Over 1.000 e-bikes checked: Computer finds the best price-performance ratio-e-bikes

There are over 450 e-bike brands and each includes different model series. How should you find the right e-bike with this mass? We used software that does exactly that.

We regularly receive inquiries from manufacturers who offer us their e-bikes for testing. But even if the bikes sound promising, we often have to reject them. Because of the tens of thousands of models that are currently available on the market, we can impossible to get on every one once – let alone test in detail. But prospective buyers are also killed by this abundance, even if they already have a certain idea of their e-bike.

We therefore looked for a solution how to compare all the countless e-bikes-and we found them: non-linear performance pricing (NLPP). It is a software that we feed with product data such as the built -in components. The program then compares this and determines suitable prices for the products. NLPP is used primarily in the industrial environment in the area of purchasing and is intended to allow companies to buy components or products as inexpensive as possible.

The chip test center (advertisement) already works for some tests with NLPP, since the software generally provides “correct” results mathematically, which in terms of practice also proves quite well in practice.

We now have the procedure for the first time E-trekking bikes used to find out which models the currently best price-performance ratio offers. We have over 1.000 e-trekking bikes compared and the top results arranged in the following four price categories:

  • Up to 2.000 euros
  • 2.001 euros to 3.000 euros
  • 3.001 euros to 4.000 euros
  • From 4.000 euros

We would like to present the results here. However, you should keep the following in mind when evaluating the results: The software does not make any statement about everyday suitability and the subjective driving sense. Also, she cannot replace expert assessment, but only add. It should only be found from a large number of products that filter out with a currently good price-performance ratio. Not more but also not less.

E-trekking bikes up to 2.000 euros

Zundapp Z802 700C

The first price range brought a surprise for us. Here we chased the data of e-trekking bikes through the software, which up to 2.000 euros cost. The result: Only one thing has a particularly good price-performance ratio-namely the Zundapp Z802 700C (display). How does that come? We actually wanted to introduce two products from each price category, but the low-budget segment seems to us to put a spanner in writing. But with the more precise analysis we noticed that this is even quite logical. With more expensive e-bikes, the price not only includes the production costs, they also pay for the brand and, among other things, for higher marketing costs. Favorable e-bikes often do not have these costs. You get exactly what you pay for. A real bargain cannot be made, because there is no longer any scope in terms of price.

As I said, an exception is the Zundapp Z802 700C (display). Originally it came with a price of 1.499 euros on the market, which is a fair price for the e-trekking bike and which some dealers are still demanding. Many shops screwed them down significantly and Globus is currently holding the absolute low price record: the hardware store only demands 799 euros for the fully equipped bike and also dispenses with shipping costs. It already comes with the lighting system and luggage rack and uses a 250 watt engine on the rear wheel. Meanwhile, the electricity provides a 374 Wh a strong lithium-ion battery, which, according to the manufacturer, is supposed to enable a range of up to 110 km. But as always only under ideal conditions. We estimate that he grabs between 60 and 80 kilometers in everyday life. But what we don’t think is so good are the mechanical rim brakes from Promax. These are owed to the price, hydraulic disc brakes are more expensive, but offer significantly more efficiency and security, especially in moisture.

E-trekking bikes between 2.001 euros and 3.000 euros

Raymon Tourray E 1.0

With the price category between 2.001 and 3.000 euros we are in the most important of all. Not just because an average e-bike approx. 2.900 costs, there is also a lot of scope for good price-performance offers. Because the e-bike builders can draw from a large selection of components and create so diverse combinations. For example, you can find copies in which a high-end sports computer was installed, but no luggage rack.

With a clear lead, an e-bike stood out in our computer analysis: the Rayman Tourray E 1.0 (display). The bright design does not like everyone, but the price is already. Because our software calculated that the e-trekking bike offers a particularly good price-performance ratio. For 2.You will currently get 298 euros the e-trekking bike and with it a solid equipment consisting of a Yamaha PW-CE mid-engine, the simple Yamaha Display A, a Shimano Altus rear derailleur with 8 courses and the hydraulic disc brakes Tektro HD-T275. The quick charger, which works with 4 amps, is particularly beautiful and thus fully makes the battery full in around 3 hours. A rarity in this price range. However, the size of the battery, which is smaller than the standard with 400 watt hours. There are currently 500 watt hours, some models in this price range even offer 625 apartment batteries.

