Petrol and diesel more and more expensive: How to find the cheapest tank price

Eight-year high reached

Petrol and diesel are becoming increasingly expensive: How to find the cheapest tank price

Petrol and diesel more and more expensive: How to find the cheapest tank price-diesel

CHIP Find the cheapest fuel prices thanks to the app

Drivers look shocked at the price displays of the petrol stations. The prices for petrol and diesel are at a high level. At the weekend, E10 marked the 1.60 euro brand for the first time since 2013. Site says how to always determine the cheapest price at the petrol pump.

According to ADAC, the liter price for Super E10 climbed to 1.606 euros on Sunday. That was 2.4 cents more than the week before and 27 cents more than in January 2021. Diesel increased by 2.8 cents to 1.469 euros per liter on Sunday. In January 2021, drivers still paid for the liter of 1.24 cents.

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Why do prices now rise at the petrol pump?

The prices for petrol and diesel have risen sharply since the beginning of the year. E10 is now on an eight-year high, as the ADAC reports. At the same time, the evaluation shows that fuel prices were recently higher at 1.64 euros per liter E10 only in March 2012. The crude oil market is primarily to blame for this. The central driver is the last increasing demand. The North Sea variety Brent had climbed a three -year high last week. But how does it come about? The demand for petroleum, petrol and diesel is economically high and the offer is scarce due to continuing failures in the Gulf of Mexico.

How to get the best savings potential when refueling

If you have to refuel, check in advance in advance how the gasoline prices develop during the day. There are many practical apps. Also look along your daily route which petrol station offers the cheapest fuel. Space hunters also use voucher apps that make fuel cheaper when redeeming. You can always find vouchers for many everyday products updated on this page.What many drivers do not even know: The time of day and the petrol station has a major impact on the fuel price. According to an evaluation of the Federal Cartel Office, the prices per variety and petrol station vary on average by 12 cents per liter. With a full tank filling of 40 liters, this is almost five euros. Calculated in the year, there are 120 euros per month for two tank fillings per month. Site advises: The station wagon from the time and choice of the petrol station is a lot. According to an evaluation of the ADAC, gasoline is particularly favorable on working days between 7 p.m. and 9 p.m. Matching apps to always refuel at a low price, the CHIP colleagues have put together and evaluated them.Also read:

Petrol and diesel more and more expensive: How to find the cheapest tank price-find

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Not long, then the Black Friday week attracts again with high discounts. Read everything important about the bargain event and above all what tips and tricks you can use to tackle the best deals.

The Black Friday 1×1

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Fast preparation: This is how a mandarin cheese cake without a floor succeeds

Petrol and diesel more and more expensive: How to find the cheapest tank price-cheapest

Dining Fast preparation: This is how a mandarin cheese cake without a floor succeeds

Truck driver deficiency in England: The root of evil is also in Eastern Europe

Petrol and diesel more and more expensive: How to find the cheapest tank price-expensive

PCP Truck driver deficiency in England: The root of evil is also in Eastern Europe

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14 thoughts on “Petrol and diesel more and more expensive: How to find the cheapest tank price”

  1. Back then,
    When the diesel was increased from 80 pfennigs to 90 pfennigs, we already have this discussion … guided. Back then I earned more in Mark than today in euros. Now at a price of € 1.52, it’s just ridiculous.

  2. Refuel,
    Quite and good that you get about the "best" Fuel prices should/can make. But what use is it: you come to the tank, put the engine off and then the price shown 1/2 minute ago, as was risen by ghost hand by 2 cents. Aur Anfragwe at the cash register: This happens automatically. Happened in the Munich area

  3. poor Germany
    "German power customers pay drau". One of many headlines. Fuel at the record level. Austria relieves a large scale. I seriously wonder what these Germans are for a people. How did someone say where another topic was (mask)? Do everything with the Germans …..

  4. No panic !
    Obviously the majority want exactly this procedure. Now there were elections and most choose exactly the same political resources….. Apparently the pain limit is still a lot away! …..It has to get much worse before it gets better….

  5. In one point I agree with you
    It really has to be much worse (more expensive) before the pain limits are exceeded. I only doubt your conclusion. Do you really believe that the choice of the same "Political" The cause is? Assume, for example, that it would be better/cheaper if "New" Polithanel, which would have been chosen to a higher extent? – The opposite would be M.E. more meet.

  6. The opportunity to recharge it cheaper
    Site forgot: abroad! It is becoming more and more lucrative abroad to fuel. The distance from which it is worth is getting bigger. Anyone who lives near the border will be anyway "ruber".

  7. Madhouse
    The difference between Germany and a madhouse is really not very big anymore. Only in an madhouse are the crazy of “healthy” (or are these atypical crazy) supervised, in Germany the healthy is obviously misleading. Otherwise I cannot explain how politicians are working for energy comprehension, whine.

  8. The pricelessly high
    Energy prices will affect politics like the coalition negotiations. Either way. In 4 years the world could look completely different again, even with nuclear power that comes from abroad today. Germany’s energy transition is inadequate. The political decision -makers can pay the prices, the people are not. Energy is one of the basic needs of people.

  9. I wonder
    What Nan wants to share with such articles. The biggest horror for German drivers would be a speed limit of 130. Just yesterday was an article about a Golf GTI driver who was traveling with 240 things. And the next day you complain about the fuel prices. I always refuel at the charging station at the same price.

  10. So, either you recharge your batteries with every new one …
    …Fueling process at the same price less and less fuel or you have found a petrol station consisting of old truists, which releases the fuel under cost price. In the first case, something is wrong with your calculation, in the second case I ask for notification of the address of the petrol station so that I can send a tanker withdrawal there to stock up on profitably. Something is wrong!

  11. It’s too cheap
    The liter must cost 4 euros before Jeman raises the butt in Germany and goes to the street. We Germans have become comfortable and lazy. Every Deppp Klann does what he wants, nothing happens. This country will go down the stream, which is as safe as the amen in the church.

  12. I don’t want tips like me best
    can save, but a government that does not keep turning the price spiral. This is our problem. If the sponsoring countries raise the price and then add the state’s greed, something comes out of it. And the only countermeasure? Tips, when and where you are least paid for the energy. Pure dumbing down.

  13. That’s the way it is:
    Double taxation is actually prohibited in Germany. And lo and behold: the VAT is also opened to the electricity tax. How crazy is that? And in addition to the failed EEG surcharge, we have to adjust to the world record power price forever? Then better again reliable nuclear power that we now buy elsewhere. By the way, electricity is a basic need for people.

  14. With the "Climatic"
    the prices can be increased wonderfully. The citizens are the citizens. The situation was similar with the reconstruction program for Corona in the southern pleit states. What was destroyed there??? Zero interest, zero pension increase, world championship electricity prices, but massive inflation cups people into poverty and pricelessness. That is the result of the past governments. Now the old parties are losing increasingly.


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