Plant Nio an electric car plant in Poland?

Plant Nio an electric car plant in Poland?-poland

With the publication of a job advertisement, the Chinese E-Auto Startup Nio has pushed a new court into the rumor kitchen. On the career portal Linkedin, the Chinese sought an “EU Plant Operation Manager” in Polish Mazowieckie with a detailed requirement profile.

The job advertisement, which is still to be found on LinkedIn, calls, among other things, the “construction of an EU plant“, “construction and development of an operative team including process, quality, supply chain, warehouse, etc.”As well as the” establishment of a communication network with the NIO team “to develop an annual global” Planning Playbook “for products and resource planning of the EU plant as areas of responsibility for the new leadership. At least eight years of professional experience in this area are expected.

In response to job advertisement, reports published, according to which Nio tarpaulin a Europe plant in Poland, the company has denied the company. The publication of the job advertisement was a “technical error”. NIO Currently do not persecute plans to open a work in Poland. Although you want to occupy a position that is similar to that of a project manager, but do not search anyone responsible for plant construction.

Despite Dementi, many questions remain open. If the job advertisement may be accidentally published before Nio has officially announced the work? The fact is that NIO massif with its vehicles produced only in China also wants to take a foothold in Europe. For a few months the ES 8 is delivered in Norway, other countries and other models should follow. From 2022 Nio wants to offer its vehicles in Germany. In addition, Nio plans to build a network in the battery change stations in Europe according to the home market in Europe. For this, the startup has started a new partnership with Shell just a few days ago, one of the largest gas station operators.

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  1. NIO in Europe and Tesla in Germany. That would be a highly explosive horror message for the German carmakers. The two top-emarks would pollute neat dust or. Some of the old-established producers are steamed. That does not necessarily have to be mandatory.
    It gets very exciting.


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