Piëch Mark Zero sports car sets on a special cell type to the ultrafast shop

Piëch Mark Zero sports car sets on a special cell type to the ultrafast shop-mark

From the house, the Piëch Mark Zero brings as Electric GT to 500 kilometers reach according to WLTP. A special cell type is hardly developed when loading or unloading. This is also responsible for the most discussed number in connection with the Piëch Mark Zero: 4.40 minutes. In these, the e-car is 80 percent charged its battery of the development partner destitute at a Quick Loading Column of the partner TGOOD

A clear peak compared to conventional fast charging of other cars that are in three years on the market, a charging time of eight minutes for 80 percent capacity will have a system tension of 400 volts (350 kW).

According to the manufacturer, the manufacturer is based on a new type of battery cell, which allows significantly higher current flows when loading and unloading and hardly producing heat. Accordingly, a complex fluid cooling of the battery can be dispensed with. The batteries can be completely air-cooled due to low heating, which contributes to a weight savings of around 200 kilograms. The total weight of the vehicle is therefore under 1.800 kilos.

“Due to the current patent procedure, we can currently not comment on more detailed information about our lithium-ion cells. We were able to make the inner life of the cell so that significantly stronger currents can flow, hardly heat when charging and unloading and the entire recuperation can be made much more efficient.”- Andrew Whitworth, COO of Desten and responsible for the future production of the cells

The fact that it worked by TuV SuD together with the renowned system supplier Hofer Powertrain, who is working for well-known car manufacturers, and the University of Esslingen tested and certified. Engine enough to focus on the series production of cells and batteries, as Whitworth gives to understand.

The Mark Zero is powered by an asynchronous motor with 150 kW on the front axle, on the rear axle, two synchronous motors provide 150 kW each.

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  1. Again such a full-bodied announcement of the piëch (vw …) people.
    Let’s talk in a year, we’ll probably be poorer again for an illusion.
    Super fast shop will probably never be possible with batteries. This is only possible with capacitors. Therefore, Tesla has also caught up the company Maxwell, which is known to build the largest and best supercondensors. Also known as ultracondensors, which have no temperature problems, such as batteries.


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