Opel Zafira E-Life: Voltage in the box

Opel Zafira E-Life: Voltage in the box-zafira

Opel makes it exciting. After the electrical Corsa follows – even before the battery mocha in the middle – with the Zafira-E a real “lightning bus”. He aims for those who need to be more in terms of dimension than just a station wagon – and which it needs something more comfortable than packaging and craftsmen in the identical van Vivaro-E. As there would be: taxi drivers, shuttle services, the slightly larger family or people with spacious hobbies. And because in this audience can hardly be the demands of different, the square concert with two wheels and three vehicle lengths is correspondingly many-part.

In his S version, the Zafira-E brings to 4.60 meters, normal to 4.95 meters and as L version with a long overhang at 5.30 meters. This can be transported with a maximum of 976 kilos of the charge between 3.6 and 4.9 cubic meters of freight or up to nine persons. Even with surfboard or other lock luggage, Opels must not fit. Up to 3.50 meters long gets come under long wheelbase, if you lock the passenger seat.

Opel Zafira E-Life: Voltage in the box-voltageWolfgang Plank

Speaking of: the guy – on request in leather and front even with massage function – can be moved, flaps and of course remove. In the version “Tourer” you can even turn the middle armchans for the small conference in between the middle armchairs. And of course, the lounge holds on wheels 230 volts – in the basic version, but only for a surcharge. Important for friends of a trailer or caravan: at least one ton can take aft to the hook. In the circle of battery cars is a real announcement.

Opel Zafira E-Life: Voltage in the box-voltageOpel
You also have a choice in things. The battery installed without space to the diesel models can be ordered with 50 kWh and 230 kilometers radius (WLTP) – for the longer versions against just under 6.000 Euro surcharge also with 75 kWh and 330 kilometers. If one does not succeed the charm of acceleration too often, inner-city curved and heating such as air conditioning saves, the plus for laboratory value is not that huge. Only a question of equality. Clear makes the Zafira-E loud tacho even pace 137, but dynamics costs straight – old battery driver wisdom.

If you do not have so much in the foot, you can take the thing in your hand: With switch to “Eco”, the electronics Maue 60 kW (82 hp) releases, with “normal” adequate 80 kW (109 hp) and in position ” Sport “The full charge of 100 kW (136 hp). Despite a good two tons of empty weight, we are pretty good at the break start.

Opel Zafira E-Life: Voltage in the box-voltageOpel

Sustainable, however, the opposite: walk from the pedal and by recuperation win. The degree can be chosen in two steps, with “b” sucking properly, but still without brake light. Well succeeded is Opel the “blending”. Those of mixing from the distillier industry in this case – in this case of mechanical and electrical delay. And so that the feeling always remains the same.

How sparingly the ride may be – sometime the battery is empty. Half an hour at the 100 kW loader, 80 percent capacity in the battery (45 minutes take it to the big ones), on a wallbox tapes a rough five hours (good seven treats the 75 kWh battery) – on the domestic socket each three times so long. As standard, there is an on-board charger with 11 kW for three-phase alternating current. Smart, but unfortunately also 700 euros expensive: the universal set. In sports pockets size it offers every conceivable adapter. Samples for the still annoying variety of plug – but also the good feeling, e-mobility fails at least not on the plug.

Opel Zafira E-Life: Voltage in the box-e-lifeOpel

Sprocess must be accepted in the chassis. Despite the deeper focus, the Zafira-E is clearly spongy than the feeds of the series. This is due to the extra kilos as well as more uniform weight distribution. At least at the pressure and tensile step of the rear damper is therefore correction needs. The steering should also be a track more direct. For this, the turning circle with 11.30 meters (12.40 meters in the long version) proves to be pleasingly city-friendly. And: at 1.90 meters altitude itself is the parking garage driveway no obstacle.

Opel Zafira E-Life: Voltage in the box-e-lifeOpel

Already from the factory recognizes the Zafira-E pedestrian and brakes in need of self-employed. He keeps pace and distance to the forefront and warns of fatigue. A reversing camera transmits your image depending on the equipment on the inner mirror or the seven-inch monitor and who wants, can be guided by OPEL CONNECT via Live Navigation.

In the end it is then just a question of attitude: for the middle Zafira with 122 diesel PS and eight-step automatic calls Opel 46.624 euros on. This is almost exactly the price of 46.404 euros, for which one – thanks to state premium – can rise in the equally spacious battery version with 50 kWh. Safe feeling inclusive. Because for eight years (up to 160.000 kilometers) guarantees Opel 70 percent of the battery power.

Opel Zafira E-Life: Voltage in the box-voltageWolfgang Plank

The rest is also like the burners: correct commod with glass roof, head-up display and xenon headlamps it will only be from the version “Elegance”. Although there is still the plastic-hard cockpit, but an exhibit window in the tailgate, electric sliding doors and other all sorts of amenities. However, you have to stop for the well-kept exit then from 64.111 Euro (without premium).

But no one, you do not have the choice ..

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