Peugeot E-Mobility Tour starts in Berlin

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Peugeot E-Mobility Tour starts in Berlin-tour

Peugeot belongs to the electric car manufacturers of the first hour. Since the 23. June presented the French car manufacturer on his Peugeot e-Mobility tour its e-mobility solutions, first station was Berlin.

Peugeot E-Mobility Tour starts in Berlin-tourThe Peugeot e-Mobility tour of 23.06. to 05.11., Photo: peugeot

The aim of the e-mobility tour is to drive with the available electric vehicles from Peugeot through a total of 20 German major cities. With this are the electric car Peugeot Ion, the Peugeot electric scooter e-vivacity as well as several e-bikes from Peugeot. Who is interested in Peugeot e-mobility solutions, can test the already available Peugeot electric vehicles live.

All stations and dates of the Peugeot E-Mobility Tour:

  • Berlin (Potsdamer Platz) – up to 25. June
  • regensburg (Peace street 23) – 28. to 30. June
  • Dortmund (Place of Netanya) – 7. till 9. July
  • Stuttgart (Kronprinzenplatz) – 14. to 16. July
  • Mannheim (Capuchin planks) – 20. to 22. July
  • Saarbrucken (Bahnhofstrabe 54) – 28. to 30. July
  • Leipzig (Augustusplatz) – 4. until 6. August
  • Frankfurt / Main (Constable Watch) – 8. until 10. August
  • Hildesheim (Angoul√™meplatz) – 25. to 27. August
  • Wurzburg (Upper Market or. City Festival) – 14. to 15. September or. 17. September
  • meal (Willy-Brandt-Platz) – 22. to 24. September
  • Dusseldorf (Heinrich Heine Square) – 13. to 15. October
  • Bremen (Weser Park) – 20. to 22. October
  • Freiburg (Fountain place) – 3. until 5. November

In addition to the production of vehicles, Peugeot also sets car-sharing (MU by Peugeot). During the roadshow, together with DB energy and solar purchase, the topic of efficiency of renewable energy is treated: so a glass container made by solar purchaser with six photovoltaic fields provides an impression of the currently recovered energy and the range achievable in the use of electromobiles.

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  1. This is still very lean what PSA wants to show on the occasion of your tour
    .The small E car from Mitsubishi. In the class there are better and cheaper
    The E Viva City Scooter. I drive myself, rather than building a bigger battery you have set the production.
    They should make themselves on the socks with a Chevi Bolt successor with three-phase connection.


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