Opel sets mobile loading infrastructure at Corsa-e Rally Cup

Opel sets mobile loading infrastructure at Corsa-e Rally Cup-mobile

With the new ADAC Opel E-Rally Cup, Opel also electrifies the rally sport. The concept suggests the manufacturer full of innovations – and one of them is the mobile charging infrastructure of the first electric rally brand’s Cup in the world. The requirement was clear: a sustainable solution should be found – fossil powered generators have no place in the philosophy of e-rally cup. The concept had to be powerful, flexible and user-friendly to meet the high demands of a rally event.

In the selection process, the mobile solution of the company Eloaded was finally due to Neusab at Augsburg. The energy is fed from the public medium or low voltage network and distributed over a DC bus system to the charging units. This significantly reduces the energy losses between the mains transfer point and charging plugs on the electric vehicle. Unlike battery-based charging systems, it is completely dispensed with dangerous substances, which also accounts for corresponding transport restrictions. Can be loaded with up to 500 amps in a power range from 200 to 980 volts.

Opel sets mobile loading infrastructure at Corsa-e Rally Cup-setsOpel

The charging infrastructure developed together with Opel Motorsport for the ADAC Opel E-Rally Cup thus uses the public power grid, which is obtained from the respective network operator regenerated eco flow. The removed middle flow is passed into a transformer adapted specifically for the rally insert with DC Source, the so-called Power House. This provides without the detour via a buffer a maximum power of 2 megawatts to 18 loading points, each of which is one on the service tent of each CUP vehicle.

Each loading point feeds the vehicle with up to 140 kilowatt power, where the Opel Corsa-E rally can be loaded with a maximum of 100 kilowatt DC (DC). Thus, it is possible to fill the 50 kilowatt hours-catching energy storage of the rally vehicle in about 30 minutes to 80 percent battery charge status. Even during a shorter service, a recharging for the next rating tests is no problem.

Opel sets mobile loading infrastructure at Corsa-e Rally Cup-mobileOpel

The charging points are not bound to a solid construction, but can be placed independently and independently. The ELOADED system is modular, therefore, offers individual adaptation to the user’s needs and a correspondingly wide range of applications – including use on a rally service place. Thanks to special quick-release fasteners, the wiring can be made in a very short time and the entire system can be set up and reduced within one day.

“The selection of a charging infrastructure suitable for the needs of the ADAC Opel E-Rally Cup was a complex process that has taken a lot of time,” explains Opel Motorsport Director JOrg Schrott. “Some solutions that appeared promising first showed weaknesses in practice”. The mobile loading infrastructure of ELOADED is clearly the best concept, so scrap: “Eloaded specialists have quickly understood what matters, and together we have developed a system that is sustainable, powerful and flexible.”

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