Opel Rocks-E: A new city electricity for the mobility of the future

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Opel Rocks-E: A new city electricity for the mobility of the future-rocks-e

Completely different, completely new, completely electric – Opel presents with the Rocks-E its first SUM. The abbreviation stands for Sustainable Urban Mobility, in German sustainable urban mobility. With the emission-free electric owner Opel wants to provide an answer to the new mobility requirements of our time. The new City Stromer offers modern electromobility already for young people from 15 years with driver’s license – and the best protected from wind and weather.

With the 2.41 meter short two-seater Opel continues its electroplace six. The manufacturer expands its model portfolio below the Corsa-E to a battery-electric SUM, which can afford any of the youthful career to the outskirts of the city. Because the entry-level price for the new Opel Rocks-E will be well below that of a small car and the leasing rate at the monthly level of a ticket for public transport, so the manufacturer in a current message. The new Rocks-E will be available in Germany from autumn online or in direct sales with selected Opel dealers – other markets should then follow 2022.

“Our new Opel Rocks-E is uncompromising in every way: His design is clear and courageous, its dimensions are extremely compact, its drive is purely electric and its price unbeatable. Our SUM enables smart and functional electromobility for everyone – and will cause a styling with his styling. Opel is nearby, just human and cool at the same time – this underlines the new Rocks-E once more.”- Andreas Marx, Germany boss Opel

The Opel Rocks-E is different: No big car needed in the inner cities a lot of traffic area. Instead: an emission-free, compact city stream for two persons. Since the 2.41 meter short, 1.39 meters (without exterior mirror) slim and together with the batteries only 471 kilograms of heavy Opel Rocks-e is officially classified as a light power vehicle, young people may already take him from 15 years with driver’s license class. 2021, a corresponding amendment came into force, so that this regulation is now governed nationwide. The legislator wants to support the mobility needs of young people – especially for the way to school or apprenticeship. The new Opel Rocks-E is ideally suited for this job.

Opel Rocks-E: A new city electricity for the mobility of the future-mobilityOpel

The smart electric one gives a range of up to 75 kilometers according to WLTP, which can be covered with up to 45 km / h. Thus, the electric flitzer is ideally suited for daily city traffic – not only for teens, but also for commuters, which travel their work route to emission-free and do not want to stay on site long with the parking lot. The compact dimensions make Rocks-E for the ideal zero emission mobile for the city. He can be used on his 14-inch wheels and with a turning circle of only 7.20 meters slightly by tight curves or in small parking lots Circle.

The 5.5 kWh of the battery of the Opel Rocks-E can be recharged in about 3.5 hours over any ordinary household socket. The associated three meter long charging cable is firmly accommodated in SUM and is pulled out of the passenger door if necessary. Opel also offers an adapter for charging at a public charging station.

SUM with style: doors opening in opposite directions and Opel Vizor

Like the manufacturer’s passenger cars, the Rocks-e bears the new Opel Vizor brand face, complete with LED headlights and indicators. The courageous design is emphasized by the doors identically identically on both sides. The passenger door swings forward as usual, but the driver’s door opposite to the back. Accordingly, some of the same parts are found on the front and tail.

Opel Rocks-E: A new city electricity for the mobility of the future-futureOpel

In the interior, the two seats are attached side by side, so that the passenger has a pleasant legroom and the driver can move its seat over a large adjustment area. The headroom should also be lush for people beyond the 1.90 meters. In addition, despite its compact dimensions, the new Rocks-E offers a stowage volume of up to 63 liters in the passenger footwell – and a hook for bags and bags

According to Opel, the cockpit focuses on the essentials. The display shows at a glance speed, driving mode (drive, neutral, backwards), charge status of the battery as well as the remaining range. Practical details such as the smartphone holder attached to the center console make the Opel Rocks-E also for networked SUM. Here you can set up your own smartphone hand-proposed; Services like the myopel app keep more information ready.

Opel Rocks-E: A new city electricity for the mobility of the future-futureOpel

Thanks to the compact dimensions and large windows, drivers have always best radius views. For a clear, pleasant atmosphere in the interior – exceptional for a vehicle in this price category – ensure the standard panoramic glass roof. Suitable for the entire appearance is the new City Stromer in three equipment lines: as Opel Rocks-E, Opel Rocks-E Club and Opel Rocks-E Tekno.

The name Rocks has tradition at the German manufacturer. Already in the recent past of the brand drove with the Opel Adam Rocks and the Opel Karl Rocks small and small car with a very special flair. The new Opel Rocks-E has been more consistent for use in the urban area. Fully electric and thus extra-quiet as well as emission-free on the way the unusual newcomer protects in the Opel portfolio environment and the environment.

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10 thoughts on “Opel Rocks-E: A new city electricity for the mobility of the future”

  1. The problem with this “car” is unfortunately again the limitation to 45km / h. So you can not even in traffic with swimming. The appearance can be argued. But honestly which 15 year old has a few thousand euros for this car. At the latest when he is 18 is replaced by a real car.

  2. We need more emission-free city cars, which should be able to swim in the current traffic of 50 to 60 km / h. Even the mopfas are at 45 km / h obstacles, which are dangerously overtaken for all parties involved. The legislature provokes accidents.
    Why is such a mobile not a good reach, good acceleration and a speed matching for the city?

  3. Never bring the such thing …, Opel has always great again great ideas but also little courage. Had the Opel Rak E presented the Opel Rak E presented so 10 years ago, I would have exchanged the “big” immediately against our smart roadster.
    Nobody needs a 45 km / h of traffic impact, but may be that you can already know that at Opel in terms of max. 30 km / h in all inner cities.

  4. In this price segment Badge-Engineering is absolutely useful! Without a Citroen base, this Opel did not exist, so there is the Ami visually suitable for the Opel family, even with mini-vizor. I like it.

  5. Since I’m looking forward to the Opel price, otherwise buy in France and bring across the border, the formalities are easy to see in a Youtube video. The man bought 2 Citroen Amis, both fit on the car trailer, the 2. AMI for a friend.

  6. SUM instead of SUV, which does not need (smarter) person …But the stupidity of the people is stopped upstairs, as you can see on the SUV sales figures. You should be punished with high inner-city parking fees

  7. The core target group is likely to be carsharing provider – and so a car can indeed be interesting for customers when the usage price is right. Nice alternative to escoters & co


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