PHEVS and electric cars from BMW also win market share in March

PHEVS and electric cars from BMW also win market share in March-cars

For the BMW Group, March 2019 was the highly highest month in the history of the Group. A total of 263.319 Premium vehicles of the BMW, Mini and Rolls-Royce brands delivered to customers. Electric cars and plug-in hybrids also benefited from the upswing. Pioneer in the field of e-cars is still the BMW i3, which in the first quarter a sales plus of 16.2% to 9.227 units could achieve. These figures led to the most successful first quarter of all time for the electric car, which came on the market in 2013.

However, the company also reports that the company’s plug-in hybrid vehicles are also very desirable. For example, more than a quarter of all BMW 2 ACTIVE Tours delivered to customers, while nearly 20% of all Mini Countryman sold have a plug-in hybrid powertrain. Around 75% of the paragraph of BMW and mini vehicles in Norway are pure electric and plug-in hybrid vehicles. ascending trend.

According to a MANAGER magazine report, the automakers BMW and Daimler work on a common electric car platform for small cars. As a hottest candidate for the first vehicle, the BMW I2 is traded, a stromer similar to the BMW i3, which around the year 2024 for less than 30.000 Euro should appear. Certainly an E vehicle that could continue to inspire the paragraph of the electric cars.

Stand today is planned that the BMW Group 2021 with the BMW I3, the Mini Electric, the BMW IX3 and the BMW i4 and the BMW Inext has five fully electrified models. By 2025, the number should rise to at least twelve models.

In addition to the purely electrified models, BMW will also set plug-in hybrids whose electrical reach will rise significantly in the coming year. The offer of the BMW Group will then comprise at least 25 electrified models in 2025.

The basis for this offer are highly flexible vehicle architectures as well as an equally flexible global production system. In the future, the company will be able to produce models with fully electric (BEV), partially electrical (PHEV) and conventional (ICE) drives on a single line.

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