according to the manager concluding to Edison.

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10 thoughts on “Opel Mokka-E: not yet on the street, already sold out!”

  1. Fascinating as all manufacturers are surprised again and again from demand for electric cars. VW has already been so considered similar to Einfauert time, only that an increase is certainly possible.
    In this case, the mocha is so popular anyway. Then there is the electro version to a quite favorable price. Stupid for Opel that one hangs on the PSA Group, which then no longer has production capacity ready. Less than 10.000 units for a whole year are then but now really scared slightly.

  2. So 10000 is really little, considering that it starts now and eautos just in the direction of travel, of course, the sales figures will not reach those of burners, but I go from 20% next year and no manufacturer seems to cover to be able to ..

  3. Because Opel had been surprised with the massive demand …

    Demand went through the ceiling very quickly

    Do you have to understand that?

    Either this is all alcoholics and non-life beings or that is an alibi-car what you really want to sell big, but you do it because someone has asked for e-cars.

    Are they all totally stupid?

    Who produces a product whose interest should be so much for sale that you can live from it …

    It remains exciting

  4. Haloooo, good morning ! Only produces what can be charged with CO2 punishments. Economically, therefore, Tesla is now building so Lala E cars.

  5. The problem is that the quantity planning is loose two years old.

    The super-thrust commentators, who have previously known here, were not yet so optimistic two years ago. Which also has a fact background, namely 5190 € promotion, which were not foreseeable then. Now there are over 9000 €, at that time it was 4000 €. At that time, this corresponded to a discount of about 13%, now it is 30%. Above all, now the absolute sum is so low that you get almost no equivalent combustion.

    I mean, one should think before you operate bashing.

  6. Disruption has its own rules. What is valid today is already passe. Opel and most car manufacturers have considered the action completely wrong. First you have amused about Tesla and the electromobility and their downfall prophesent. Then you have tried to talk the whole thing bad. Now turns out, most customers do not want burners anymore and you can not deliver. So plays the market. We are currently experiencing a profound change. That can not be stopped.

  7. My order (confirmed leasing contract and signed order!) was deleted by the dealer yesterday! Simply that way! Who still has the problem? I’m so angry that I would like to sue the responsible person for maximum compensation!

    They have calculated in the price, we have a legally valid contract of which the dealer would like to resign – everything like in a banana republic.


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