Panasonic: new cell in 4680 format for Tesla electric cars

Panasonic: new cell in 4680 format for Tesla electric cars-panasonic

According to a media report, Panasonic has now officially introduced his latest battery cell in the format 4680. The new cell is, as it is used by Panasonic for years, was intended for use in electric cars of the industryPrimus Tesla. In March of the coming year, the Wall Street Journal is intended to start test production in a plant of Panasonic in Japan.

Already last year Tesla and Panasonic revealed their plan to produce battery cells with a larger format and with a new chemistry. The automaker now claims to have solved some major problems that the industry previously prevented from making larger cylindrical lithium-ion cells in the new format called 4680. The 46 stands for the diameter (46 millimeters), the 80 for the length (80 mm) of the round cell. This makes it a good deal larger than a classic monocell in the D-format available in each electric market. This measures about 33 to 60 millimeters.

The new 4680 battery cells, specially designed for use in electric cars, have the potential to be cheaper and more efficient than the current cells in the format 2170. Tesla speaks at cost side of a halving. The higher capacity, good four- to five times more than previous cells, offers two options: greater range with the same installation space or smaller and thus lighter accuprackets with consistent range.

According to the report, the two companies had to develop new manufacturing processes before the battery cell can go into serial production. This is scheduled to be in the upcoming Tesla Gigafactories in Grunheiden near Berlin, in Shanghai and in Austin. In the coming year, the first vehicles should already be equipped with the new cells.

In addition, Tesla also works together with its other battery suppliers so that they can start their own production of the new 4680 cell. Battery manufacturers such as LG, Samsung and Catl have already been informed that they want to produce 4680 cells for Tesla.

Sources: Wall Street Journal – Tesla Supplier Shows Off More Powerful Battery / Electrek – Panasonic Unfils Its Tesla 4680 Battery Cell, Production to Start Next Year

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  1. “Cheaper and more efficient” are the keywords for successful e-mobility.
    For this purpose, the possible fast chargload should be mentioned, which will play an essential role in the acceptance of the BEVs in the future. At Tesla, in the next vintages with a significant charging speed increase, which the emamilter will give further thrust.
    Unfortunately, unfortunately, far too many burners are sold, the large corporations do not even come to the 10% average rate, which is really sad for a car sand, and more and more the environment is burdened.
    Listen to the youth that demand a combustion for 2025!


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