Piech GT (2024): New electric sports car successfully started in the test phase

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Piech GT (2024): New electric sports car successfully started in the test phase-sports

We still remember very well: two years ago at the Geneva Motor Show, there he was one of the highlights: The Piëch Mark Zero. Toni Piëch, son of the longtime VW board and supervisory board Ferdinand Piëch, presented in 2019 at the automotive salon in Geneva the brand he communicated and named after him. At that time, we were promised to finish the electric Piëch Mark Zero within three years of the street. And in fact, the Swiss start-up word has been held – now the electric sports car is successfully started in the test phase. Difference to then: The car now listens to the memorable name Piëch GT. From 2024 he should be available for well-looking with a little more small change.

Often the later design of the series model differs greatly from the courageous lines of the concept-cars – not so at the Piëch GT. “We have designed a sports car with timeless design, as we would dream of it ourselves. And we have talked to many enthusiasts for a long time, which is missing the market. It came out a modern classic that is not subjected to consumption cycles. The driver of our sports car should be happy about every moment he spends in our car, “summarizes Rea Stronghold Rajcic, Co-Founder and CDO by Piëch Automotive, together. If you look at him, he looks a bit like an Aston Martin with a dash of Porsche. On the bonnet proudly denies the brand name. Where all the world talk about the automated driving, it is about a classic-purist Building sports cars in which the driver is the focus, Piëch said at the first presentation.

And actually the technical data make an impression: a desired curb weight of less than 1.800 kilograms enable the Piëch GT in combination with its power of 611 hp an acceleration of zero to a hundred in less than three seconds. Rea strong Rajcic, Co-Founder and CDO of Piëch Automotive, had clearly defined the claim to positioning from the beginning: “The new Piëch GT should convincingly transport the genes of a classic sports car to the electro-age.In order for this to succeed, a synchronous motor produces 150 kW on the front axle, while two synchronous motors, each with an output of 150 kW, provide additional thrust on the rear axle. Due to the arrangement of the batteries (a part housed in the center tunnel, the rest on the rear axle) is a similar axle load distribution and a driving behavior possible, as you can only know it from pure sports cars with internal combustion engine. The package allows – in contrast to the widespread underfloor arrangement – a sports-shaped low sitting position and a precise handling with immediate feedback to the driver.

Piech GT (2024): New electric sports car successfully started in the test phase-sportsPiëch Automotive AG

“In eight minutes to 80 percent SOC”

Since his presentation, however, not only the name has been changed. An essential innovation also experienced the battery and battery cell technology: thanks to closer cooperation with partners in China and Europe, according to companies, a solution could be found, which enables full loads in less than five minutes. With regard to later series production and shorter procurement paths of the loading stations, Piëch has decided to secure the development with German partners. “The pouch cells we use clearly belongs to the future – both in terms of weight as in terms of fast load capability. And especially pleasing is for us that the battery specially developed for Piëch can be used as well as easily for use in series, “emphasizes developer Klaus Schmidt (CEO / CTO of the German Group Company). According to Auto Motor and Sport, a 180 kWh battery is used, with 900 kW with a current thickness of up to 1.500 amps can be loaded – that sounds progressive. Thanks to the new development stage of the battery cell, the Piëch GT should be charged to 80 percent at each CCS2 fast loading column in eight minutes. A specially developed fast loader allows this process even in less than five minutes. Finally, with the reference of the new test center at Memmingen, another milestone in the young Swiss company was placed in order to further efficiently promote development.

Namely, Piëch Automotive AG proposes a new chapter in the test phase of the electric sports car project Piëch GT. “Despite the world’s Covid-19 pandemic, we have succeeded in mastering the resulting delays and to keep our project fully on course. The previous rounds of financing were successful, now we can confidently go to our other way towards the market introduction, “says Toni Piëch, Co-Founder and CEO of Piëch Automotive. With the relocation of the German development team, which is carried out in August from Munich to Memmingen, the team for Klaus Schmidt (CEO / CTO of the German Group Company) will find ideal conditions. “Here is a test track and the right logistics available, which brings the development of the Swiss sports car to a substantial forward,” says Schmidt. By the way, that is not unknown. Schmidt previously led the BMW internal sports department of M GmbH for more than 30 years and thus brings some important experience for the start-up with. By next March (2022) the second prototype should be completed, another series of several prototypes should follow in the same year. Based on their test results, more prototypes are built according to Piëch. This test cycle is exactly the same as German premium manufacturers, emphasizes the Swiss company. So also in heat and dust as well as at minus temperatures in ice.

Piech GT (2024): New electric sports car successfully started in the test phase-successfullyPiëch Automotive AG

Modular concept allows additional variants

“The acquisition of a Piëch GT must offer a real brand and product experience right from the start. Therefore, we rely on about 60 own, authentic brand stores and not on a conventional franchise system, “explains Jochen Rudat the Sales Strategy. And on: “We will establish and offer the Piëch GT in the most important EU markets as well as the US and China and other non-European markets. As a service partner, only renowned companies are in question, which have an excellent and nationwide service network, “says the former Elon Musc-Europachef. The modular concept should serve as a basis for further variants with its vehicle architecture: GT, sports limousine and SUV. “We first set ourselves on the two-seater sports car Piëch GT. For the necessary volume, the sporty Piëch SUV, before the four-seater Piëch sports limousine rounds off our product range “, gives Rea strong Rajcic a view of the future of the young Swiss company. “We are flexible not only with regard to design and body forms, but also keep us open at the topic of drive all options. The beginning make electric vehicles, but should the hydrogen drive and the fuel cell achieve their breakthrough, we can react flexibly thanks to our modular vehicle architecture, “underlines Piëch. By the way, interested parties should soon be able to reserve their own GT. From the year 2024 he will be available and delivered to financial customers. Priced the sports car namely between 150.000 to 170.000 EURO.

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