Planned Cityaut in Munich: Only 41 percent are for it

German traffic jam capital

Planned Cityaut in Munich: Only 41 percent are for it

Planned Cityaut in Munich: Only 41 percent are for it-planned
Mobile in Germany Munich could get a Cityaut

  • Site editor Sebastian Viehmann

79 hours of time loss per year: Munich is Germany’s traffic jam capital. Now a city maut is discussed. However, the residents of Munich and the surrounding area cannot really warm up for the idea, especially since residents also have to pay.

This is shown by a representative survey of Puls Marktforschung GmbH that the automobile club "Mobile in Germany" commissioned. From 3. till 8. November 2021, a total of 1100 people were interviewed, 60% living in the city, 40% living in the surrounding area (up to 50 km). "50 % vote against the introduction of a Cityaut in Munich, only 41 % spoke out for this. 9 % have no opinion on this", So the automobile club.

Politics wants the Cityaut

Nevertheless, there seems to be a political majority for the toll. Both the Greens who rule the city in a coalition and the CSU speak out for the Cityaut. Drivers would have to pay six to eight euros a day if they want to move their car within the Munich ring. Not only Munich, commuters would also be affected by this.

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"Mobile in Germany"-President Michael Haberland sees the result of the survey as a clear argument against the project. “A Cityaut fuels only the enemy image of the car, whereby drivers in Munich have to struggle with a lack of parking space and immensely high parking fees anyway. One should make traffic more efficient instead of managing a lack", so Haberland. "This winter we saw how the retail trade had to suffer from a disastrous Christmas business, since consumers are increasingly switching to online retailers like Amazon. A CityMaut only strengthens this undesirable effect", Haberland believes.

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Maut would also meet residents

Transport experts, on the other hand, emphasize the hoped -for effect of traffic relief. A toll of six euros a day could reduce traffic in Munich by 23 percent, said Oliver Falck, head of the IFO Center for Industrial Economics and new technologies, at the last IAA in September 2021, which took place in Munich. The city would have to collect it from every driver, "without exception, also for residents". The income of 600 million euros a year could be used for local public transport and for compensation payments to low earners.

Planned Cityaut in Munich: Only 41 percent are for it-planned
Ursula Duren/dpa/archive picture Long traffic jams have formed on the A8 Salzburg-Munich motorway.

However, there is a problem that not only has Munich: public transport has become unattractive in Corona times. This is shown, for example, traffic data from the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT): "While in 2019, eleven percent of all paths were covered with the typical means of pendulum, tram or train, in winter 2020/21 there were only six percent and eight percent in autumn 2020", So the kit in a current study.

Home Office just to a limited extent

In return, the bicycle traffic is increasing, while car traffic is stagnating – but the bicycle is not an option for commuters from the surrounding area, especially for commuters from the surrounding area. Because, according to the researchers, the home office trend by Corona also benefits city residents: "The workplaces of office workers, whose activities can be done by home without a hand, are mainly in the city centers and can be easily reached by public transport. As a result, the bus and train in particular lost through the home office", So the kit.Munich is considered the German stowed capital. Traffic data show that drivers in the southern German metropolis lose an average of 79 hours a year by waiting in traffic jams. With new bike paths and bus traces, the city government has created additional traffic jam hotspots because the consistent amount of vehicles is now distributed on fewer lanes. One of the nodes at which it keeps balling is the middle ring.

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Planned Cityaut in Munich: Only 41 percent are for it-only

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11 thoughts on “Planned Cityaut in Munich: Only 41 percent are for it”

  1. The traffic jam…
    In Munich is homemade. You only need to pay attention to the license plates that on ours … medium ring ride around. They are mainly people who drive through and clog the streets. But is also no wonder that every navigation system leads everyone through Munich. Instead of taking the motorway bypass. Would you finally change this then would be. Our middle ring also not constantly tight.

  2. Good ided
    I would also like us, and I find 40% support a lot for such a project, you should take the chance and introduce it straight away. Of course one wants to have to pay once again, but we won’t get past it in uuunft!

  3. Why do you come
    Not over a city in the future ? Because the municipalities are bankrupt ? Then you have to be saved ! A deserted city center without shops / customers also has something …

  4. Start against citizens
    The drivers pay the streets and much more.Your money is largely spent on other purposes, often even to prevent car traffic. Why does none of the politicians come up with the idea of taking people serious who obviously prefer the car as a means of transport and to promote smooth car traffic? That seems to want people. Instead represented by these politicians, nothing better comes up with the state than to rewind these citizens with ever new methods. It is time for new politicians who act in the interest of the citizens!

  5. The middle ring is a federal road
    The question arises whether the city of Munich can decide on a toll. Also whether the funds would be earmarked. With the highway toll this is at least the case.

  6. All commuters
    Regardless of whether you drive to Munich or Frankfurt to work with the vehicle … should just take a "break" . After 2/3 weeks, the “toll dreamers” will certainly be rethinking . The rip off in Germany must be ended.

  7. Milkkuh German Michel
    6 € per day, approx. 180 € a month, approx. 2200 € a year, increased every 3 years like rent, and the problem is solved because everyone sees the decision: car or apartment. Amazon, Zalando and Co are enthusiastic, the retail trade specializes in the vacancy.

  8. Can’t be at all
    I live there and was not asked. Where do the 41 percent come from, they are advised ? This "Survey" are far from grassroots democracy.

  9. Further
    Metore to pull the money out of the pocket in order to secure the prosperity and future flow of money of the politicians and politicians. The reduction of lanes for cars, they hoped that more people to an alternative change that is none. A typical misalignment. Irony: What is the difference between politics and the mafia? The actions of the mafia are not illegal to politics, the bottom line is that the fellow human beings are ripped off in both cases.

  10. So if the city tolls
    Is politically wanted, the politicians should also be cashed in.In any case, the city can be revived with bicycles.Maut plus parking garage Who pays this madness.The mail order business is booming and the city’s day is looking for income.

  11. I drive
    Then no longer guarantees the city ! EBay, Amazon and Co . I can provide me with everything I want. The jobs that are lost in the cities – as well as the losses of rent of the shops, all not my problem !


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