Opel Rocks-E is smaller and cheaper than a smart

Opel Rocks-E

Of the "Micropel": Opel’s electrical magic cubes is smaller and cheaper than a smart

Opel Rocks-E is smaller and cheaper than a smart-opel
Opel Opel Rocks-E

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  • Site editor Sebastian Viehmann

The automobile is at the collar in German city centers. Just stupid that Corona bus and train are more unattractive than ever. We will soon go back to micro cars as in the 1950s – just electrically? Opel would have a suitable vehicle.

Greens want to shoot car-free city centers, pop-up cycle paths like mushrooms, speed 30 and other harassment make the car more and more unattractive in German cities. However, since not everyone wants to switch to bus and train because of Corona and not everyone cycles, the demand for cities without cars remains that of a minority. But what if many cars at least shrink and, thanks to the electric drive, would also drive locally emission-free?Once again, the big hour of the very small cars seems to be beating. In the 1950s – the times of Isetta, cabin scooters and goggomobile – this was because large cars were reserved. Today it is the eco-trend and the lack of parking space that is supposed to radically slim cars. The latest variant of such cars comes from Opel, more precisely the French parent company PSA.

Opel Rocks-E is smaller and cheaper than a smart-opel
Opel Opel Rocks-E

The Rocks-E is a French sister model: it looks cool, the Citroen Ami, but he hasn’t had a real market chance yet. This is not only due to the manageable electrical range of 75 kilometers, until the magic cube has to be recharged, but in particular due to the reality -distant maximum speed of 45 km/h.

Opel’s electric dwarf only runs 45 km/h

What is just okay for a City scooter should also be a little bit of good for the Opel Rocks-E, because the electrical magic cube in city traffic is a real traffic obstacle. Maybe the car manufacturers are already planning with the fact that speed 30 could soon apply in cities almost everywhere. But even the supporters of these speed limits should recognize that km / h on large ring and thoroughfares are nonsense. So even dwarf cars like the rocks-e have to bring more to the speedometer.

Opel Rocks-E is smaller and cheaper than a smart-opel
Opel Opel Rocks-E

And what else can he do, the "Micropel"? Like the Citroen Ami, there is a manageable place for at least two adults, opposite doors and a loading option at the household socket. A full load lasts three and a half hours, similar to Renault’s mini-stromer Twizy.

The spacy electrical egg in the large video test

Opel Rocks-E is smaller and cheaper than a smart-cheaper

The spacy electrical egg in the large video test

Opel Rocks-E is smaller and cheaper than a smart-opel

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16 thoughts on “Opel Rocks-E is smaller and cheaper than a smart”

  1. In the morning everyone has their personal guard. Be it coffee, tea or a smoothie – at Saturn you will find the right devices for every taste.

    7000 euros are a lot of money for very little car

    And the price? Like its French twin Ami without lightning in the vizor face, the shortest Opel, which is shortest in the currently model program, should be around 7000 euros in the currently 2.41 meters. This is quite a bit for a car that has lost nothing on power roads in the city with its speed limit of 45 km/h itself and has to drive detours. There should be a monthly fee – which is at 20 euros at Citroen Ami – the better choice.

    Opel Rocks-E is smaller and cheaper than a smart-smart
    Opel Opel Rocks-E

    The delegation has less to do with the electric motor, which only does 6 kW / 8 hp, but in the classification in the driver’s license class on, which means that young people aged 15 and over at the Opel Rock-E. However, the Renault Twizy is also available in two versions (45 and 80 km/h). Perhaps you want to prevent customers from preventing yours "right" Replace second cars such as the Peugeot 208 or Opel Corsa for a micro-streak.

    Opel Corsa-E in the test: Comfortable small cars with many assistance systems

    Opel Rocks-E is smaller and cheaper than a smart-smaller

    Site Opel Corsa-E in the test: Comfortable small cars with many assistance systems

    There are no air conditioning in the micropel

    Incidentally, there is no air conditioning system in Rocks-E, as it would suck too much juice from the 5.5 kilowatt hour of battery. So the trolley with fully charged batteries comes up to 75 kilometers and consumes 119 Wh/km. Folding windows ensure that the ventilation is ventilated in summer. The fact that the doors open opposite is a funny detail, just like the fact that the overhangs and the whole car are symmetrical.

