Opel with full Corsa use in the rally EM run in the Czech Republic

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Opel with full Corsa use in the rally EM run in the Czech Republic-full

The Barum Czech Rally Zlín of 27. to 29. August is a highlight of the Rally Season 2021 for Opel Motorsport in two ways. On the one hand, because the world’s first electric rally brand cup of the world, the ADAC Opel E-Rally Cup, presented in the Czech run to the Rally European Championship in front of the international backdrop. On the other hand, because the new Opel Corsa Rally4, who has already collected victories and podiums at national level, completed its first international use in the asphalt-Hatz around the industrial city of Zlín in the southeast of the Czech Republic.

Opel factory driver Marijan Griebel (32, Hahnweiler), the Junior European Champion of 2016 and 2017, will pilot the new 153 kW / 208 hp Opel Corsa Rally4. Passenger in customer athletes from Russelsheim is Tobias Braun (26, Buckeburg), which is also one of the best of his guild. And with that, the goal of the Opel crew is clear: “The competition is bear strong, but still it is not our claim, just to drive. We want to demonstrate the high potential of Corsa Rally4 and do everything, taking everything a word about the top places, “says Griebel.

The participants of the ADAC Opel E-Rally Cup are definitely paying attention to what Griebles / Braun do in Corsa Rally4. Because for one of them, 2022 will offer the chance to start in the ADAC Opel Rally Junior team in exactly such a vehicle and thus developing drifting, so Opel in a current message.

Season highlight for the first electric rally brand cup

With the Barum Czech Rally Zlín a special challenge is waiting for the Cup participants. The fast asphalt pists of the traditional event make the highest demands on the young teams in their fleet streams. A total distance of 522.72 kilometers – of which twelve demanding rating trials above 147.33 kilometers – stands for the occupations of the Opel Corsa-e rally at the three competition days.

Sporty, the starting situation is clear: The hunt in the ADAC Opel E-Rally Cup is called Laurent Pellier. The 26-year-old Frenchman has a flowering white vest after two scores with the maximum score of 80 meters. His next pursuer is Luca Waldherr in Corsa-E Rally of Opel Austria. The best-placed German pilots lurk with Max Reiter and Alexander Kattenbach just behind the two leading.

Opel with full Corsa use in the rally EM run in the Czech Republic-czechOpel

The participants of the ADAC Opel E-Rally Cup may look forward to another special challenge in the context of the Barum Czech Rally Zlín. Because with Yohan Rossel has an international pot driver to a guest use in the electrical cup. The 26-year-old Frenchman is considered one of the largest talents of his country. After his third season win in the Citroën C3 Rally2 in the Belgian run of the Rally World Championship, Rossel performs the classification of the WRC3 rating.

At the Barum Rally, the French Rally Masters Pilot in 2019 and his passenger Alex Coria is a Corsa-e rally used by Opel Motorsport in the design of Opel Partner Totalergies. “I’m looking forward to my first start in an electric Rallyauto,” says the World Cup star. “I’ll certainly have to adapt in Corsa-e Rally, but Alex and I are glad to be here and gain experience. We will give everything to be competitive when we start as a guest in the ADAC Opel E-Rally Cup. I have no doubt that we will have a lot of fun and I would like to thank Opel Motorsport and Totalergies for the opportunity to experience the Corsa-e rally.”

The TV channel EuroSport will report on Tuesday after the rally as part of the “ERC – All Access” magazine, the world’s first electric rally brand cup in the world and put leaders pellier in the center.

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