Pininfarina introduces Battista: 1.417 kW, 400 km / h top, 500 km range – Electric car

Pininfarina introduces Battista: 1.417 kW, 400 km / h top, 500 km range - Electric car

Not only the Mission E of Porsche has changed his name to Taconic before starting series production. Automobili Pininfarina pulls gradually and brings the Hypercar PF0 announced for 2020 as a battista on the street. Automobili Pininfarina, owned by the Indian automotive group Mahindra & Mahindra Ltd., As is known, it is known to bring in 2020 as his first model to bring a purely electric hypercar to the market. In October, it became known that the headquarters of the company will be found in Munich.

At the end of November, the company not only releases a look at new design sketches of the super sports car PFW, but also confirms an investment of more than 20 million euros in a new cooperation with Pininfarina Spa . And now in early December 2018 follows the renaming of the first model PF0 to Battista.
The Battista of Pininfarina relies on RIMAC-associated electric motors. A look at the technical data show that these Battista can quite help as absolute hypercar. The facts speak for themselves: Glass Fiber Body, 1.417 kW power, torque of 2.300 nm and acceleration from 0 to 100 km / h in less than two seconds. At 400 km / h top speed is over. The maximum range of 500 kilometers will not be reached at this speed.

Mahindra boss Anand Mahindra suggested media reports that the vehicle limited to less than 100 pieces should cost almost two million euros. At least this was his statement as of April this year. Meanwhile, we know that 150 pieces as a small series, for price between 1.75 to 2.2 million euros. Each 50 copies should find their way to the US, the Middle East and Europe.

Other luxury models are already in the starting blocks, so at least when it goes to plans of Automobili Pininfarina. So should follow with the E-SUV PF1 for the mass market compatible model. By the way, the luxury brand uses cooperation with Rivian, which we know at the latest since the presentation of their E-Pickup Truck and E-SUV.

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