    Design of earlier, technology from today: The new e-Isetta in check

    Opel Rocks-E is smaller and cheaper than a smart-smaller

    Site Design of earlier, technology from today: The new e-Isetta in check

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  2. It’s laughable!
    A few years ago my partner bought a daily registration Hyundai i20. 78PS, … Climate, radio, all the necessary safety technology for € 9999. On the other hand, e-spy witnesses look almost ridiculous!

  3. The direction is right
    Small, light vehicles, better than an open quad or a scooter and ideal for the city. I would like a VMAX of 60kmh for vehicles subject to insurance licensees, then that would be the ideal urban vehicle. Small, agile and weatherproof. In addition, much safer than a moped or quad. What is missing is the removable battery for charging in the apartment (z.B. Trolley battery) Such small vehicles should be honest and the switch from a large vehicle to one should also be promoted. At least that would significantly relieve city traffic. Is not a status symbol but a tool to get from A to B.

  4. Electric magic cube
    For which purchase clientele has been created? Completely unusable. Already for security reasons. In addition, the German car buyer actually wishes other models. Now we need twice as large parking spaces for cargo bikes as for the mini car. Wrong world. The climate car greetings.

  5. If I always do that
    read with the security reasons… A moped, a motorcycle or a bike are much more insecure. However, no word is lost. On the contrary, bicycles and electric scooters are pushed from all sides.

  6. What is the meaning?
    The meaning of such a vehicle does not open up to me. Point! I buy a mountain bike when I want to ride cross bicycle. Or I buy a racing bike when I am concerned with sportiness and ambition. A Mercedes S or a BMW 7 Series are business class vehicles. An Opel, Ford or VW are cars of the normal buerger. But what should someone come up with the idea of buying such a abysmal, which is deeply hayless, expensive and voelly senseless vehicle? Just to say, "Hey, I’m driving a Stromer"! People are available!

  7. Meaningless
    I don’t hold the car at all. Is cheap in the company, small for the city and especially in the city completely sufficient. For what all in the world, I need a big car in the city? Only causes problems.

  8. The direction is right
    That cars have to be shorter for the city than the currently trendy and mostly with only one person 5 meters long suffs should be clear to anyone who has to look for a parking space every morning. Here Opel has shown how little space a vehicle needs, which protects 2 passengers from wind and weather and brings from A to B. If the speed and range are now corrected somewhat upwards, a cube in the city could make sense.

  9. These mini have one "cars"
    all mean. You can hardly see any of them in road traffic. Ultimately, the most successful of this is still the smart, and Daimler has been dragged through it for decades.

  10. No air conditioning?
    Well then a lot of fun in the city in the city while sweating in the ugly miniding. One has the impression that e-mobility brings us closer to the Stone Age. You should do without more and more when driving and it is best to move to the inadequate publications. It’s just stupid that they are not really exciting since Corona. Among other things, we have a Smart EQ convertible, which is really very compact. I don’t have to do even smaller and even less comfort. Thank you, but I don’t need that.

  11. Really Mr. Rocker
    I don’t expect anything from such a party because I don’t choose them. They are exciting times. Germany wants to save the world and the climate and in general…The rest of the world just doesn’t itch.

  12. Quadmo in sight
    Why the skepticism? As described correctly, this Citymobil is also intended as a competition for a car. Rather an alternative to the Vespa or moped. Nobody demands a crash test. And how, please, you want to save the climate future? Maybe you read the sequencer from Kalmond Kess. There the author describes in his future novel in 2035 by a Quadmo. A mixture of car and motorcycle with a traffic area of a motorcycle. Fast, sporty and climate -friendly. Something like that would have the future!

  13. "Athletic"…
    … can only be what I move with my muscle strength. So a bike or at least the hand -operated disc lift;) And why do I read first "Quasimodo"?

  14. Could…
    Site not even a crash test with this "automobile" do? What happens to the teenager when it drives against a parked car at top speed? Airbags?

  15. Hmmm
    What happens to the teenager when he slums against a parked car with his moped? Is certainly worse but still driving tons of mopeds on the street.


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