Outdoor car GLK, GL, AMG and SUV: Mercedes-Benz offers driving pleasure in the field

Outdoor car GLK, GL, AMG and SUV

Mercedes-Benz offers driving pleasure in the area

Outdoor car GLK, GL, AMG and SUV: Mercedes-Benz offers driving pleasure in the field-outdoor
Daimler The Mercedes-Benz GLK is a comfortable city off-road vehicle. The compact SUV combines the comfort of a sedan with the off-road suitability of an off-road vehicle.

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Mercedes-Benz has long been able to keep up with the competing automobile manufacturers VW, BMW, Porsche or Audi on the SUV series market. The GLK, GLA, G-Class and the GL-Class models are best suited for the terrain.

With the G-Class, Mercedes-Benz has launched large terrain-compatible vehicles. After Mercedes had established a car in the class of the off-road vehicle with the G-Class, the attack on the SUV segment followed with the GL class. Due to great demand, the G-Class, despite the introduction of the newer GL class, continued to be produced and not replaced. So far there are two generations of the Mercedes-Benz GL class on the market. The latest and best-equipped model of this series is the Mercedes-Benz GL500 AMG, which has an output of almost 550 hp.

GLK and GLA conquer the market

The first compact SUV that came onto the market from Mercedes-Benz was the GLK. An SUV that offers luxury and compactness and is based on the basic construction of the current C-Class. With this off-road vehicle, Mercedes-Benz competes in close competition for the BMW X3, VW Tiguan and the Audi Q5. Although the GLK was developed for urban traffic, it offers the ground clearance of 201 millimeters of terrain suitability. If you only want to be on the road, you can have an “off-road technology package” installed. Before the SUV went onto the market in October 2008, it became 200.000 driving maneuvers checked for 4.5 million test kilometers.

The GLA, which is based on the Mercedes-Benz A-Class, is closely related to the GLK. The internally mentioned “Sport Utility Cruiser” is characterized by a long hood, large bikes and the coupe roof. The basic model is already for 28.000 euros available. It is obvious that Mercedes-Benz was inspired by the X1 of the Bavarian competitor BMW.

AMG: The new model

AMG has been producing one of the most powerful roadsters in the world on the basis of the Mercedes-Benz R230 since 2004. The SL65 AMG has a V12 biturbo engine with six liters of displacement and 450 kilowatts. The torque of this engine is 1200 Newton meters, but is limited to a maximum of 1000 Newton meters via the engine control unit in order not to overload the gearbox and other components in the drive train. This enables confident driving behavior, since there is always enough strength without much speed increase.

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  1. Excessment of my GLK CDI in a diesel ban
    Hello Dear Sir or Madam, the ban on diesel driving is a decided in the Bundestag … Matter! Only nobody cares about the diesel vehicle owners? I myself wrote to Mercedes-Lueg in Essen, where I bought the car! However, without success and no clear prospects for a solution to the problem, what I have now? There were two non-meaningful mails to me from Mercedes-Lueg from Essen! These letters came from a woman who probably sent them without having the courage! For me, the Mercedes car manufacturer is obliged to ensure a regulated exhaust gas standard. Instead, there is great silence in order not to write or promise anything wrong? It resembles the situation as it was then, regulated+unregulated cat

  2. Unusual
    In view of the high numbers of SUV approvals: I have never seen one of these fun cars in the area. Neither from Daimler, nor Audi or anything else…..

  3. Uwe Hamburger
    Dear Mr. Hamburger, I assume that you do not drive a all -wheel drive off -road vehicle, otherwise you would not write such nonsense. It’s not about fun cars, but about all-wheel drive cars that are safer on the street, as a conventional car with front or rear-wheel drive. Certainly you can hardly see it in the area, but in the mountain regions where it goes on with inclines!


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