Plant BMW a pure electric 3er for 2022?

Plant BMW a pure electric 3er for 2022?-2022

At BMW, according to the I4, there may soon be another electric car on the same platform: a limousine of the 3er series, which could make the name in the name since 2013, the Munich should consistently continue its reputed nomenclature. In any case, the BMW Blog Bimmtoday has excavated allot photos of purely electrical 3s limousines. A corresponding production model could not be kept long.

Especially since BMW on the platform of the 3 Series series already realized a purely electric model: the Gran Coupe I4. An electric sedan or even a 3-based station wagon, which is called by BMW traditionally touring, could only be a matter of time. Maybe already with the facelift of the current 3er with the internal abbreviation G20 LCI, which is due for mid 2022. A current rendering of the Instagrammer Magnus.Concepts shows where the design could tend to.

The production requirements for an Elektro-3er would already exist: because in the BMW Werk Munchen started in early July the series production of the new 4er Gran Coupe. The newcomer in the Munich main plant is in the existing product range and is now manufactured together with the 3er sedan and the 3er touring – both with internal combustion engines and hybrid drive – as well as the BMW M3 on the same line. With the fully electric BMW i4, six different models are made on a tape.

Plant BMW a pure electric 3er for 2022?-pureThe I4, which shares the platform with the 3er. Image: bmw

The drive of the Elektro-3ers is likely to be oriented to the data of the I4. The mid-range stromer with the complete model name i4 eDrive40 comes to 250 kW (340 hp) and a torque of 430 nm on the rear axle, the range is up to 590 kilometers according to WLTP measurement. Data that would fit perfectly with a 3er. But both down and above would be still air in terms of performance. Down to get more range. Upwards to address sporty oriented 3rd customers.

As an entry-level model, for example, a BMW i3 EDRive35 would be conceivable with the 210 kW (286 hp) strong E-engine of the SUV IX3 already available. According to Bimmtoday, there are evidence of such a high-range model with a mileage per battery charge beyond the 600 kilometers of brand. Such an electric car could be a bestseller, the 3er is at the top of the BMW sales figures: 2020 was the mid-range model with good 380.000 units or. Good one fifth share of total sales of the highlights in the Group. An uncertainty factor is still whether the Elektro-3er is only offered in selected markets such as China or yet worldwide.

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6 thoughts on “Plant BMW a pure electric 3er for 2022?”

  1. A fully electric 3er, especially as a station wagon, BMW would be very good, and could become a volume model.
    The i4 has already been well suited, a mixture of much range and bumms under the hood are the key to the dissemination of the emobile under conservative combustion riders.
    China as a first distribution market is probably the focus on the fact that the combustion levels falling there because the burner versions had to submit their supremacy to Tesla, as well as Audi.
    And with us at the comparison 3er burner against already many BEVs a lightweight yawning and hold of the nose, although it is undoubtedly a great vehicle.
    Bye Bye burner

  2. For the Chinese market, a potential “new I3” on the basis of the 3er variant with a long wheelbase is already speculated for a long time. Whether this appears in other markets remains to be seen.

  3. That sounds logical according to the current statements, with setting the production of the current I3 is space for the new i3 . Also fits in the current philosophy and the new E – platform, the markets are already waiting for it.

  4. Um, I am the view and underlying the assumption that a car should be more functional and efficient in the future.
    BMW obviously sees this differently and sees his future in cheeky status symbols. Oh well. We will see. Anyway, I prefer not to buy BMW shares until further notice.

  5. I drive the second I3 (I3S) and am convinced of the concept and vehicle. Unfortunately, BMW has contacted the chance with the i4 to address this clientele. For me, the i4 is too much combustion folklore, even if it is probably meaningful for manufacturing technology.
    I would like a high range vehicle, a little more space like I3, especially lower CW value (highway) and German manufacturing quality. As mentioned above, the burner-anachronism is allowed to leave in my opinion in the past and thus behind.
    And I’m nerve the great design studies, which then re-design from the burner epoch. It would be nice if you would also show the design that you turn around the future. In the technology it works – only courage!


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