Points in Flensburg: Audi drivers collect the most – safety

The comparison portal Verivox used insurance contracts to analyze which car models the drivers had the most points in the register of traffic offenders. German brands don’t fare well – one in particular.

A Porsche stands for power and speed. But apparently the drivers can handle it quite well. Because among the ten car models with which German drivers collect the most points in Flensburg, there is not a single Porsche. Instead, one brand has literally leased the Raser table: Audi. Data from the insurance comparison portal Verivox show: Five Audis are among the models whose drivers collect the most points in relation to the average – including the A5, A6, Q5 and TT models.Anyone who compares car insurance also provides information about the existing points in Flensburg. Verivox evaluated this information anonymously. "The evaluation examined how often the drivers have points in Flensburg for the 100 most common car models. The proportion of points collectors was highest for the Audi Allroad Quattro, 96 percent above the average of all models. It was followed by the Audi A5 with 66 percent and the Skoda Superb with 57 percent above average", says Wolfgang Schutz, Managing Director of Verivox Versicherungsvergleich GmbH.

Points in Flensburg: Audi drivers collect the most - safety-points
Verivox Hit list: Statistically, the drivers of these models have the most points in Flensburg

Drivers shouldn’t cheat on insurance information

The popular Skoda Superb company car ranked third among the points offenders. He is followed in fourth place by the BMW 5 Series. Mercedes is found only once in the list – the Mercedes CLK is in fifth place. By the way: The inglorious hit list is firmly in German hands. Only one foreign model makes the top ten – the Volvo V70. As the Verivox data shows, he is in eighth place among the most diligent point collectors.Some car insurers include the points in the premium calculation. "Drivers should definitely provide correct information about their points when it comes to the insurance company," says Wolfgang Schutz from Verivox, "because those who dizzy at the end risk a penalty payment in the event of damage."

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Points in Flensburg: Audi drivers collect the most - safety-flensburg

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10 thoughts on “Points in Flensburg: Audi drivers collect the most – safety”

  1. Part of the cars in the list are
    but a bit older and already in the second or third Habd bMercedes CLK already exists … not since 2009. The Volvo V70 was discontinued in 2016 and sold very poorly in its last few years.

  2. Who is the driver???
    All models listed – especially A5, Skoda, BMW are vehicles that are increasingly driven by sales representatives. The high mileage covered alone causes a relative increase in the probability of driving into a speed trap. Or vice versa: With a small Peugeot, Toyota and.etc. driving too fast is – with the exception of city traffic – quite unlikely. Again, this depends on the driver clientele… And so the Verivox evaluation is very flat and one-dimensional!!

  3. The frequent driver protection…
    So I don’t know where you get your knowledge from, I can derive it from everyday life. 50-70 tkm/a, for more than 20 years and the last ticket is now 25 years ago. And the true 15 D-Mark because of 5 km too fast at the entrance sign in Idstein. Your thinking here is one-dimensional. You can drive a lot and without a ticket.

  4. smile in the face
    As a Porsche driver, this report puts a smile on my face. The report reveals the psyche and mental maturity of the different drivers. When I’m overtaken on the autobahn at the 120 speed limit with a 125 cruise and then by Audi & Co, I just have to smile. As a Porsche driver, you can always drive fast, but you don’t want to. The others want to drive fast, but can’t. That’s why they’re so happy to overtake a Porsche at the speed limit. In reality, it is the Porsche driver who is right to smile. … Of course, there are also mindless racers among Porsche drivers, but they are in the minority and they die out faster than others, in the truest sense of the word.

  5. Skoda?
    To the author, since when is Skoda a German car? Of course, most of the cars here are German cars, with the A6, A5 and 5 series they are all company cars, and anyone who drives 40t km plus will get it at some point, others who only drive 9t km a year have a significantly lower risk… I also have a company car, but I don’t have any points…

  6. Subjective
    … was my wife’s perception during this summer holiday in Austria: she noticed the black/grey Audis in particular because of the jostling and small safety distances on all sides. Something moves us more on our motorcycles than in a car. And what I also find remarkable: SUVs only come in 10th place. Maybe we SUVers are better than our reputation.

  7. 4 zeros Audi: I see it the same way!
    It is not for nothing that Audis in particular are so strongly represented. Not all of them can be company cars, no: Many simply want to get involved in the luxury class with their excessively fast driving style. The smiling Porsche driver was right. My non-malicious comment on Audi: 4 zeros on the radiator grille, a zero behind the steering wheel is true more often than with recognized premium cars!

  8. "men" steering …
    Citation: "Instead, one brand has literally leased the Raser table: Audi." Might have something to do with the fact that Audi often "Company car" from clan members …

  9. It’s totally
    clear that Porsche drivers are not included in these statistics! Porsche are driven by old men over 70. The "niece" at the age of 25 is in the passenger seat, accompanying her sugar daddy. Audi and BMW, on the other hand, are preferred by younger drivers!


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