Petrol: CO2 tax is more expensive-now comes the “gasoline price brake”?

Zoff between the Greens and the GroKo

Heated debate about higher petrol prices: after wave of criticism, Baerbock goes on the offensive

Petrol: CO2 tax is more expensive-now comes the "gasoline price brake"?-petrol
Klaus-Dietmar Gabbert/dpa-center

To cope with climate change, the Greens call for a juicy increase in gasoline prices. Social compensation should come through a “citizens’ benefit”. After sheer criticism of the plans, Chancellor candidate Annalena Baerbock goes on the offensive.

For links on this page, Site receives. A commission from the dealer, Z.B. For marked. More information in sentence that caused discussions: "Yes, we say that this must be increased gradually to the 16 cents that Robert Habeck mentioned," said Greens Chancellor Annalena Baerbock in an interview with the "Bild" newspaper about The current gasoline price.Habeck had previously announced on Maybrit Illner’s ZDF talk show to want to further increase the gasoline price-by raising the CO2 tax. Since the beginning of 2021, a levy of 25 euros per ton is due to be due, which is created when burning diesel, gasoline, heating oil and natural gas. Since then.

Petrol: CO2 tax is more expensive-now comes the "gasoline price brake"?-petrol
Wochit/Getty Images Green Chancellor candidate Annalena Baerbock.

After the pandemic is before pandemic

But the CO2 tax is only responsible for the margin. According to the ADAC automotive club, the main cause is in the increased crude oil prices. The prices for a barrel oil were dramatically broken into last year due to the Corona pandemic, but now recover quickly. At $ 71.2 per barrel, the price is currently just above the level of January 2020.As a result, the prices for heating and refueling climbed up. In April, fuels were increased by 23.3 percent compared to the same month in the previous year. According to the ADAC announcement on Tuesday, one liter of E10 cost an average of 1.483 euros and a liter of diesel 1.331 euros. Compared to April, this means a price increase of 1.7 and 2.2 cents. The gasoline price has thus reached the highest price since May 2019, the diesel price since November 2018.

Petrol: CO2 tax is more expensive-now comes the "gasoline price brake"?-gasoline
Getty Images/iStockphoto A petrol station in Germany at night (symbol image)

Scholz warns of climate frustration

But it is also clear that if the CO2 price continues to rise, refueling becomes more expensive again. Union and SPD are behind the CO2 tax you introduced-albeit now with restrictions. "Anyone who just turns on the fuel price screw now shows how no matter to him the needs of the citizens," said Federal Finance Minister Olaf Scholz (SPD) in an interview with the "Bild" newspaper. Instead of climate protection, there is only "more frustration"."Everything that comes on top of the gasoline price is not good and splits society," emphasized the CDU MP Jana Schimke. Federal Transport Minister Andreas Scheuer (CSU) also shares this view, for whom the attitude of the Greens is "worrying".

Hofreiter rages over "populist petrol rage campaign"

Anton Hofreiter brings that to white glow. The Green Group leader therefore attacked Union and SPD with sharp words on Thursday. "Union and the SPD have just decided on a higher climate target, but refuse to implement their decisions," said Hofreiter on Thursday. Now “Scholz, Scheuer and Co. The next stage of dishonesty ". Although they had decided on an increasing CO2 price, they started a "populist petrol rage campaign"."Anyone who stirs up fears and spreads half -truths deliberately undermines acceptance for the central future task of climate protection," criticized Hofreiter. Climate protection needs ambitious measures together with a strong social balance, such as an energy field as a reimbursement of the CO2 price.

Baerbock goes on the offensive

Greens boss Annalena Baerbock has Scholz and Minister of Transport Scheuer "special form of self -forgiveness" accused. The coalition rightly introduced a CO2 price itself and sharpened the climate goals, Baerbock told the "Handelsblatt". Then she must also stand by her own decisions and implement them- "In such a way that climate protection and social justice match."In fact, the Greens have set a plan in their election program, as the CO2 price is not being collected at the expense of fewer wealthy layers. The income from the CO2 price should flow directly back to the citizens, on the one hand by reducing the so-called EEG surcharge, on the other hand through a directly paid "citizen benefit". "This way you can earn money with climate protection and there is a social balance in the system," says the election program. However, details are still unclear.

Petrol: CO2 tax is more expensive-now comes the "gasoline price brake"?-comes

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Debate: energy field or rather a gasoline price brake?

The Ministry of Finance and the Ministry of the Environment, both SPD-led, mention similar compensation mechanisms in various templates for the new climate protection law of the Federal Government. In a template, the Ministry of the Environment, for example, names a lowering of the EEG surcharge, which in turn is intended to reduce electricity costs. The Ministry of Finance emphasizes in a current draft on the climate system that the CO2 price will continue to be "planned". The SPD also moves into the upcoming election campaign with a promise of social compensation for the CO2 price. "We will check a per capita bonus," says the election program.But the first representative of Union and FDP are now bringing another instrument into play: a "fuel price brake". "Anyone who lives in a metropolitan area with well-developed public transport has a good time," said the CDU parliamentary group leader Christian Baldauf from Rhineland-Palatinate The "Bild". “In the flat country, where people are dependent on their car, it looks very different. Here we do not need any stress, that is, a fuel price brake ".

Petrol: CO2 tax is more expensive-now comes the "gasoline price brake"?-petrol
dpa/Frank Rumpenhorst/dpabild Christian Baldauf (CDU) gestured.