Kalkhoff Endavour 1.B Move

The Kalkhoff Endavour 1.B Move (advertisement) also convinces with a very good price-performance ratio. The sight may surprise some, because like other modern e-bikes, it dispenses with a thick lower tube in which the battery was installed. Instead, it lies on the aluminum tube like a drinking bottle. As a result, the Kalkhoff looks more like a classic bike. But that is ultimately a matter of taste and not a malus. You shouldn’t be put off by that either, because the bike is despite the low price of 2.399 euros (advertisement) well equipped. On the one hand, a Bosch mid-engine of the Performance Line with 65 Newton meters is used here, on the other hand, the 500-apartment battery brings enough juice for routes up to 70 kilometers. The remaining components are also a solid choice for the price range: an SR Suntour Nex, a Shimano Altus circuit with 8 courses and the widespread hydraulic disc brake Shimano MT200 rounds off the package. In addition, we already had several Kalkhoff e-bikes in the test (including an even cheaper one) and they always convinced by clean processing made in Germany.

E-trekking bike between 3.001 euros and 4.000 euros

Site Aventura² 6.7 nine

In price range 3.001 euros to 4.The site Aventura2 6 stands out 000 euros.7 (advertisement). When we chased his data through our software, it cost 3.299 euros. But the dynamic e-bike market even improved the price situation. At the dealer electric bike input.de (display) the site currently only costs 3.199 euros. A top price. But what about the performance?

There is absolutely nothing to complain about either. Above all, the potent Bosch mid-engine Performance Line CX from the current fourth generation presses it over the asphalt with a very good 85 Newton meter, while an above-average 625-apartment battery supplies it with electricity. Class! In addition, Bosch’s reliable Purion display is used, a Shimano Altus M2000 circuit with 9 courses and the hydraulic disc brake system Shimano MT200. An SR Suntour XCM suspension fork also finds its place on the bike, whereby it works with a steel spring and many e-bikes can already be found in this price range with air suspension. However, this is a small point of criticism with regard to the rest of the equipment.

On the other hand, the high permissible total weight is particularly beautiful. The site can be loaded with up to 150 kilograms. This can be used to take luggage and the bike is also interesting for heavier people.

Another little tip: The site Aventura is also available as a mountain bike version called Site Jarifa2 6.7 (display), which is technically completely identical. Only the MTB is missing the luggage rack and the lighting system. But if you want to do without them, you will save another 100 euros here. So we would be in the case of electric bike input.de at just 2.999 euros for a top e-bike. (Advertisement)

Husqvarna Gran City 1

Husqvarnas motorcycles are world famous, but the brand also plays at the front when it comes to electrical two -wheelers. But the bikes are often perceived as too expensive, which can not be said in general. The Husqvarna Garn City 1 (advertisement) provides the best proof. The e-trekking bike cost when we were still feeding our software with its data, 3.099 euros. In the meantime it is even 2.999 euros (advertisement) went down and thus even more attractive. But you get something for your money too?

Definitely. A powerful Shimano Steps E 6100 with a sporty 63 Newton meter is used here, while a 500-am battery has enough energy for excursion and everyday life. With the help of the fast 4-ampere charging device, this is full again in less than 4 hours. The overall package is supplemented by the proven hydraulic disc brakes Shimano MT-200 and a Shimano Alivio chain circuit.

Only the permissible total weight here is 130 kilograms. This is a standard value and perfectly fine. However, some competitors from this price range already reach 140 or even 150 kilograms such as the Site Aventura2 (advertisement). This will make these bikes more attractive for drivers with a lot of luggage and heavier people.

E-trekking bikes from 4.000 euros

Site throne2 6.8 EQP

In our last category, too, a site was able to assert itself e-trekking bike: The Site Thron2 6.8 EQP (display). That currently costs 4.However, 299 euros offers a lot of equipment. In addition to a Bosch mid-engine performance line CX with 85 Newton meters and a 625-WH battery, the switching and braking components are of high quality. The Shimano SLX M7100 has a total of 12 gears, while the Shimano MT420 with its four pistons should brake particularly reliably.

It is also striking that this e-trekking bike not only has an SR Suntour XCR suspension fork, but also a damper-namely the SR Suntour Edge Lor. The e-wheel is slowly breaking through the border to e-mountain bikes, but comes classically with a lighting system, protective sheet and a luggage rack. The latter only grabs side pockets and only up to 16 kilograms. This is primarily due to the damper, but significantly cheaper e-trekking bikes usually create up to 25 kilograms.

Specialized Turbo Como 5.0

The Specialized Turbo Como 5.0 (display) looks inconspicuous at first glance, but it has fist thick behind the ears. The strong Specialized 1.3 Motor of the deep entrant with its violent 90 Newton meters ensures powerful acceleration, so that mountains also conjure up a tired smile on the spokes to the bike. Because such exertions can also eat a lot of energy, Specialized relies on a large 600-al-intube battery. That is enough for extensive tours with many gradients. So that these can also be easily overcome, in addition to the potent engine, there is also a Shimano XT circuit with 11 courses. In this way, the correct pedal resistance can be set in every situation.

