Panorama: Bugatti Veyron Vitesse: Heating to the horizon

Panorama: Bugatti Veyron Vitesse

Heating to the horizon

Panorama: Bugatti Veyron Vitesse: Heating to the horizon-panorama
The first 100 km/h can be reached so quickly that you don’t really notice it

Panorama: Bugatti Veyron Vitesse: Heating to the horizon-bugatti

Panorama: Bugatti Veyron Vitesse: Heating to the horizon
Two steep curves, two straight and guarantees no oncoming traffic: On a test track, the new Bugatti Veyron Vitesse proves that he lives up to his name and that the title "Fastest Roadster in the World" can be taken from nothing or anyone.

The first 100 km/h can be reached so quickly that you don’t really notice it. The seat was just right, admired the carbonornate and closed your hands around the thick wreath of the steering wheel, the speedometer of the new Bugatti Veyron Vitesse is far in the three -digit range. If there are 16 pistons behind the seats through eight liters of displacement, 1.200 hp rage and 1.Tear 500 nm on the largest tires that have ever been mounted on a sports car, then you need a lot of quick grasp. It is not for nothing that the first gear ranges up to 104 km/h and the stopwatch does not yet have the three seconds full.
And thats just the beginning. Because while the eyeballs slowly find their way back in the face and the mouth closes a little, the Veyron continues to storm as if there was no tomorrow. Heating up to the horizon is the order, and the low -flyer from Molsheim does justice to him: 150.180, after 7.1 seconds the speedometer shows 200 and nothing can be felt of effort.
At least not in the car. The driver, on the other hand, is slowly getting a tunnel view. In turn, you only fix the steep curve here on the test track somewhere in Spain, which you can still take at this pace without a steering impact and long for fear and hope for the back straight. There the foot goes further towards the floor sheet, which of course is made of carbon and you slide deeper into the armchair. As spontaneous and light -footed as other cars, the Veyron does not even make the next set, the performance display skates upwards and while you still try to swallow, you have 250, 300 things on the clock.
Sure, these speeds reach some sports cars today. But the Veyron leaves no doubt that the fun only begins for him slowly for him. Where even a Mercedes SLS or an Audi R8 need a lot of start -up and tailwind, the Bugatti is enough to flap. And the reserves are huge. Especially with the new Vitesse. Because it is not for nothing that the French VW subsidiary celebrates him as the "fastest roadster in the world" and indicates a top speed of 410 km/h.
The technical basis for this provides the Veyron Super Sport Coupe, which two years ago at 431 km/h as the fastest series sports car in the world. His 1.The engineers have now also put 200 hp engine in the Roadster-together with the huge turbos, which up to 3.Press 700 kilos of air per hour into the cylinders and the four fuel pumps that can promote 264 kilos of fuel in the same time. For this purpose, the aerodynamics were modified so that even when the car is full throttle, you can still entertain yourself almost normally and just pluck a loud breeze on the parting.
In general, you don’t think you are at the wheel of the Veyron in the cockpit of a fighter jet. Although the Bugatti could probably take on the floor with every Starfighter, it is as calm and peaceful as it should be in the eye of an orchan. You sit in an oasis of lacquer and leather, enjoy the exuberant luxury of a car that does not matter in money and weight and are surprised that you can drive the strongest, fastest and most expensive VW ever as easily and uncomplicated as an up. At least if the instructor does not warn in hurry next door and encourages the lead base.
All -wheel drive or adjustment chassis and iron -ons poiler or diffuser flaps – then you should also lead the Bugatti with a firm hand, at best touch the shift paddles with your fingertips and turn your view to the front vigilant. Because at more than 300 km/h, the long -term steep curves are not only damn narrow, but also dangerously short. The brakes of the Veyron are so strong that Bugatti had to revise the horn in particular, because otherwise it would have been activated by the centrifugal force in the event of a full braking.
At the end of his possibilities the roadster is far from being. Even beyond 320 km/h, it has as much draft as a Porsche 911 at the traffic light sprint and for a short moment the sound barrier of 400 km/h actually seems tangible. Nobody knows better than the passenger Pierre Henri Raphanel, who set up the speed of the speed for series vehicles two years ago and made 431 km/h with the Coupe two years ago with a veyron.
However, this triumph is usually denied even the richest razors. Even the roadster with his hard top made of carbon/h and topless without hardly any less. But at 375 km/h the developers have once again installed a hurdle that is something like the last chance for reason. The Veyron only drives faster if you activate the top speed mode with a second key and prepared the car accordingly beforehand.
Everyone can do that at home on their private racing course. But Bugatti urgently recommends that work support and an appointment in Ehra-Lessien. It starts a few days earlier at Bugatti in Molsheim with a training with record driver Raphanel and only leads through another training session to the mysterious test area of the VW Group in Lower Saxony nowhere. To date, very few owners of the Bugatti, which have now been delivered, have treated themselves to this kick: just 19 names are on the honor table in Molsheim, which is called the board of the "Club 400" at Bugatti. fear? respect? Lack of time? There may be many reasons for that. But that the rapid experience now proud 50.000 euros extra costs, nobody will seriously disturb. Who 2.011.Transfer 100 euros for a car like the Vitesse, which pays the frenzy out of the postage.

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