Opel Rocks-E already from 7.990 euros orderable

Opel Rocks-E already from 7.990 euros orderable-orderable

Completely different, completely new, completely electric – Opel presents with the Rocks-E its first SUM. The abbreviation stands for Sustainable Urban Mobility, in German sustainable urban mobility. The new City Stromer offers modern electromobility already for young people from 15 years with driver’s license. From 7.990 euros, as Opel is now to understand. E-mobility will thus be experienced earlier.

Local emission-free comes the2.41 meter short and 1.39 meters (without exterior mirrors) Slim City Stromer for two persons therefore. Is installed in this a 5.5 kWh battery, which brings with the vehicle together 471 kilograms on the scales. Already in the for 7.990 Euro Base Version offers the electric one-reacher a range of up to 75 kilometers according to WLTP, which can be covered with up to 45 km / h. Thus, the new Opel is ideally suited for daily city traffic – and with a turning circle of only 7.20 meters, it makes it greatly steer with narrow curves or in small parking pieces. Loading is at the household socket. In about 3.5 hours charging time you end up at a 100% full battery.

“With the order start of our new Opel Rocks-E, we now enable all, from youthful career to the inner city commander, the affordable transition to the electromobility. No superfluous ornamental council, which goes into the money – the new Rocks-E means emission-free mobility pure. With clear, bold design, extremely compact dimensions and one in every way functionals as well as unconventional appearance.– Andreas Marx, CEO of Opel Germany

In terms of design, the Rocks-e comes with a two-tone front and rear view and the characteristic Opel brand face. Like the other new models from the brand, the compact city electric vehicle also features Opel’s new Vizor. Side skirts and other body panels underline the robust appearance. The identically designed doors – the passenger door swings forward, the driver’s door opens backwards in the opposite direction – can be closed using loops accentuated with Opel yellow.

From 8.The Opel Rocks-e Klub and Opel Rocks-e TeKno equipment can be ordered for EUR 790. These come up with additional features and more colour. Both variants come with clean hubcaps in the x design and set additional accents on the driver’s and passenger’s side with vertical black decorative stripes. In addition, cladding on front and rear apron at the Rocks-e Club in Kosmik-Gray and the Rocks-E Tekno in Elektro-Yellow the views. The interior also picks up on the individual color pattern. In terms of infotainment preparation, the Rocks-e Klub and Rocks-e TeKno come standard with a smartphone holder mounted centrally on the center console and DAT connectivity. On request, the battery-powered Stromer can also be equipped with a Bluetooth hands-free system for your own smartphone.

The new Opel Rocks-e can now be ordered online in Germany – even from home. Participating Opel partners will offer product advice, test drives and support for the online ordering process. The first vehicles will be delivered to dealers later this year.

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10 thoughts on “Opel Rocks-E already from 7.990 euros orderable”

  1. Wow. Another car that doesn’t have to accelerate to 100 in 2.x seconds. I have to smile every day at how many BMW tanks, Audi dinosaurs and Mercedes monsters I leave behind with my Stromer every day. Unfortunately, the rock will also stand in traffic and that’s bad. In boundary times by the city to Cruisen – perfect. The price is also okay. You can possibly. Also load faster? If the rock contributes to reducing the number of idiotic golf child transport and purchasing SUV (which never see terrain), then he has reached a good goal. I press Opel the thumbs!

  2. That was clear of the Opel Rocks-e more expensive than the same Citroen AMI therefore there is also in import ban on Ami to Germany

  3. Let’s wait if the new BURE will reduce a reasonable promotion of L6E vehicles. For 5000-6000 € I let the bike stand and drive Ami. Better would still be a reasonable leasing option. Because actually, I do not feel like having a cart. Because possession of motor vehicles is always in obligation.

  4. According to Opel website ..

    Rocks-E and Rocks-e Club

    Available from 31.03.2022

    Rocks-e Tekno

    Available from 16.12.2021

    Pick up at the dealer – 350,00 €

    Delivery home – 589,00 €

    Adapter for public charging station – 333,00 €

    (Source: OpelStore.de / rocks-e)

    … is there the version “Rocks-e Tekno” from mid-December 2021, the others only from the end of March 2022.

    With better equipment and some accessories you get slightly 10 at Opel Rocks-E.000 EURO.

    Let’s see what Chinese Anbíeter 2022 offer “Luxury” L6E vehicles at the same price.

  5. Small and easy to win in the future against big and difficult. And that’s good! Also in vehicle class B. What our development departments could be much better: CW value below 0.2! Cross-sectional area under 2m2! Safety 5 stars! Consumption under 10kWh at 100km driving distance! Vmax at least 110km/h, so that the vehicles are suitable in D. At some point, our group leaders should also understand the desire for small vehicles.. . As I said, we could do such vehicles much better!

  6. To compare the price and as a fully electric machine: Zero S 11 KW continuous power motor, 14.4 Kwh battery for almost 15,000 € New, Odin (Dayi Motors from China) with 6 KW motor, approx. 7 Kwh battery (100 Ah) for just under 6000 €. All are two-wheelers (motorcycle class L3E) and can only be driven with an A1 driving license for 16-year-olds. This Opel Rocks-e has 4 wheels, roof over it, all the amenities for young people and older people who just want to get from A to B and back, with AM driving license without a helmet! Mobile, no approval, HU every 2 years necessary, only insurance as with the moped / moped / gasoline roller and with adapter also charged on charging columns …


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