PHEV and E-auto paragraph until the end of May 2020 by manufacturer

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PHEV and E-auto paragraph until the end of May 2020 by manufacturer-2020

In the first five months of 2020, the European electrical automotivity to 165.870 pure e-auto and 132.203 PHEV approvals, which were admitted during this period. In the following, we consider how these approvals divided into the individual manufacturers. Compared to our full-year consideration in 2019, it turns out that in terms of the rankings of individual manufacturers has shifted a lot. Also, corresponding developments are recorded compared to the previous month. It is interesting above all the observation that PHEV approvals are becoming more interesting for the manufacturers relating to CO2 fleet specifications.

VW Group continues to be at the top of the European market

In April 2020, the VW Group was able to claim one on the E-Car Market among the manufacturers for themselves and refers to the Renault-Nissan Mitsubishi Alliance in second place. Even at the end of May, nothing has changed and VW (19.757), Audi (11.117), Skoda (2.877), Porsche (2.068) and SEAT (1.818) Can once again claim the first place on the electric car market. Expressed in numbers shows that the VW Group is 37.637 pure e-cars, as well as 24.362 partial circuits in the first five months of the year. VW alone is characterized for about half of the approved E cars. We have previously listed the proportion of other brands.

Below is the view of the partial circuits in the Group. Again, Volkswagen itself with 8.573 units to the top. But is tightly followed by Audi, which it is at least 8.Bring 249 units. SKODA shows a stronger focus on plug-in hybrid – a total of 3.547 vehicles could be allowed until the end of May. The same is the case with Porsche, which also with 3.888 PHEV know know. Only SEAT has hardly presented part-time current with just three PHEV approvals. Bentley in turn, no electricians can bring in the ranking, but is waiting for 102 plug-in hybrid approvals.

Renault-Nissan-Mitsubishi for pure E-cars VW on the heels

Renault, Nissan and Mitsubishi rejoices again in second place of the ranking. It shows that the alliance with pure E cars with 36.632 units almost equal to the VW Group is. The difference is here with the PHEV, where the three manufacturers in total “only” to 11.602 units brought. If one faces the absolute numbers of electrified vehicles, the VW Group brought 61.999 units, the Alliance to 48.234 units.

It should be noted that Renault and Nissan can not attract approvals in the area of plug-in hybrids, but above all by their e-car approvals: Renault with 25.744 units and Nissan with 10.870 units, contribute to the ranking. With Mitsubishi, the third in the league, it looks a little different. Eighteen e-cars brings the company into the ranking. In return, however, you wait with 11.601 PHEV on. The 11.601 Plug-in-hybrid approvals are 100 percent at the Mitsubishi Outlander. Even at the end of May 2020, the SUV thus introduces the ranking of the top 10 PHEV models, with a market share of 8.8 percent in the PHEV segment, which has fallen slightly compared to the previous month.

At the beginning of the month, we were already able to classify the secret of success behind the numbers of Renault already a little. Since 2012, more than 100 are.000 ZOE alone has been sold in France, to classify over 30.400 were sold in Germany in the same period. France itself provides this number in the shade and looks alone from January to June 2020 on 17.650 certified ZOE models back. Thus, there will continue to be able to expect a corresponding growth.

BMW Group defends third place to PSA

Even at the end of the fifth month of 2020, the BMW Group claims the third place on the E-car market in Europe for itself. Thus, it can still be maintained after a replacement in April 2020 by PSA. The sales result of the BMW Group was in the first six months of this year as expected by the impact of temporary closure of global trading companies. “In contrast, in the first half of the year, the demand for our electrified vehicles has developed in the first half of the year,” said Pieter Nota, member of the BMW AG Board of Management. The supply of plug-in hybrid models as well as the new fully electric mini “enjoy great demand from our customers,” he added.

This is also reflected in the absolute figures of the company, with the partial circuits still have the overhand and would not be sure. Because the local authorizations still move almost by a factor of three to pure E cars. 9.979 E-cars meet 26.117 PHEV, in Mini is drawn with 4.082 PHEV opposite 3.119 pure electric cars An image that has changed in favor of pure E cars. BMW itself brings it to 6.860 pure E cars compared to 22.035 Plug-in hybrids.

PSA presents an almost balanced relationship on the market

The PSA Group retains its fourth place at the end of May on Europe’s electrical automotivity. The electric cars continue to retain the upper hand and dominate against the plug-in hybrids easily. At the PSA group consisting of Peugeot, DS, Opel and Citroen, a balanced ratio of approvals had been achieved in the months earlier. This is now moving more and more in favor of the PHEV. Meet there 18.892 pure e-cars on 14.759 PHEV. It shows that Peugeot with 10.634 E cars compared to 8.8373 PHEV waiting. No longer so balanced, with less volume, DS comes with 2.145 to 3.188 Approvals therefore. At Opel, on the other hand, it is always stronger direction Reiner e-cars: 4.845 units meet 3.148 partial circulation. Citroen, on the other hand, is waiting only with 1.268 E cars and now 49 PHEV approvals.

What else is there on the European E-car market ..

Behind the PSA Group, the Hyundai Group ranks at the end of May, which also presents itself very e-car. Kia brought 8.837 and Hyundai 11.361 E cars with the ranking. As well as 8.132 (Kia) and 1.613 (Hyundai) PHEV. Behind it follows Tesla, which is known to know only with electric cars, it at the end of May on a total of 28.098 approvals in Europe brought. It follows Volvo Cars – consisting of Volvo and Polestar – these were almost only Phev: 20.122 at Volvo and now 43 approvals at Polestar, which probably accounts for the Polestar 1. Furthermore, 5 pure e-auto approvals could be recorded.

Let’s get back to the German car manufacturers. At Daimler also seem to predominate the partially electrified vehicles. These are completely driven by Mercedes (12.019). With regard to the e-auto approvals, smart controls 4.729 units among the largest part, Mercedes brought it to 2 by the end of May 2020.390 vehicles. Jaguar Land Rover presents itself clearly: Jaguar is for the electric cars (2.472) And Land Rover responsible for the plug-in hybrid (2.119). A shift is not to be expected here for the time being. If then even more sales increase at PHEV for Land Rover through appropriate, new models.

Not quite unnoticed we want Saic / MG with 2.841 Pure e-car approvals. Honda brought it to forty-four pure Stromber until the end of April. By contrast, “almost only” with Phev shone Toyota / Lexus (598), opposite 24 E-car approvals. Ford, in turn, brought it to now 3.386 PHEV approvals; as well as three approved E cars in the European market.

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  1. Unfortunately, the statistics again misleading ..
    Here VW is picked up as a group and not the company VW car
    To describe a group as a lace, which should be much more to the market than the little ones.
    Very nice statistics that shows how weak the established carmakers are and Tesla is just lace.

    Group (number of companies in this) x Sale of the strongest competitor (solo company) E-cars
    VW = 9 (VW, Porsche, Skoda, Audi, Seat ..etc) // tesla = 1
    Thus, the VW Group would have to bring about 9 times as much vehicle to the man as Tesla and only then they would be at eye level …

    When is VW, BMW or PSA first top &# 128521;
    we still experience that

    It remains exciting

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