Peugeot E-308 should have 400 km range from 54 kWh battery

Peugeot E-308 should have 400 km range from 54 kWh battery-peugeot

The British Autocar has published some new details for purely electrical Peugeot 308, which the French manufacturer has announced for the year 2023. Accordingly, the middle-class stromer, available as a hatchback and combi, is to obtain a larger battery and more power than the E-208, the Peugeot already has in the portfolio.

The E-308 will have the range of series, so far as a pure combustion and as plug-in hybrid to enrich a purely electrical variant. According to Autocar, the E-308 is delivered only with front drive and with only one drive option. Accordingly, the electric car will have a 54 kWh large and particularly efficient battery and a 113 kW (154 hp) powerful engine. At about 1600 kg, the e-variant should be in approximately just as much as the 308 plug-in hybrid.

The battery would only be 4 kWh larger than those in the smaller E-208. However, Peugeot claims that a new NMC811 battery chemistry will enable the car to achieve a higher efficiency. Agn├Ęs Tesson-Faget, with Peugeot responsible for the project management of the 308, says the vehicle should reach a consumption of 12.4 kWh. That would write to the E-308 a test cycle range of almost 400 kilometers in the journey book. The E-308 should be charged with up to 100 kW.

Peugeot assumes that the purely electrical variant will make up a large proportion of all sales of the 308. Even the plug-in hybrid is significantly more than 20 percent. “We expect the electrical version to achieve at least that ratio,” says Tesson-Faget. This also reflects the trend of the past months. Last December, e-cars made around 20 percent of Peugeot’s turnover.

The E-308 is expected to go into production in July 2023, the first deliveries should be made shortly thereafter.

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  1. Well roared lion” ! Now still optional a trailer coupling with 750 kg approval and the bidirectional charger and many competitors in the middle class have received a serious competitor.

  2. Sounds good. If it’s still true, the richness of many E-Auto BASHER will not be an argument in the future for a purchase. That the development will go very quickly, we may probably expect.


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