Parked charging station – Tesla driver defend themselves against diesel pick -ups – electric car

Parked charging stations: a problem that is known to many drivers of e-cars. While it happens primarily in Germany out of carelessness or ignorance, the trigger is often aversion to electric vehicles in the United States.

Drivers of electric cars know the problem of parked charging stations. In this country this usually happens out of carelessness and perhaps ignorance. In the United States, however, it is often the aversion to electric vehicles that drives other drivers.This was recently a Tesla driver in Hickory, North Carolina. On Reddit she posted a picture of a gas station where all Tesla Supercharger charging stations of pick-ups were parked. Without the intervention of the petrol station employees, she could have no electricity for her car.

The phenomenon "ICE-Ing"

Blocking the charging stations with a pick-up is called "ICE-Ing" in the USA. The term is guided by "Internal Combusion Engine", So burn the combustion engine. Patrick Lawson shows how Tesla drivers can defend themselves against the belt owners of the truck owners on his YouTube channel "Tesla Trip".With his model X, he pulls the Chevy Silverado away from his sister without any problems – in this case the parking lot and charging station would be his. However, it is questionable whether this self -defense would improve the situation between electric car drivers and opponents.

Tips from the ADAC in the video: How to get through winter and snow safely

This is how drivers get through the snow safely

Parked charging station - Tesla driver defend themselves against diesel pick -ups - electric car-parked

Site/Wochit This is how drivers get through the snow safely

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15 thoughts on “Parked charging station – Tesla driver defend themselves against diesel pick -ups – electric car”

  1. Yes, …
    … But don’t forget to sprinkle enough water beforehand. And hope that the pickup driver … did not take the creak with it!

  2. Small -scale technology intake
    Of course, every apartment building will be supplied with their own charging station (+ approx. 15 adapter for each system). Furthermore, there will be at least 12 connections on each street lantern, because as is well known, not every apartment building about enjoyable parking lots. If there were problems, people have to move into single -family hair (which of course have to be directly on the fully developed streets). If that doesn’t help either – well, then you were unlucky. But I really can’t imagine that – our government will bring (or better demand) to save the world…

  3. Self -defense?
    This is not called self -defense, but simply justified property damage to that of the site here! Incidentally, there are hardly any diesel pickups in the USA! 95% of them are petrol engines! To Pippi Longstocking… I make the world as I like it…

  4. Fat pickups
    The fat pickups drive in the USA and not in D. Park in D Twingo, Mini and Co. The charging stations too! That is now only a mood for mood against large vehicles. How do the left always say? This must not be instrumentalized!

  5. Load…
    I have a purchased parking space at about 7m away from my own home. Despite these requirements, it is not possible for me to lay or lay a charging station or even a socket. why? Between the parking lot and the house leads along an urban sidewalk. In order to tear it up and lay a cable, it requires an official approval that does not exist because my cable would then be on a public reason and which is simply not approved for private cable laying. Now I’m still one of the "privileged" Fell. It would be easy. But what do people do 500m away in a high -rise from the 60s without garage places? Stand on the charging station for 2 hours once a week? Like to do twice a week in winter? Ridiculous…

  6. Ridiculous
    If you know our bad telephone network and the grotty internet connections or mobile communications in Germany, you will not seriously assume that there will be enough charging stations in this country in the next 50 years to charge all electric vehicles after a complete switch to e-mobility. This also includes millions of trucks.

  7. E cars with auxiliary heating
    Why does none of the engineers come up with the idea of incorporating a parking heater? Provides the batteries and with rapeseed oil or the like is certainly not harmful. In winter with batteries to heat the interior and batteries. Diesel hybrid in magnesium or carbon would of course be ideal! 2 liters of diesel consumption plum -stream at 150 hp and 800 kg weight.

  8. @ Mr. Aalmann
    You write that you can still reach 200 km of range in winter and with heating. I’m curious to see how it is when you get into a really fat traffic jam on the highway at -20 degrees after 180 km. I guess that everyone else (at least those before you) continues and you can no longer reach the petrol station, which is 2 km in front of you.

  9. Sandpit topics
    This is as interesting as if a sack of rice has fallen over in China. Such topics are like the dispute between children around the spy stuff in the sandpit.

  10. In the face of
    the enormous environmental damage caused by the production of electric cars in South America and Africa (cobalt, lithium….), the tax on these vehicles should be significant. I also expect associations that have committed to environmental protection to work against these lies of alleged environmental friendliness.

  11. Polemic without factual basis
    Everyone can research that z.Z. 7% of the global lithium production go to e-cars and the rest in other goods. In goods that we all use every day without any remorse. Similar in cobalt, whereby the next generation of the Tesla battery will be cobalt-free (currently 3% CO). So better keep ball flat …

  12. Make America…
    Great Again! You just have to see the attitude of these proletarian cart owners to know that this will remain a pious wish.

  13. Clever
    Now that everyone knows that the electric cars are the largest environmental sheaths through the production of the battery, this is a great idea to prevent the further spread of these environmental killers.

  14. And what…
    … All over the world, Co2 has to do with environmental protection? Since when has CO2 have been a pollutant? They lean a little too far out of the window again, Mr. KOpnick. And if we are already at facts; Please forget the loss of energy through overhead lines, earth cables and of course by substantial work. Green electricity (if it is available) or not, the efficiency of the electric car does not make it better!


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