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The Skoda Octavia is the best-selling car in Switzerland. The new edition must not afford any mistakes.

All-round success: The new Skoda Octavia not only impresses visually. In the test, we liked the simple operation, the good space and the economical drive.

The Skoda Octavia has quietly and secretly worked its way up.

In 2013, the Czech station wagon was still in second place in the registration statistics, 9980 units were sold at that time, which means that the Octavia kept a respectful distance of 3428 units from the all-time bestseller, the VW Golf. By 2016, the gap had shrunk to 267 units, and the Octavia has been at the top of the statistics since 2017. His lead over the VW Golf at the end of 2019: 2684 pieces. While the Golf is increasingly under pressure from its own SUVs, the Octavia continues its career unhindered despite growing SUV competition. And wants to continue to do so in the fourth model generation that is now starting.

Skoda has basically left the recipe for success unchanged: the Octavia is in the compact class in terms of price, but likes to be in a league higher when it comes to utility and space. This balancing act is made possible by the modular platform from the VW Group, on which the VW Golf is also based. The fourth generation of the Czech station wagon makes use of the latest generation of the Group's modular system.

More length and more space

One of the most important arguments for the Skoda Octavia has always been its space. Here Skoda has applied again for the new model generation.

The length of the Octavia, which is only available as a station wagon, has grown by 22 millimeters, and the trunk has even grown by a good 4 centimetres. The loading volume increases by 30 liters with the rear seat bench upright. If the rear seats are folded down, it is 1700 liters. Although that is 60 liters less than before, the loading space is still a big pro argument for the Skoda Octavia. The luggage compartment hatch opens wide and reveals a large, deep hatch. The Octavia is also superior to many a larger station wagon when it comes to transport. For comparison: the trunk of the larger and more expensive Audi A6 Avant has a capacity of 565 to 1680 liters.

Our darling-darling

The trunk offers up to 1680 liters of loading volume.

More than just space

Of course, it's not just the space that makes the Octavia so popular. The VW subsidiary attaches great importance to design. The Octavia is perhaps not primarily about attracting everyone's attention. But the optics are still crucial. The station wagon should not only please when you buy it, but also after a few years.

The Czechs solve this well with the fourth Octavia generation. The new one can undoubtedly be recognized as a new model. Nevertheless, the designers refrained from large-scale experiments and created a thoroughly coherent – and potentially timeless combination. This also applies to the interior. This is where something new, such as a head-up display, completely digital displays and a completely new infotainment system positioned high on the dashboard, meets a pleasantly reduced design with large areas and plenty of light through large windows. The only extravagant detail: The steering wheel has only two spokes, which makes it seem almost free-floating. All in all, everything is ultimately what you would expect in a Skoda Octavia: valuable, practical and without any annoyances.

Our darling-darling

Steering wheel with only two fixed spokes and tidy operating logic in the interior.

This is especially commendable because a lot of technology has been added: In addition to online infotainment, 14 new assistance systems are available. Among other things, a traffic jam assistant for semi-autonomous driving or an exit assistant that takes a look back before opening the door.

Unexcited and economical

The first driving impression of the new Octavia also makes a thoroughly positive impression. The seats and the steering wheel can be adjusted generously so that you sit comfortably and well.

Added to this is the impeccable overview and simple operation: drive off and feel good is the motto here. This is also matched by the 7-speed DSG automatic, which manages the power of the 2-liter diesel engine. Although it is immediately recognizable as a diesel during a cold start, it is then cultivated, sufficiently powerful and, above all, economical: the standard measurement promises 5.4 l/100 km, in the test average it was finally 5.1 l/100 km, whereby one can often read less than 5 l/100 km on the on-board computer, for example when driving purely on the motorway.

Only the chassis was really negative in the test. It's tuned appropriately and doesn't get on your nerves with excessive hardness. However, Skoda relies on a cost-effective torsion beam rear axle for the basic models. And so the rear wheels cannot bounce completely independently of each other, which is then noticeable on bad roads through increased rolling movements.

If you want more comfort here, you have to wait for the more powerful engines and the all-wheel drive versions, here a more complex multi-link axle will be used.

Skoda Octavia 2.0 TDI

Engine: R4 Diesel, 1968cc

Power: 150 hp / 340 Nm

Drive: Front, 7-speed DSG

L×W×H: 468.9×182.9×146.8 cm

Trunk volume: 640-1700L

Weight: 1487 kg

0-100km/h: 8.8s.

Vmax: 222 km/h


Factory / Test: 5.4 / 5.1 l/100 km

Price: from CHF 36,440

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