Peugeot becomes pure electric rake in Europe until 2030

Peugeot becomes pure electric rake in Europe until 2030-peugeot

From 2030, the French brand Peugeot wanted to be purely electricity. CEO Linda Jackson gave to understand that every new Peugeot model, which comes to the market by 2030 in Europe, will be purely electrically powered. Another step towards the fact that the brand Stellantis is prepared for the departure of internal combustion engines.

For the international customers, there will continue to give models with internal combustion engine, so Jackson continues: “With the transition to the new [Stellantis] platforms, Stla Small, Medium, Large, will be electrical by 2030 in Europe all our models”, says Jackson Opposite Automotive News Europe. “But I still have to make sure I maintain an offer with internal combustion engine for my international customers.”

With the complete electrification of the brand in Europe to 2030, Peugeot succeeded five years before the EU proposal, from 2035, only to allow emission-free vehicles to be ahead. A number of automakers have already announced that they have been offering full-electric vehicles in Europe for a long time before this date. Also with other brands from the Stellantis environment, corresponding data for switching to pure E cars have already been known: including DS (2026), Alfa Romeo (2027) and Opel / Vauxhall (2028).

CEO Carlos Tavares said that Stellantis is aimed for more than 70 percent of sales in Europe by 2030 and more than 40 percent in the US on low-emission vehicles with battery or hybrid electro drive. This massive transition will be switched to e-mobility through the use of four platforms, which were geared to e-mobility: Stla Small, Medium, Large and Frame (Truck). These platforms are designed on fully electric drive strands, but also offer the possibility of drive strands with internal combustion engine for markets or segments in which the transition is slower.

Let’s look at Peugeot today, turns out that their product range is 70 percent electrified. That means the vehicles are either fully electric or as plug-in hybrid. These include the most popular models, the small SUV 2008 and the small car 208 as well as the compact SUV 3008 and the small car 308, as well as all commercial vehicles and passenger cars. Only the nearby small car 108 and the 5008 MIDSize SUV are not electrified.

By 2024, the entire product range will be electrified, so Jackson. The next big market launch is the next generation of the 3008, which in the Stellantis factory in the Ostfranzian Sochaux is to be built in fully electric form. Peugeot did not know any details about other drive options. She said about 20 percent of 208 sales are fully electric, a number that is over the original forecasts from 10 to 15 percent. Sales for E-2008 are slightly lower, reflecting that he is the main vehicle for many buyers, she added.

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