Our right to drive badly


Everyone has the right to drive badly

Our right to drive badly-right

Can happen to anyone. However, some drivers provoke accidents with their driving behavior

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Our author managed to avoid an accident at first, but was shot down at the end of the traffic jam the next day. Nevertheless, he has no desire for revenge against incompetent drivers.

W.e Germans have to come to terms with many things over which we have no control, from the election of the Federal President to the decisions of the European Central Bank. Hardly anywhere is the feeling of being powerless, however, as unpleasant as in an involuntary rear-end collision.

A feeling that I had to experience the evening before the day before yesterday for the first time in ages, as a very nice (and very young) lady at the end of the traffic jam Instead of braking, decided to decelerate her station wagon with the help of a pensioner’s car, which she in turn pushed into my indestructible six-cylinder. Ouch.

It was probably due to the full moon, at least I have never experienced so many dangerous driving situations in such a short time as in these 24 hours. And no, I didn’t rush. In the accident I even stood there myself, just like dozens of cars in front of me. Country road in rush hour traffic. In the dark and in the rain.

Fate had given me a clear hint the day before when I was almost run over by a truck. Because after I had just taken a quick look in the rear-view mirror and now looked ahead again, I was amazed to discover that a truck turned me out of a country road, I think even with a trailer, came in my own lane. Quite fast.

Tesla driver deliberately allows Passat to drive up on the autobahn

The driver of a Tesla probably prevented an accident: he noticed on the A9 near Garching how a VW Passat driving in front of him began to snake and overtook the car. Source: N24

He could not drive in his own lane because he was overtaking a tiny car that was driving really ultra-slowly and – I could just barely see it – pulling an impressive column of vehicles behind it. Only an extremely courageous emergency braking on my part, just dosed so that the man behind me didn’t rush on, prevented an accident that would certainly have been very, very bad.

The actual situation is of course clear: the truck simply doesn’t have a moving car to overtake in a country road bend. Period. But there are still questions unanswered. Why did the trucker (or trucker) feel they had to overtake??

How long has the truck been stuck behind the small car? And, that is the crucial question: Why does someone drive as slowly as the person in a small car, although it can be seen that half of Germany is suffering behind them?

Notorious slow drivers should hand in their driver’s license

Anyone who, like unfortunately many of my acquaintances and Facebook friends, advocates that political opponents may be shouted down or even physically attacked because they would have provoked with (not always correctly quoted) statements, should actually also want to punish the extreme sneak, the "provoked" the truck to overtake, didn’t it? That would only be consistent.

And whoever is of the opinion that one shouldn’t joke about this and that because then any fictional person could potentially be offended in their feelings – although I will never understand how one can offend ideas or feelings at all – should actually also be in favor of convicting the overtaken in such a case. It’s the same logic, if in doubt, just read the previous section again.

Indeed, I think that a driver who is traveling so slowly on a country road that he or she is dragging a gigantic line of vehicles behind them and even being overtaken by trucks should seriously wonder whether it is not time to surrender the driver’s license and only drive a taxi.

This is the rescue alley deluxe

It crashes on the B17 near Augsburg – rubble on the asphalt, oil everywhere: full closure. The fire brigade approaches, they drive through the perfect rescue alley. The video of it inspires the network. Source: Koenigsbrunn Volunteer Fire Brigade

But I also think that freedom of expression is one of our most important, if not the most important, right that we still have, at least in part. And that is why I am consequently ready to fight for your right to drive a terrible car.

We are not all the same, and great strength (or number of horsepower) always gives rise to great responsibility, as we have known since Spiderman at the latest.

PS: No, autonomous driving is not the subject of this article.

PPS: Dear truck driver, I hope you have learned your lesson.

PPPS: Dear lady, don’t take it too hard, it’s just sheet metal.

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9 thoughts on “Our right to drive badly”

  1. Patience is a virtue. Just because you are in a hurry is no reason to endanger human life through insane actions. If you drive 70 at a permitted 60 km / h, you are already considered a stalker and are jostled from behind and bothered with the flasher. Truck drivers in particular are often particularly bad. Speed ​​limits are not suggestions. Many think that because they drive fast they are particularly good drivers, simply ridiculous.

  2. "Indeed, I think … is it not time to surrender your driver’s license and just take a taxi?." NO. Not everyone has to race like idiots. But what she can do: pull over every now and then and all of them "Better ones" let pass. He or she can do that!
    Yes, I am one of the infrequent drivers. Out of conviction and because of the CO2 – in other words: global warming.
    So I drive Mobility when I have to. And then of course I drive carefully – it goes without saying, right????
    Note: Anyone who is a star on the highway is also a dangerous polluter. I know that this has not yet settled in everyone’s mind, and many people simply suppress it. Yes and? Facts are facts – and "alternative facts" will eventually lead to failure.

  3. "The actual situation is of course clear: the truck simply doesn’t have to overtake a moving car in a bend in a country road. Period. But there are still questions unanswered. Why did the trucker (or trucker) feel they had to overtake??"
    If you work as a truck driver, then this question doesn’t even arise.
    And why do you have to emphasize that you only have a 6 cylinder? Modesty? because it is not enough for at least a V8?

  4. Thank you for this differentiated contribution, Mr. Bellberg.
    Even if you can cope with most of them "normal" Allow drivers to feel superior.
    What should also be mentioned:
    That traffic authorities often reach for drastic traffic restrictions: "50" with an additional road damage sign, for example, instead of an attention sign (upright triangle with an exclamation mark) with an additional road damage sign.

    If one were to expect a sense of proportion with such signage, a lot would have been gained.

    Anyone in France a sign "60" in front of a curve and drives into it at 80, you will regret that and next time really drive 60, in wet conditions and poor visibility also like to slow down.
    With us, on the other hand, it’s like being in a bazaar: "I want you to drive 80 at most, so I’ll give this "60", then you can add 20 more. And if we catch you with a speed camera, it’s really worth it."
    But the citizens are fed up with paternalism like this. In fact, a reason to take to the streets for it.

  5. Exactly.

    Regionally in Germany, however, very different.

    Here in the Rhineland it is very extreme: Here the speed limits are so low that you only have the feeling of being reasonably appropriate when you are out and about in snow and ice.

  6. It is not only a bad habit of car drivers to hold all the traffic behind them, many tractors often pull a long column behind them. Our StVO clearly stipulates that slow vehicles must allow overtaking and, if necessary, even have to wait! (StVO §5 Paragraph 6)
    And drive unnecessarily slow ("For no good reason…", StVO §3 Abs. 2) and thus impede the flow of traffic is also not permitted. The question, of course, is what a valid reason would be…

  7. Engine failure, for example, would be a good reason for me … you don’t want to be left in the middle of nowhere


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