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The Chinese manufacturer Great Wall Motor wants to target the German market in the future to market its electric vehicles.

The Chinese provide a first look at the upcoming Stromer on the currently taking place international automobile exhibition (IAA) in Munich. With the Wey Coffee 01, Great Wall shows a PHEV SUV of the upper middle class, which is supposed to record it with competitors such as the BMW X5 or the Audi Q5 and, with 150 kilometers, have a purely electrical range for hybrids.

The Chinese automobile manufacturer Great Wall Motor (GWM) now wants to officially also in
Europe and especially in Germany gain a foothold in Germany. The manufacturer shows two new car brands on the IAA. Under the Brand Wey, GMW wants to offer Premium-Piug-in-Hybride in this country, while only electrical vehicles are available under the ORA brand. Great Wall Motor wants to introduce the Wey brand first in Germany, other markets will follow soon. The first brand experience center is to be opened in Munich in early 2022. The plug-in hybrid Wey Coffee exhibited on the IAA is the flagship from Wey and, with its purely electrical range of up to 150 kilometers and a comparatively moderate price.

In China, the GWB group with Wey is already the market leader in the area of the Premium SUVs, which is to be achieved in Germany according to the will of the manufacturer. The Wey Coffee 01 wants to convince the interested parties primarily with a concentrated package of technology and equipment. In the areas of intelligent digital architecture and security in particular, GWB wants to put a pioneer in its segment with the 2.2 -ton coffee. Modern technologies such as 5G, Wi-Fi connectivity, facial recognition, personalization, augmented reality display and its 14-inch Infotainment display make the coffee leader in terms of mobility, according to the manufacturer. Maximum security is guaranteed via wave radar sensors, ultrasonic radiation sensors, 4 cameras for 360-degree round view and a highly sensitive front camera.

Plug-in hybrid with an absurd range: Wey Coffee attacks Audi and BWM-News-plug-in
Site/l. Brack Plug-in hybrid with an absurd range: Wey Coffee attacks Audi and BwM

Artificial intelligence and e-range characterize the coffee

The artificial intelligence of the Wey Coffee should always actively through over-the-air updates
are kept up to date and automatically learn by using the vehicle. 3-D object recognition ensures maximum security for drivers, passengers and all other road users, according to GWB. As the first series vehicle ever, the Coffee uses a Qualcomm Snap Dragon 8155 Chip, which is intended to ensure safe mobility through intelligent driving. Several displays are used inside. For example, the driver can use a 9.2-inch LCD combination instrument, a 7.5-inch-ar-hud and control the vehicle via a 14.6-inch centraid display and a 9-inch climate-touching touchscreen.

With its high purely electrical range over the standard installed 41.8 kWh battery, the all-wheel drive coffee is also suitable for long distances, but it also plays its strengths in city traffic. Up to 150 kilometers with a torque of 320 Newton meters, the premium piug-in can be moved purely electrically without the built-in combustion engine (2.0 liters of engine with 150 kW) used. The acceleration of 2.7 seconds from zero to 50 km/h and from only 5 seconds from zero to a hundred are also possible in EV mode. In pure battery operation, a top speed of 135 km/h is possible, with combustion engines are at least 235 tips in it. The total system output of the drive is 350 kW, with a maximum torque of 847 nm.

Stylish and recognizable at any time

The design of the Wey Coffee was deliberately chosen aggressively and striking. So GWB wants to secure a slight recognition of the coffee with the current flood of SUVs. The expressive, large hexagonal grille and the flush door handles set unique stylistic accents for it. Visually reminds us of a mixture of a BMW X6 with its large cooler kidney, the Infiniti QX Sport with its dynamic turns and the Land Rover Evoque with its flat roof line and the sunken door handles.

The first deliveries of the Coffee are planned for the first half of 2022. About 50.000 euros should start the price of the Wey Coffee according to Efahrer. Any funding is not yet included. The company wants to announce further details on equipment variants, sales partners and prices.

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