Opel Teasert his future on, electric drives from 2019

Opel Teasert his future on, electric drives from 2019-future

From 2019, a new SUV is to be built in the Opel plant Eisenach, for which an electrified variant is in planning, as Opel boss Michael Lohscheller had announced at the presentation of the new corporate strategy PACE. How this (partial) Electromobile Future could look like Opel, a teaser image published on Twitter: a wide snout with strictly drawn and extremely narrow lights indicates fresh opel self-confidence.

All new vehicles of Opel and the British sister brand Vauxhall will be developed in Russelsheim in the future. Here are also global competence centers for the entire Groupe PSA.

The first tasks are the development of fuel cells, selected assistance systems and technologies for automated driving. Also a significant streamlation of the platform palette is planned: Overall, the number of car platforms used by Opel and Vauxhall will be reduced by currently nine to two by 2024.

Update, 14.11.: In an earlier version of the article was the speech of a purely electric SUV, which should be built in Eisenach. This statement is not true. Although partially electrical vehicles are definitely in planning at Opel. New pure electric cars has not yet announced or confirmed.

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2 thoughts on “Opel Teasert his future on, electric drives from 2019”

  1. Class exactly what you need. Even more unnecessarily large off-road vehicles for the city. -.-
    Instead of making a new edition of the Ampera without GM and possibly deliver quantities that cover the demand, you prefer something like that.

    Of course, Opel has financial difficulties and the profit margin is higher in this segment, but sociable is a catastrophe.

  2. Yes and then automated driving on top priority. They are apparently already too strongly picked up by PSA.
    Russelsheim should be able to buy back. They already had a good E Technik which one would only have to expand. PSA is still a Greenhorn today.


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