Peugeot: “By 2025, model range is 100 percent electrified”


Electromobility boomes – especially in Germany. Almost every fourth newly authorized car now has an electric drive in this country, be it as a pure E-car or partially electrified plug-in hybrid. Haico van der Luyt, Managing Director of Peugeot Germany, explained in an interview published by the manufacturer itself, with which E-strategy drives the LOwenMand in the future.

“The market for electrified vehicles also has an impressive development last year, and despite the Corona pandemic and its impact,” says Van der Luyt. Peugeot belongs in this dynamic market to the most sales markets. “Both in fully electrified vehicles as well as plug-in hybrids, we are ranking on the front seats,” says Peugeots Germany Chief. From the compact current 208, the French at the beginning of 2021 even first sold more electrified models as a combustion. “This shows that customers set great confidence in the performance and reliability of the electrified models of Peugeot,” says Van der Luyt.

Peugeot Wool now, above all, thanks to its electrified models increase the market share in Germany. And builds its product range “consistently in the direction of e-mobility”, according to the manager: “By 2025 we will offer our model range 100 percent electrified. Each of our models will then be available in addition to the burners in an electrical or in a hybrid variant, “he announces.

Currently, Peugeot has the purely electrical models E-208, e-traveler, e-rifter, as well as the plug-in hybrid 508 SW hybrid, 3008 hybrid and 308 on offer. Especially for the trade, the electric transporters e-partners, e-expert and e-boxers are already or. available soon. Parallel to this Peugeot continues to develop and implement innovative drive solutions: “From 2023, the models from the middle and upper class are equipped with the EVMP platform developed by us. This allows even more efficiency, larger ranges up to 600 kilometers and thus more comfort, reliability and driving pleasure, “says Van der Luyt.

In his strategy, the manufacturer is based on the “Power of Choice”, as Peugeots Germany Chief explains: “We offer every full flexibility in the selection of the model and the drive type, which best fit your needs and purposes,” he says. Each variant has the same level in design, comfort, security, facilities, space offer and charging capacity.

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3 thoughts on “Peugeot: “By 2025, model range is 100 percent electrified””

  1. This heading is just misleading!
    100% electrified?? = Sounds like “only” electrical – and environmentally friendly!
    Combuses only get the possibility to drive sometimes a little electrically ..

  2. First offer the buyers of the E208 or E2008 a few updates and vacuum the features of the new model year. The app urgently needs an overhaul. There is really missing too much. So far hardly anyway. Yes, the E208GT is a nice car and drives great, but it feels like Alibi Electromobility. Sorry.


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