Paragraph 14a: Lace smoothing only with the next government

Paragraph 14a: Lace smoothing only with the next government-government

It was one of the most controversial topics in terms of electromobility of the past months, and actually CDU / CSU and SPD wanted to establish a new law on the top smoothing as in the coalition agreement still fetched before the next choice in dry cloths. This is nothing more. As the portal renewable energies reported, the Federal Ministry of Economics has confirmed media reports, after which the reform of the paragraph 14a of the Energy Industry Act is moved to the next legislative period. It was not possible to achieve an agreement of the representatives of network operators, industry and automakers.

The interests are complex. The automakers fear a weakening of the e-auto boom, the tip smoothing should mean a temporary shutdown of charging processes. In an earlier design, which was collected again in January, it was up to two hours interruption of charging processes (or. The operation of other consumers such as heat pumps) intended, the power grid should come locally to its limits. This is also the argument of network operators, why this type of peak smoothing should be necessary: to prevent blackouts.

Network operators as well as the municipalities responsible for the distribution networks in many places also fear that without the top smoothing of the expansion of the charging infrastructure could get stalled. There would already be compromises to prevent the complete shutdown of charging processes: for example, by charging stations to peak load times a bit of their power coverage, which would be technologically relatively easily implementable, both via digital smart meters and the longest-proven round control recipient technology.

Another solution for the problem of peak loads would be the introduction of Vehicle-to-Grid. Bidirectional electric cars could not only record electricity via special wallboxes, but also make it again when he is needed on others. The technology is already available, even some automakers such as Volkswagen have already announced to bring appropriate offers to the market soon.

Creating the regulatory framework for E-Mobility is one of the most urgent tasks of the next government.

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6 thoughts on “Paragraph 14a: Lace smoothing only with the next government”

  1. If you release your Accu for the tip smoothing, you also lose the overview of the state of charge. Whether there will be someone in the future, would like to doubt.
    Even if you get something for the energy output, it will be the disadvantages in terms of life respective life. Do not compensate for power reduction of the battery.
    Until that is finished, there will be other energy standards where possible.

  2. My wallbox has automatically throttled the charge to 12A in the weak power grid so that the tension does not collapse.
    The e-car as a power store will probably use every PV owner to provide electricity with electricity at night. Electricity delivery to the net will not make the car owner, he would rather save his battery.

  3. On the idea of shutting out some aluminum works, no one has come from the gentlemen.

    Aluminum production in Germany

    Dirty, expensive, superfluous


    the Essen aluminum hut the company Trimet consumed So much electricity like the whole city eat – including all other industrial and commercial companies.


    In the four German aluminum huts are Only 2000 workers employed.

    But the effort that is driven for aluminum production is enormous – financially and political. This is how the largest German aluminum manufacturer Trimet receives electricity for the 4.2 billion kilowatt hours that he consumes this year after researching the WDR electricity price perks of around 450 million euros.


    So in the current year Each of the 1020 jobs In the two trimet aluminum huts With around 440.000 € subsidized. This is five times as much as the hard coal buddies received their best times out of the promotional pots.

    (Source: Tagesschau.DE – 2014)

    If lace smoothing, then in the places that basically “Dirty, expensive, superfluous” are.

    Subsidies of 440.000 Euro per workplace, these are over 36.600 euros per month. At the hard coal buddy over 7.000 Euro per month and for that, the buddies have plagued for decades. You could have been able to pay off the reward without work and would have saved a lot of money.

    • Why is in Germany mostly unnecessarily complicated and expensive ? If more money in swarmstrom PV, such as.B. The balcony power plants and memory are installed on each PV system, clean electricity en masses there and load tips can be smoothed very simple. Also, the low voltage network would not have to be expanded great. Also bidirectional chargers to BEV are a building block to the energy transition.The Netherlands make it before. Dear traditional policy. Please finally become more creative and does not always sound reflexively on lobbyists who only want to secure their pudding and market power. Involved the citizens more strongly in the value added at the. Energy generation, storage and not always only at the cost, all this remains as it is. That does not work anymore. Model also: SchOnau in the Black Forest
  4. It would be nice if you could get electricity then and where he is abundant, to harvest and preserve to get him out again when you need him (urgent).
    Ah! That’s what! It is called hydrogen economy. And the matching electric vehicles call FCEV. problem solved.
    If you have only one Bev, you have to pay, what the electricity is currently costs and be taken that there is not always in any amount of it. Who has an FCEV, that can not care, he takes the energy from the preserve.

  5. The lace smoothing is purely theoretical nature. For me, the local network operator has refused that I can connect the wallbox to the heat pump stream. Although heat pump current and autostrom have the same price list. Different timing, I was communicated to me. I did not want a third electricity meter and associated basic fee, as it does not expect that. So the wallbox hangs on the normal house stream that is not controllable. Congratulations, network operator SW network ..


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