Sven Schulze, CDU head of state in Saxony-Anhalt, also wants a brake, “so that driving does not make a luxury, but remains affordable for everyone.“FDP vice-leader Stephan Thomae also calls for a“ gasoline price brake so that those who are not betting on roses do not have to restrict themselves in their living standard just to remain mobile.“The FDP rejects the instrument of the CO2 price anyway, it instead demands an expansion of European emission trade with certificates. It is still unclear whether the CDU and CSU will move into the election campaign with the demand for a fuel price brake: the Union has not yet published its election program as the only party represented in the Bundestag.

Union sees the survey for the first time in weeks in front of the Greens – FDP picks up SPD

Petrol: CO2 tax is more expensive-now comes the "gasoline price brake"?-price

Site/Wochit Union sees the survey for the first time in weeks in front of the Greens – FDP picks up SPD

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Petrol: CO2 tax is more expensive-now comes the "gasoline price brake"?-gasoline

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    that the Germans cannot hoard a fuel in their garages at the moment, because everything is still full with toilet paper.

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    to me with a mild smile- now the world and climate careters finally have their CO2 madness to be around "climate -neutral" to become and now they are cheating against the "Maker" All this nonsense? If the left -green voters thought, they get their climate rooms as a free as the subsidies of their mobile lawnmowers? So it won’t be, friends: you have to be able to afford green and if you can’t do it, you stay nice at home in balconies instead of dieseling to the next swimming lake. Free travel for rich citizens! Flying is more expensive and then the heating comes with oil or gas on it. We save the world, people! That has to be worth a few victims. And the specialists will secure your pensions – that’s what, or?

  4. I suggest everyone who
    To rescue the climate, feel first begin to save the daily weather. Once you have succeeded, the climate will inevitably follow on the foot, because what is commonly understood by the climate is the statistical evaluation of the weather data over a longer period of time for a defined area. By the way, the much scolding CO2 is less responsible for our heat death than much more for our survival. A long time ago the value was much higher and slowly but steadily sank to about 280 ppm, thanks to the use of fossil fuels, it rose slightly again. At around 150 ppm, the plants would starve and set oxygen production. Leaving assisted thinking, thinking yourself, that opens up new worlds.

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    Now a thesis worthy of discussion in the room. Currently you can determine an increase in the sun’s radiation intensity on the surface of the earth. The consequence is an increase in temperature of the earth’s surface and a temperature increase of our atmosphere. So more energy must be derived into space to keep the temperature. One reason for the increasing intensity of sun rays is less fine dust pollution (reflection) in the high atmosphere because less is produced. Now not attribute to industrialization. Before that, over thousands of years were heated worldwide with open fire. Fine dust producers high X. The burden has only been declining for several years. It is not CO2 in homeopathic dose…

  6. Clearly that we with expensive petrol the climate
    rescue. Strangely enough, apparently the eco -tax, which among other things gave us the highest electricity prices, has nothing used. Thanks to the SPD and green! You can milk the citizen again under a pretext. There are enough that are dependent on the car because there is no other possibility of promotion and because you have to be a living in Maloche. This does not affect the green voters and the green politicians at all. They treat themselves to a Christmas bonus including coronabonus, like Ms. Baerbock. You can easily pay more. You will then remove for this monthly. over € 10,000 from citizens taxes. And stop with your compensation payments. Not only the gasoline, but also all other living costs are already increasing. The compensation payment does not cover anything

  7. Energy citizens’ money
    What do they bring.75 € Citizens’ allowance for the "Poorer" As a compensation for directly related energy, even if all of the goods and services are more expensive depending on the increasing energy prices? How do the green slay eggs want to calculate this compensation? If one will regulate a distribution of the price difference similarly to the heating costs increasing by the CO² prices? So a 50/50 regulation?

  8. It’s very easy!
    Certainly something has to be done for climate protection urgently. But this only makes sense when the largest polluters such as China, USA, India, Pakistan and Russia contribute as much as the Greens want for Germany. The German population is already "blessed" with the highest energy costs and the highest retirement age in Europe! The majority of citizens do not want to go to “prepayment” in terms of the environment and climate, although our country for just 2 (!) Percent of the CO2 value is responsible worldwide! The "Green" Habeck cannot do anything with the term "Germany", but he would like to spend the money that the population has to spend on world climate! For is certain – green, no thanks!

  9. Weak argument, ..
    … To do nothing. Waiting for the big nations, USA, RU, China etc.? Then that won’t work. Because everyone says. “First let the Americans abolish their fat petrol runners, then I will leave my SUV.“As in kindergarten ..

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    What should it expand CO2 as a business model and collect new taxes and then reimburse something as a patronized state gesture? Another bureaucracy and new taxes are not yet climate protection. The money does not flow into nature but into the state treasury and who can afford it, it does not apply.

  11. Petrol prices
    How about if the Greens go to the main cause – the industry. This has been touched with velvet gloves for decades. Electricity prices are ridiculously small in contrast to the normal citizen. This also applies to everything else that has to do with climate protection. But of course the Greens see it just as little as the CDU lobby party. You’d rather scold the citizen with new and higher taxes and levies. Soon you live on H4 level at a 40H job. The Greens are foreign to the world with their schnapps ideas, which is a shame, because a young and fresh party could have made something. Every party who continues to bring migrants into the country as before and is not consistently deported. So much for the new migration law of the Serhehofer


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