The heart of the bicycle is the sports frame made of aluminum, which can score with a balanced geometry. In combination with the 28 inch wheels, the Turbo Como 5 should.0 The deep entrant is suitable for both women and men and have a good size to simply override obstacles and unevenness of soil. The price of currently 4.399 euros (advertisement) is completely fair.

The most important questions about buying e-bike:

How much does a good E bike cost?

The prices for e-bikes differ widely. There are bargains for 500 euros and for the high-end devices there are also up to 10.000 euros over the counter. On average, however, pedelecs cost between 2.000 and 3.000 euros and especially for beginners there are excellent bikes in this price segment.

Experienced drivers who use either a city e bike or an e-trekking bike should be between 3.000 and 4.Hold 000 euros for your electric bike.

With electronic mountain bikes, the price range also opens again, whereby it is very important to the driver’s wishes. Should it be a hardtail or fully? How much travel is desired, which components should be installed? And of course … which trails should be used with it. Anyone looking for a top device here should be between 6.000 and 8.000 euros in his account.

Why is an e-bike so expensive?

Many factors play a role there, with the engine and drive represent the main reason. Both fail very complex and the manufacturers need many parts that are eliminated with a normal bike. In addition, they last longer in production and often need new production systems, which also affects the price. Since it is a relatively new market, a lot is being developed in new products. This leads to high development costs that the manufacturers put on the purchase price.

There are also high costs for the battery, as they need tight raw materials such as lithium that are quite expensive on the world market.

What are cheap e bikes?

With cheap e-bikes you always have to cut back. You have to decide for yourself whether you are ready to do so. For example, rim brakes are cheaper than disc brakes, but the better brake properties have disc brakes. A low -performance engine also costs less, but shows problems with gradients. Cheap-e bikes are therefore not bad per se, are suitable from their components, but mostly only for short everyday routes in flat terrain. But if you want to have something high quality or something for longer tours and inclines, you should dig deeper into your pocket.

When are the cheapest bikes?

E-bikes are cheaper at the end of the season, as the manufacturers clear their bearings to make room for their new range. At the end of autumn and in winter you can make bargains like here with Bicycle XXL (display). Especially since the technology does not make big leaps within a year, the "old" e-bikes are still good for something. The only disadvantage: If you buy in winter, you will probably have to leave the e-bike for a while due to the weather.

How many watt hours should have a good e-bike battery?

That depends on the personal use of the e-bike. If you use the pedelec mainly in the city, 300 watt hours should be sufficient. For medium length tours, you should choose a battery capacity of 400 to 500 Wh. For long tours also in difficult terrain, AKKSU from 500 Wh bring enough energy with you. Finally, you should think about what the personal driving style looks like. If you drive more sporty, you also need more juice.

The current standard is currently 500 watt hours and there is a trend towards even larger capacities. Therefore, you can see more and more 625 Wh batteries that are installed in e-bikes.

Which E bike is the easiest?

The lightest e-bike in the world built a German engineer and even made it into the Guinness Book of Records with its 6.872 kg. However, this is unique. The lightest e-bikes available on the market weigh approx. 15kg like the Geero 2 (advertisement). As a rule, however, e-bikes weigh between 20 and 25 kilograms.

What does an e-bike cost in maintenance?

The battery must be charged regularly with electricity. If we assume a used battery with 500 WH and a 2020 average electricity price of 30 cents per kWh, then 15 cents are incurred for a complete load. The monthly costs naturally depend on how often you are traveling with the e-bike and how strongly you claim the battery. After 1.000 loads would therefore result in costs of around 150 euros. That is manageable. It becomes more expensive if the battery has to be replaced because its remaining capacity only allows short ranges. Here you have to expect prices from 250 to 650 euros.

Which is the best e-bike engine?

There are two important parameters for e-bike engines. On the one hand, the maximum performance: it is almost 250 watts for almost all e-bikes, whereby the engines are artificially limited to this value. Because in Germany you can only support the driver up to 25 km/h and then switch off automatically. In theory, however, they would be able to call up more performance.

The other important value is torque. Simply described is the power with which the engine supports you in addition to your own strength. The torque is specified in Newton meters and is usually between 50 and 85 nm. The more Newton meters you have, the faster you can accelerate and the better overcome gradients.

Which are currently the strongest engines:

  • Bosch Performance Line CX (4. Gene)
  • Shimano EP 8
  • Yamaha PW-X2
  • Brose Drive S

But you cannot automatically say that the strongest engines are also the best. On the one hand, they consume more electricity, and on the other hand it depends on personal needs. Someone who wants to drive comfortably through the city does not need the power, nor is it easy to control for everyone.

This article was written by Sebastian Barsch
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