Petrol-need due to a lack of truck driver: Scenario also threatens Germany

The freight forwarder describes problems

Petrol-need due to a lack of truck driver: Scenario also threatens Germany

In Great Britain there is currently an effect of Brexit: Since numerous guest workers left the country, thousands of truck drivers are missing. This leads to supply bottlenecks. But Germany also has to become active, warns a freight forwarder.

For links on this page, Site receives. A commission from the dealer, Z.B. For marked. More than 100 is currently missing more than 100.000 trunk drivers . This causes big problems, especially at British petrol stations. Because the fuel could no longer bring enough tank to bring, countless petrol stations have been on the dry in the past few days. Super markets also had bottlenecks in some products.

Driver deficiency as a late consequence of Brexit

So although there is enough fuel, it can only be distributed sluggishly. The lack of drivers, meanwhile, is considered homemade – and as an underestimated consequence of Brexit: Many guest workers left the country from the EU after Britain’s exit. In addition, according to the British media reports, more and more drivers are also employed by courier companies who have a rapidly growing need during Corona due to the trend towards online purchases.

Petrol-need due to a lack of truck driver: Scenario also threatens Germany-threatens
Steve Parsons/PA/dpa A note with the inscription "Sorry, no gasoline available" At a petrol station in Bracknell English.

Due to its freedom of workers as part of the EU, Germany does not threaten chaos scenario like currently in Great Britain. But the truck driver deficiency is also a problem in this country. Industry associations repeatedly indicate this.Dirk Engelhardt from the Federal Association of Good Working Logistics and Disposal recently said in the "daily News": "We warn that we also run into a supply collapse in Western Europe." Between 60 were already missing in Germany.000 and 80.000 trunk drivers.

Petrol-need due to a lack of truck driver: Scenario also threatens Germany-truck
Private Fairy Jan-Hendrik Linnenkamp

Too few drivers in Germany too

About 1.4 million people with a registered "Driver card" Is there any information from the industry in Germany. The card is a prerequisite if someone drives commercial transport. "Of these 1.4 million, however, there are an estimated 500.000 over 50", the hazard entrepreneur Jan-Hendrik Linnenkamp from Bielefeld told Site. The consequence: There is already a lack of truck drivers in Germany, which will increase strongly in the future.

"The lack of driver will lead to the fact that circumstances such as in Great Britain cannot be ruled out by us either. We are currently compensating for the deficiency with drivers from abroad, but in Poland, for example, so good wages are now paid that working in Germany is no longer so attractive for the drivers. And there is a lack of young people. In my freight forwarder, for example, I usually have four trainees a year – currently it is only one", So Linnenkamp.Surf tip: traffic – elephant races allowed? So the legal situation is when trucks overtake itself

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Petrol-need due to a lack of truck driver: Scenario also threatens Germany-threatens

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    12 thoughts on “Petrol-need due to a lack of truck driver: Scenario also threatens Germany”

    1. The solution is not that difficult
      We do it like the Americans and all rich countries: with much better payment … Let us absorb the qualified workers from the poorer countries to us. So we have to do it with truck drivers. And their home countries? They should solve their transport problems with the wheelbarrow.

    2. Why should that also be with us
      threaten ? The lack of drivers is so politically wanted by Johnson, so the problem is completely homemade and has nothing to do with Brexit at all. And that’s why that should threaten with us ? We also need truck drivers only they can work with us if they want and do not refuse this. So what is currently not comparable in England does not have comparable to Daier, but should be suggested in this way.

    3. That’s how it looks !
      Why actually fuel ? Will be lt. Government/VW switched everything to e-car anyway. The good electricity does not need a truck, comes out of the socket…. Satire ! I cannot find truck deficiency here, there have never been so many that drive around every day. The problem is certainly the lack of offspring, it also affects other professionals. However, not all YouTubers, influencers and football star can become…. moment…I forgot politicians…. However, they are all "jobs", who do not need well -founded training ! Then fits our descending school system again….

    4. Simple solution
      You just have to pay enough wages, then you also get enough drivers. The workers in the EU are available.

    5. In the past, the truck driver’s license was made at the federal government
      A lot of knowledge is disappearing due to the decline in real conscription, there is no school of the nation.

    6. As long as the trucks drive like the last one
      Measures from Aldi, Lidl, Netto U.S.w to be treated, will not change. I am happy to be retired and no longer have to drive, the wages now have to rise by 10 to 15%. Because wages were not increased too many years. You don’t need to say and write more.

    7. Recently in the supermarket
      I need a few products such as cheese, salami, bread. There are about 10 different manufacturers of each and another 3 different variants. In addition wines, beers, vodga in a non -countable diversity. Apples from New Zealand, tomatoes from Spain. What is all this for ? The transport costs would have to increase exorbitantly so that this madness stops. This can be regulated by taxes so that local farmers also get enough for their products.

    8. Water bottles from all over Europe …
      You will have to stop the product range, as well as some things have to be relocated to the rails. The job as a truck driver is poorly paid, but still demanding. The offspring level off, many will retire until the next decade. Free market economy does not mean that one does not implement a politically and strategically meaning test by EU/D instead of waiting until lack of fuel.

    9. Would be time to rethink the supply chains!
      Instead of complaining of a truck driver, we should rethink our delivery requests and chains! Every processing step of a goods must take place in a different location, as far away as possible ? Why do dairy products from northern Germany have to be on the shelves in Bavaria and vice versa ? Sure, you don’t get far with German bananas, and you can’t grow coffee here, but there is enough that no longer have to be transported more than 50 km without the consumer being missing. For what is not available without transport, there is the train – and for its expansion, money must finally be taken in hand.

    10. Expansion is great
      Every petrol station, every Aldi, Lidl and Co. gets a track connection. The city man then picks up the organic goods with the farmer with the cargo bike, as it would be exaggerated to put a track connection to every farm.

    11. The development somehow reminds of Corona,
      Where the discussion began with the fact that it could be possible to rule out the unvaccinated people from public life and now it is almost reality. Here you will probably prepare the citizens for a shortage of gasoline and a disguised driving ban, a driving ban that would probably not be legally enforced, so politics makes it in a cold way. Everything for the climate and the media can also be used for all this nonsense. Sure, I’m now a conspiracy theorist, but I now trust these politicians to do every mess

    12. this trend
      continues in all professionals.Except for the sprawling political caste.Ok, we need everyone there.No matter whether craftsmen, nurses or specialists.Young children cannot be accelerated with child benefit.Both parents should be working (a determining role model of the Greens) but unfortunately there are too few daycare places.And the grandparents if available no longer next door.And additional pension points are only awarded by the pension insurance?So is not an overall economic task.And then around when the RV becomes more and more deficient.And why an activity where you get your hands dirty.People are paying much better and you can do that in the suit.Truck driver is a real bone job.Too small and few rest areas and stress


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