Outlook on VW ID.Buzz before the premiere in March

Outlook on VW ID.Buzz before the premiere in March-premiere

Even before the actual world premiere in March 2022, Volkswagen is giving a glimpse of its electric minibus ID.buzz free. A video was recently published on YouTube in which the electric minibus with colorful camouflage stripes rolls down the street. The reason for this was a press trip for journalists from the Hanover plant, in which the Stromer is to roll off the assembly line in series.

To this end, Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles (VWN) is driving forward the transformation of vehicle production at the Hanover plant, among other things so that the production of the all-electric ID.BUZZ can start as planned this year. The concept vehicle saw the light of day as a study five years ago. Even then, the ID. BUZZ is considered the next generation Volkswagen van. This is to be fully electric on the road and appears as a kind of modern new edition of the Bulli. Volkswagen plans to launch three different versions of its upcoming all-electric ID van.BUZZ aimed at the European and US markets.

The ID.BUZZ but then not to come along. This can even be seen in the ID.detect BUZZ. Instead of round shapes, the body is cut more square. The well-known round headlights are also not found on the electric minibus. Instead, they are narrower and longer in the new electric bus. It can therefore be said that the e-bus will go into series production more conservatively than the study.

If you summarize the appearance in a few words, it can be described as modern, less unusual. At least what you can guess based on the current ErlkOnige. A flexible interior concept, in which the seats can be rotated, a steering wheel that is more reminiscent of a touchpad, and the possibility of fully automated driving, it should bring with it. From March 2022 the ID will be.Buzz in all to see; Production start was scheduled from Q3 / 2022.

The id. Buzz aims like the other vehicles of the ID. Family, especially on the markets in North America, Europe and China. This should also prepare the introduction of autonomous systems for transportation in 2025.

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10 thoughts on “Outlook on VW ID.Buzz before the premiere in March”

  1. Interesting look. A supersmers A pillar, as you can last seen in the eighties. Before the rearview mirror then the actually stiffening element. Could actually be a step back to more clarity &# 128521;

  2. Note to all VW Fanboys:
    The ID Buzz was presented 5 years ago with a great new, fresh design – especially well I liked the lighting applications on the front.
    What remained of it can be seen and decide whether it likes it or not.
    So far 5 years and when the delivery to end customers will start remains to be seen.
    I’m guessing mid 2023.

    Before this time interval, Egon, Mark, David and “Friends” are welcome to think again about their statements about the delivery times of Cybertruck and Semi.

    Apparently even the old nitro OEMs need their time from “talk” to “walk”
    This is not an accusation against VW – just a classification of your “alternative facts” to reality.

    Time will tell – the main thing is BEV

  3. Lost heart halfway. The great design drafts destroyed. But still, this could be the first BEV from VW that can be taken seriously as a car. The software equipment is then another topic.

  4. @Tobi:

    “Lost of courage halfway. Not the great design draftsegpower.”

    But no wonder at VWN (=Ncommercial vehicles) … 🙁

  5. Great car! The customers will tear themselves after it. For VW, it is not fundamentally new how desirable their electric cars are. The ID.Buzz, however, becomes a cult! The furious howls of the Tesla believers are almost a secret applause.

  6. A beautifully refreshed van. But VW didn’t want to bring out the buzz?

    You’re welcome to see what it looks like:
    https://www.electric car news.net/2021/volkswagen-plans-three-versions-vw-id-buzz

    At least VW has saved the portal door in this study..

  7. @David:

    “Great car! The clientele will be thererum tear.”

    To the optics as I see them: Nothing remained but one Transporter front with a bit of “sea cucumber design”!

    “It is not fundamentally new for VW how desirable their electric cars are.”

    Since I’ve noticed before: That might mean “desired” or “desirable”, right.. 🙂

    “The ID.Buzz, however, becomes a cult!”

    If you the design originally shown mean: Yes, sure!

  8. From the outside we didn’t think it was that bad. (Except that it starts here with the bad planning of the designers that the charging plug is covered by the sliding door!) However, interior pictures “Leaks” have now also appeared where the question as a family transporter is superfluous:

    Of course – “leak pictures”, that can “still” be slightly different. But the experience of the ID series shows that it probably won’t.

    • Completely built-in interior (What are these extremely thick side panels???)
    • “Cargo” cover is connected to the seat with a RUBBER CORD! The “dream” of being able to spend the night in the car with children is now “dreamed out”
    • The rail system, the swivel seats in front, the space: VW decided against it. Against everything.
    • The “color combination” but also something like a white steering wheel – wtf!
    • The sliding center console teased in the concept (as well as in the T series): Nope, VW doesn’t do that after all. Would have been too practical.
    • Side pockets at back? -> Nope, VW doesn’t do that. Can certainly come onto the market later with a +20k more expensive California (just don’t get the idea that the Buzz could become a competitor to the T6 series or the T7 beforehand!)
    • Remove seats / bench? No, not possible. That would be like the T series!

    But hey: The bus has 12 CUPHOLDERs, piano lacquer everywhere and plastic “Airline” tablets in Billo plastic on the back seat!

    I’ve been hoping for a very long time that VW won’t screw up the buzz. I summarize everything briefly:

    Pity. You totally blew the great concept. We’re out, there are alternatives.


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